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Customer Services


Best-in-class Customer Services Outsourcing for High CSAT Levels & Improved NPS

Over the course of the past decade or two, customer services have undergone massive evolution, and needless to say, customer support outsourcing solutions have followed suit. Today, customer service outsourcing practices have evolved to deliver much more than simple solutions to help businesses reduce their burden and scale their customer interaction volumes. In the current business landscape, businesses outsource their customer support operations primarily to improve the quality of customer engagements and enhance their experiences with brands. As a result, delivering quality customer service has become non-negotiable, with the ability of businesses to gain and retain customers being massively dependent on it.

That being said, the decision of whether or not to outsource your customer support operations to a third-party BPO company is still a critical one. After all, the BPO company you engage in and the quality of its customer engagements will largely dictate customer relationships, their trust in your brand, and their willingness to continue their association with it. If not done properly, outsourcing customer service can prove to be quite costly for your business and lose you all the customers that you worked so hard to gain. On the other hand, hiring the right BPO company will ensure that you do what’s best for your company, your employees, and your customers.

Best-In-Class Customer Support Outsourcing Solutions to Boost Your CXM And Improve CSAT & NPS

Fusion, being a leader in the global customer support outsourcing industry, offers a wide range of inbound and outbound contact center solutions to meet clients’ diversified needs across multiple facets of their business. Our expansive contact center solutions include:

  • Cold calling & Lead generation
  • Phone answering services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Appointment scheduling & management
  • After-sale support

and much more.

At Fusion, we understand that catering to the unique requirements and personalized expectations of modern customers can be quite challenging for businesses. As a result, we have designed our customizable solutions to perfectly match your requirements and ensure that you are able to derive the maximum benefits of the customer support outsourced services. Our customer-first approach will help you enhance customer experiences, improve CSAT levels, and increase NPS for your business.

Why Should You Choose Fusion as Your Preferred Customer Support Outsourcing Company?

Fusion caters to a rather extensive clientele that includes more than 250 international brands across industry verticals. We take great pride in that our customized solutions have been highly effective in delivering great results for each of our clients beyond expectations. At the same time, our expansive range of contact center solutions has been widely empowering for brands that have chosen us as their preferred company to engage for outsourcing customer support functions.

In addition to our customizable contact center solutions, there are a number of other factors that make us the preferred customer service outsourcing company for businesses across industry verticals. These include:

  • Complete control over customer support operations

    Our customer support representatives are highly skilled and knowledgeable in delivering smooth and transparent communication with your customers. At the same time, our extensive training programs ensure that they are trained in every aspect of customer service and industry-specific functioning. This helps them provide on-time responses and extremely accurate solutions to customers in a neutral English accent, ensuring smooth and effective communication. Moreover, unlike most customer service outsourcing companies, our AI-enabled automated operations monitor every customer interaction to track agent performances and ensure 100% quality assurance for superior customer experience deliveries.

  • Cost-effective solutions that deliver great value for money

    Fusion has a solid reputation for delivering smart, technology-backed customer engagement strategies at highly competitive prices. At the same time, our strategies and operational efficiencies also deliver incredible results for our clients, making our solutions highly cost-effective and profitable for our clients. Furthermore, our customer-first approach is centered around brands to enhance customer experiences, delivering personalized communications in 40+ global and regional languages to customers in 14 countries worldwide. As a result, choosing us for outsourcing customer service is ideal for businesses with global customers, enabling them to streamline their customer support functions and associated expenses.


Escalation Handling

Our customer management framework ensures that the issues and concerns are addressed and troubleshot with minimum AHT.

Customer Loyalty Management

From managing customer databases to categorizing potential customers for various benefits, customer service outsourcing can effectively keep track of all consumer activities across touchpoints.

After-sales Customer Service

Our after-sales call center services ensure the customer gets the value for their product/service, and the business acquires the valuable insights that can help them cater to their needs better.

Revenue Management

Our services are designed to ensure your business has a lucrative ROI, meets deadlines, and achieves its financial goals.

Customer Retention

We identify and resolve customer grievances with our timely quality assessment to keep the base happy and reduce losing them.

Complaint Management

We take customer escalations seriously and scrutinize them thoroughly to bridge potential communication gaps.


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    Cost-Related Advantages

    By handing over your customer support operations to a customer service outsourcing company like Fusion, you can avoid the high setup costs for the appropriate hardware and software – computers, server systems, dialers, IVRs, phones, CRMs, data storage & management systems, etc. In addition, you will also be able to save money on training and skill development of employees for them to deliver quality customer support. Moreover, it allows you to get the professional expertise of customer support representatives at lower costs than in-house agents.

    Professional Infrastructure

    Engaging customer service outsourcing companies can definitely reduce your operating expenses, but they also give you access to best-in-class industry technology and infrastructure. We invest a lot of time, money, and effort into upgrading our hardware and software systems to maintain the latest versions for superior customer experience deliveries. At the same time, we also partner with digital transformation companies to design new solutions that can help us address current industry challenges and improve the quality of customer engagements even further.

    Quality Improvement

    With the industry-specific expertise of our professional CSRs, you will be able to deliver superior customer engagements in every interaction. This will improve the quality of customer experiences for your business. At the same time, customer service outsourcing also allows you to free your core employees to focus their time and effort on core business activities. This will help you improve outcomes across the board as you will be able to improve productivity in all areas of your business. As a result, the overall quality of your customer services will improve significantly in all aspects.

    Superior Customer Experiences

    We are the company with the “Power of Human Connect”, and we attempt to incorporate our motto into every aspect of our operations. As a result, we always strive to deliver humane engagements to customers through quality interactions. We aim to connect with customers on an emotional level, empathetically listening to their concerns and determining personalized solutions to resolve their issues. Hence, our customer support outsourced services ensure superior experiences for customers and deliver satisfactory engagements in every interaction. This will help you create positive customer relationships and build a reputable brand image in the marketplace.

    Customer Loyalty & Retention

    Better customer experiences invariably lead to increased loyalty to the brand among current customers. We will ensure that your current customer stick with your brand in the face of stiff competition in the marketplace. At the same time, we will also incite your customers to make repeated purchases from your company to increase your sales. As a result, our outsourcing customer support solutions will help you boost customer loyalty and increase retention numbers among current customers. In addition, this increased brand loyalty will also make your current customers promote your brand and products/services among their friends, family, and loved ones to help you acquire new customers.

    Increased Conversions & Customer Acquisitions

    Our extensive marketing, lead generation, phone answering, appointment scheduling, and sales practices will help you provide a significant boost to your new customer acquisition efforts. With our customer support outsourcing solutions, you will have access to quality leads and increased conversion rates. We will collect prospects through top-notch marketing campaigns and screen them to create genuine leads. Once we collect these leads, we will conduct further screening to determine top leads that have a genuine interest in your products/services. Only then will we forward these leads to your sales team. This will help you boost your conversion rates and maximize your customer acquisition.

    Increased Revenue Generation

    Increased current customer retention and new customer acquisition will invariably lead to increased volumes of new and recurring sales. At the same time, we will also help you attract new customers from competitors through best-in-class customer support and a superior brand reputation in the marketplace. As a result, your business will experience an influx of revenue through increased sales volumes. In addition, our customer service outsourcing will also help you improve the conversion rates of your current leads and prospects, thereby infusing much more revenue into your business. Eventually, this will have a massively positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

    Improved Risk Management

    This is one of the most important contributions of our customer support outsourced solutions. Your customer support operations may experience numerous ups and downs along the way. You may even experience fluctuating volumes of incoming customer communications, depending on various factors. Our customizable solutions will help you scale your customer support operations at will, ensuring that you always have adequate resources available to deal with incoming customer queries. At the same time, we will also plan, strategize, and execute preventative as well as corrective measures in case of unforeseen e¬¬vents that hamper your customer support operations. With Fusion as your customer support outsourcing partner, you can be assured that your customer engagements are in safe hands.



    Our competent and professional customer service outsourcing solutions will help you ensure swift and accurate responses, delivering satisfactory customer experiences and reliable support to your global customer base using multiple voice-based and non-voice-based communication channels.


    Use our multilingual and omnichannel customer engagement to guarantee superior customer service deliveries. This will help your customers have access to personalized interactions and swift responses, ensuring quick and on-time resolutions for satisfactory customer experiences.


    Enable your customers in Morocco to receive top-notch customer support with our best-in-class inbound and outbound customer service offerings. Our widespread network and multiple global locations will help you deliver consistent services to your customers worldwide.

    United Kingdom

    Our sophisticated, professional, and empathetic customer communication services in the United Kingdom will help you maximize outcomes and benefit from a high success rate to significantly improve your revenue generation and the bottom line of your business in the region.


    If you are looking for personalized customer engagement services to meet the needs of your customers in India, we have centers in all major cities around the country, offering a wide range of contact center solutions for your unique and customized requirements.

    The Philippines

    Access best-in-class outbound and inbound customer services in the Philippines to help you give more power to your business and create a regular inflow of valuable revenue. Our customized contact center solutions will help you improve your business operations and customer support deliveries.


    Give your business’s core functions the boost they need by outsourcing customer engagement responsibilities to Fusion. Our customizable and scalable contact center solutions will help you improve core competencies and streamline your revenue generation channels.


    Fusion’s professional and industry-leading contact center solutions will help you ensure superior customer experiences for your business in Indonesia and other Asian countries, maximizing customer retention, increasing sales, and streamlining revenue generation.

    The United States of America

    Are you looking for a professional contact center company in the United States that can improve your customer relations in the country? Look no further! Fusion’s customizable and scalable contact center solutions are just what you need for your business in the USA.


    Fusion’s massive global presence and customizable customer service outsourcing solutions will now help you enjoy incredible consistency with your customer engagement requirements, enabling your business in Canada to achieve a high success rate and maximize outcomes.

    El Salvador

    Our contact center solutions adhere to all industry-specific guidelines and other regulations in El Salvador, ensuring that you maximize customer experiences without the risk of compliance failures that may lead to financial penalties and other sanctions from regulatory bodies.


    Fusion is an industry leader in delivering personalized and competent inbound/outbound customer service solutions that can greatly benefit your business in Jamaica by maximizing customer experiences and increasing sales to create a regular inflow of business revenues.


    Maximize the revenue-generating potential of your businesses in Colombia with customizable professional customer support deliveries from an industry leader with over three decades of experience, and give your customer relations the boost it needs to succeed.


    Fusion’s superior-quality outbound and inbound customer services will enable you to relieve the unnecessary additional burden of non-core customer engagement activities off the shoulders of your staff, empowering them to focus better on core business competencies.



    What's the difference between inbound and outbound calls?

    An inbound call comes from a customer trying to get some customer support services. An outbound call is where a customer support agent calls an individual for potential lead generation, sales, or others.

    Is there any difference between a shared and dedicated contact center environment?

    The shared contact center is responsible for handling specific operational tasks for your organization, such as customer service, sales, answering service, etc. On the other hand, a dedicated contact center takes care of your entire customer service outsourcing need and can deliver better overall results.

    Why outsource customer service to Fusion BPO?

    The major reason why you should consider customer service outsourcing to Fusion is that we can help you deliver better CX and customer engagement cost-effectively. Our customer support services also help you focus on your business goals and planning and contribute to business growth.

    How can I outsource my customer service to Fusion BPO?

    Once you've decided to opt for Fusion as your customer service outsourcing partner, you can simply fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    Where Does Fusion BPO Offer Customer Services Outsourcing Support?

    Fusion BPO operates in 14 countries and 27 locations around the globe, and you can easily choose your right shoring options for cost-effective call center services. We have our presence in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia.