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Live Chat Support


Improve Realtime Customer Engagement and CSAT Score With Live Chat Support Outsourcing

Customers today don’t like to wait in the call queue while interacting with a brand. With live chat Support outsourcing in USA, India, & other international locations they do not have to. Live chat solutions allow businesses to deliver prompt and efficient customer service in real-time, ensuring a better customer experience.

Benefits that Our Live Chat Support Outsourcing Can Bring for Your Business

Our live chat support services are the key to deliver prompt, efficient, and seamless customer service. It brings the power of automation into support delivery and provides your business with the flexibility to address customer concerns in real-time. Our BPO chat process also has the convenience of AI and ML which provides acute insights that help it learn and grow. We also have a team of expert live chat agents that can help your customers resolve complex business problems. The seamless integration of live chatbots in our customer service offerings makes it more efficient, fast, cost-effective, and convenient.

We take the convenience of live chat support outsourcing a step further by positioning it within a multichannel multilingual framework. It allows for your business to stay connected with the consumers across channels via their preferred language.


Order Support

Live chat support services enable your business to send text confirmation for order verification, purchase detail, tracking status, and various other queries related to the order cycle seamlessly.

Real-Time Web Assistance

Our chatbots are empowered with AI and ML’s intuitive understanding, which allows for glitch-free customer interaction in real-time.


With perceptive understanding, live chatbots as well as our live chat agents are capable of highly effective recommendations to potential customers to increase the prospect of sales.


Real-time Monitoring





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    With a prominent presence in the Balkan region, our contact center in Albania allows us to deliver top-quality professional live chat support outsourcing services to our extensive and varied clientele in the area, delivering customized solutions in 40+ languages.


    The latest addition to our expansive global presence, our offices in Kosovo increase our stronghold in the Balkan region, empowering us to provide our industry-leading omnichannel contact center solutions to businesses in the Middle East and the surrounding areas.


    Fusion has three different offices in the country, allowing us to expand our presence in the Middle East and amplify our service offerings to companies and businesses in the region, delivering consistent and competent live chat support services to our clients.

    United Kingdom

    Fusion’s close proximity to the city of London allows us to employ the best talents and the most skilled professionals in the United Kingdom. This makes it easier for us to deliver sophisticated live web chat support and other omnichannel customer services.


    With multiple offices in every metropolitan city and other major locations around the country, we have a massive presence in India. This helps us access a culturally diverse talent pool, enabling us to improve our live chat support outsourcing offerings constantly.

    The Philippines

    The Philippines is among the fastest-growing sectors in the global contact center industry. We have a strong presence in the country, providing several top companies from multiple industries and business verticals with competitive and cost-effective live web chat services.


    Our Thailand office helps us strengthen our already influential presence in the Asian continent, helping us to improve our contact center solutions and live chat support services. This enables our expansive clientele in the region to access industry-leading customer services.


    Our offices in Indonesia allow us to approach and acquire new clients from an expansive range of industry verticals. This has helped us access untapped markets, offering professional contact center solutions at incredibly competitive prices.

    The United States of America

    With a total of six different centers across five states in the country, Fusions has an expansive network in the US. This allows us to cover a lot of ground and offer premium live chat outsourcing services from our offices in Ohio, Florida, Utah, Georgia, and North Carolina.


    In addition to our offices in the United States, we also have a strong presence in neighbouring Canada. This enables us to strengthen our contact center solutions and deliver superior customer engagement services for our clients and their clients.

    El Salvador

    Our offices in El Salvador make Fusion a premier nearshore live chat outsourcing services provider for businesses in the United States and other South American countries, getting industry-leading customer services in more than 40 languages.


    Our offices in Jamaica are ideal for US-based companies looking for a nearshore contact center company with the ability to deliver industry-standard contact center solutions. Our cost-effective solutions will help your get the best value for your money.


    Do not compromise on your customer engagements by engaging Fusion as your customer support partner. Our offices in Colombia offer multilingual phone, text, email, and live chat support outsourcing, enabling you to deliver a comprehensive experience.


    As a part of the latest additions to our vast global network, our offices in Mexico have the strategic placement to help us to deliver best-in-class contact center solutions to companies and businesses across the North American and South American continents.



    Why provide Live Chat Support Services to your customers?

    Customers today want you to value their time. The Live Chat support services allow you to quickly resolve customer queries without making them wait in a call queue to talk to a live agent. The BPO chat process also boosts customer satisfaction and customer experience, which are the two main differentiators of modern businesses.

    What sets our Live Chat Support Services apart?

    Our BPO chat process allows you to get all your customer queries answered quickly and efficiently. Our AI-enabled live chatbots, as well as our live chat agent, can help you seamlessly handle regular queries to complex problems.

    How does Live Chat work after-hours?

    We offer 24/7 live chat support services and also offer after-hours live chat service to help your customers find answers to their queries even after-hours. In case of any emergencies, we pass on the information to you so that you can take adequate measures.

    How can I outsource my Live Chat support services to Fusion BPO?

    Once you've decided to outsource your BPO chat process to Fusion, you can simply fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    What If I Want To Outsource My Live Chat Support Services to Fusion BPO?

    BPO chat process can be an excellent choice to enhance CX, and you can choose to collaborate with our leading BPO centers. We have a foothold in United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia and operate across 27 locations globally. Our agents go through extensive training process to offer you excellent support solutions.