End-To-End Patient Care with HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Customer Support Outsourcing

The healthcare industry has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, both in terms of size, patient volume, and capabilities. With the rapid adoption of digital healthcare and telehealth services, the healthcare sector has had to adopt a patient-first approach and focus on meeting the rapidly changing needs of patients and members.

As a healthcare customer service provider with 30+ years of experience, Fusion has extensive subject matter expertise, data intelligence, and automation solutions to deliver measurable results for all your patient and member support needs. Our HIPAA-compliant omnichannel/multichannel CX solutions are customizable to your needs and known to offer a seamless experience.

Fusion is reimagining patient experience in the current medical service industry

At Fusion, we understand that outsourcing customer service management for healthcare differs from that of other industries. We offer customized customer support solutions that perfectly fit the needs of medical service providers, health insurance companies, durable medical equipment providers, and much more.

Our services ensure superior member experience at each touchpoint, helping your healthcare business grow in an incredibly competitive business landscape. As your patient experience management partner, our primary objective is to help you build lasting relationships with patients. At the same time, we also ensure long-term partnerships, striking the perfect balance between costs, risks, and rewards.

Patient Care Management

Claim Management

Device and Technology Support

Patient Care Management


As an experienced Healthcare customer support outsourcing provider, we understand the role of effective patient care management for the growth and success of healthcare businesses. Our end-to-end omnichannel and multilingual patient experience management solutions encompass multiple aspects of patient care, including patient access management, complaint management, referral management, post-care survey, and support. Our human-centric approach ensures compassionate, compliant, and continuous support that ensures greater patient satisfaction.

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Claim Management


As a leading name in healthcare CX outsourcing, we have an experienced team of professional executives with a proven track record of delivering error-free insurance claim processing. From claim setup and verification to auditing and final settlement, we do it all and ensure superior patient experiences along the way.

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Device and Technology Support


our medical customer services are designed to perk up your customer interactions by offering industry-specific contact center solutions for the durable medical device industry. Our comprehensive services for the sector include omnichannel answering support, product launch and guidance, LI, L2, and L3 level technical assistance, new app support, complaint handling, order taking, processing, and much more.

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    For how long has Fusion been outsourcing healthcare customer service Solutions?

    With more than two decades of experience as a top medical customer services company, Fusion has become a leading name in the healthcare industry. We manage and resolve complex medical inquiries and assist healthcare companies with a range of HIPAA-compliant BPO services, including:

    ● customer support
    ● physicians' referral
    ● medical insurance verification and processing
    ● appointment booking
    ● pharmacy and prescription assistance
    ● real-time patient-business communication support

    Will your Healthcare customer support outsourcing affect my patients?

    Yes, our HIPAA-compliant BPO Services for healthcare will definitely affect your patient, but positively. We will reduce wait time for patients and provide 24/7 support for inquiries through dedicated emergency helpline support. In addition, outsourcing healthcare customer services will help patients with physician referral service and appointment booking, prescription filing support, and other services to improve the overall patient experience.

    How much training is associated with your solutions?

    A healthcare BPO services provider should have an in-depth knowledge of your healthcare domain to serve at its best. Therefore, rigorous training and industry-specific learning programs are regularly conducted to familiarize our agents with your healthcare business.

    Is it expensive when outsourcing customer service management for the healthcare industry?

    Healthcare customer support outsourcing services involve investments that yield more significant ROI. By outsourcing your non-core medical services and customer support necessities, you will be able to reduce your overhead and administrative expenses, and patient dissatisfaction while also building a positive brand image.

    Why should I choose Fusion for healthcare customer support outsourcing services?

    Fusion has been delivering top-notch BPO services in the healthcare industry for over two decades and has carved a name as one of the leading healthcare BPO companies in the world. Our centers across 27 locations in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo, and Indonesia help you find the best nearshore healthcare BPO solutions. In addition, we are a HIPAA-compliant service provider and serve 24x7 to boost your customer satisfaction.