Bring Efficiency To Your Operations With Industry-Leading HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Payer Services In The USA, The UK, India & Other Countries Worldwide.

As a leading name in the HIPAA-compliant Medicare call center industry, Fusion delivers competent medicare contact center support from skilled agents. From handling customer inquiries to billing assistance and post-discharge consultancy, our Medicare Telemarketing Services ensure empathetic customer support in more than 40 global and regional languages across multiple voice-based and non-voice-based communication channels.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we at Fusion help you overcome industry-specific challenges and comply with Federal guidelines at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey. We help you acquire new members and ensure that they receive accurate medical data and the necessary information about their Medicare plans. This ensures superior customer experience management and maximizes retention while improving star ratings and significantly boosting revenue generation.

Over the course of the past few years, Medicare providers have experienced significant growth in enrollments. This has resulted in a massive spike in the volume of calls, texts, emails, and other forms of communication from prospects and members before, during, and after annual enrollment seasons.

Answering these communications, delivering prompt responses, and providing these prospects and members with accurate information about their medicare plans and benefits can often prove to be quite the challenge. In addition, improving ratings and maintaining superior quality of engagement require expert customer management across all channels. Our customizable and scalable Medicare Call Center Services have been designed to ensure maximum efficiency and improve outcomes for medicare service providers.

Fusion’s Medicare Outsourcing Services – Customer Engagement That You Can Rely On

By Outsourcing Medicare Services to Fusion, you have easy access to numerous incredible benefits for your medicare business. These include:

  • Reduced talent acquisition & training costs
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Best-in-industry contact center infrastructure
  • Improved customer outcomes and superior CXM
  • Improved efficiency of core operations
  • Professional handling of customer inquiries & grievances by trained representatives
  • Excellent complaints & escalations management
  • Improved brand loyalty and credibility in the industry
  • An improved bottom line for your medicare business

Fusion’s professional and competent Healthcare Payer Services ensure quality and reliability, helping your medicare business grow into an industry leader.


Member Support

Our contact center solutions ensure complete and comprehensive member support for all kinds of issues, grievances, service requests, etc., from your Medicare customers, especially during Open Enrollment season. This ensures 100 percent resolutions and maximizes customer experiences.

Inquiry Handling

Our contact center representatives are trained to deliver prompt responses and accurate information to customer inquiries on Medicare C & D benefits and coverages to your members across voice-based and non-voice-based communication channels in over 40 global and regional languages.

Awareness Campaigns

Our Medicare Telemarketing Services include regular mass awareness campaigns across multiple communication channels to ensure that your prospects and members are always aware of the latest developments in your Medicare services, tracking progress to analyze the impact on your customers.

Lead Generation

Our contact center services offer advanced lead generation practices that include the latest digital marketing techniques and highly modernized campaigns using current industry trends. This will help you generate high-quality leads with the maximum potential for successful conversions into members.

Reminder Support

Our contact center agents will provide timely reminders to customers using their preferred communication channels. We will inform your customers about unused benefits and provide them with the necessary encouragement to utilize the benefits of their Medicare plans, helping you improve star ratings.

Open Enrollment Support

Our professional and expert Medicare Call Center Services can help you efficiently and effectively manage the irregular spike in incoming customer communications during Open Enrollment seasons, providing enrollees with prompt responses and accurate information to ensure maximum enrollment.





Delivery Model


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    The United States of America

    With a total of six locations across five different states in the country, including offices in prime locations in Ohio, Florida, Utah, Georgia, and North Carolina, Fusion’s vast network in the United States allows us to offer premium customer services to Medicare service providers in every corner of the country.


    Our massive presence in the United States of America is hugely complemented by our offices in Canada. This has allowed us to provide industry-leading nearshore Outsourcing Medicare Services in the United States while also delivering top-notch contact center services in the country for superior customer experience management.

    El Salvador

    Our offices in El Salvador allow us to employ the top talent in Central America, empowering us to deliver efficient and cost-effective customer support to medicare support providers in the North, Central, and South American continents, making us the premier nearshore contact center for medicare companies in the US.


    Another prime nearshore location for medicare service providers in the United States, our offices in the Caribbean nation allows businesses to maximize their operations while reducing operational expenses with cost-effective contact center solutions, improving their business’s profitability and bottom line.


    Among the latest additions to our vast global network, our offices in Mexico are strategically located in Central America to deliver customizable and scalable Healthcare Payer Services to Medicare service providers in the North American and South American continents, ensuring superior customer experience management.


    Currently, our only location in the South American continent, our offices in Colombia help us offer multilingual & omnichannel customer services to our Medicare clients in several countries in the continent. We enable customers to choose their preferred language to contact representatives, ensuring effective communication.

    The United Kingdom

    Our contact center in the United Kingdom enjoys a prime location close to London, empowering us to deliver sophisticated Medicare customer services to our clients in the United Kingdom. This has also enabled us to deliver multilingual contact center solutions and industry-specific solutions to our vast clientele in Europe.


    Our contact centers in Albania enable us to enjoy a prominent presence in the Balkan region, delivering top-quality professional and multilingual Medicare Call Center Services to our massive clientele in the European continent. We also ensure maximum outcomes with our customizable and scalable contact center services.


    The latest addition to our vast global presence, our contact center in Kosovo, has enabled us to employ the massive local talent, strengthening our stronghold in the Balkan region even further, creating a path for us to expand our horizons and approach new medicare businesses in the Middle East and the surrounding areas.


    We have three contact centers in Morocco, which has enabled us to ensure a strong presence in the African continent and amplify our service offerings to medicare businesses in African nations and other Arabic countries in the Middle East, delivering best-in-class customer services and superior customer experience management.


    With more than 10 locations around the country, Fusion is able to enjoy a massive presence in India. This has enabled us to expand our network and employ a diverse talent pool from every corner of the country, helping us to constantly improve our Outsourcing Medicare Services and other contact center solutions for our clients.

    The Philippines

    Our contact centers in the Philippines help us to dip our fingers in one of the fastest-growing and most resourceful sectors in the global BPO industry. This enables us to offer premium contact center solutions and medicare customer services to our worldwide clientele, making us a leading offshore contact center company.


    Our contact centers in Indonesia strengthen our presence in the Asian continent, allowing us to approach untapped markets and previously untouched sectors in the medicare industry. This has allowed us to offer competitive prices while making zero compromises on the quality of our medicare contact center services.


    With an already strong presence in Asia, our contact center in Thailand allows us unlimited access to the untapped resources and markets in the country. Additionally, the professional expertise of the massive talent pool in the country enables us to deliver premium Medicare Telemarketing Services to our worldwide clients.



    What kind of customer engagement services can a Medicare service provider outsource?

    Every aspect of customer communication involved in Medicare services can be outsourced to a professional contact center company. From Open Enrollment-related customer inquiries to awareness campaigns and reminder services, every area of member support can be massively improved by the professional expertise of a Medicare contact center company. Professional contact center companies can even help your medicare business with client or vendor communications, enabling you to focus on core operations.

    How can Medicare customer support outsourcing help your customers?

    Your core staff is equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to deliver competent Medicare to your customers. However, they may not possess the communication skills to ensure efficient and satisfactory customer support. If they are made to handle the customer engagement aspects of your Healthcare Payer Services, they may deliver dissatisfactory customer experiences and ruin customer relationships and brand loyalty. On the other hand, the professional representatives in Medicare contact centers are trained to deliver satisfactory customer communications and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure superior customer experience management. This improves customer loyalty and retention, boosting revenue generation and profitability for your medicare business.

    Why do Medicare businesses need contact center outsourcing?

    Customer services have become a crucial aspect of the modern medicare industry, making invaluable contributions to building customer relations, brand loyalty, and revenue generation. Professional contact center solutions will help your medicare business answer customer inquiries accurately and ensure satisfactory resolutions for their issues, grievances, and complaints. At the same time, Medicare Call Center Services outsourcing will also help you manage the massive volumes of incoming customer communications before, during, and after Open Enrollment seasons, allowing you to focus solely on core business operations. This will not only help you improve your business operations but also enhance customer relations, ensuring superior brand loyalty in the industry.

    Why should you outsource your Medicare customer services to Fusion?

    Fusion is the company with the “POWER OF HUMAN CONNECT”. It is our firm belief that customer experiences determine multiple factors, such as customer relationships, brand loyalty, brand identity in the marketplace, customer retention, revenue generation, profitability, etc. As a result, we make every effort to ensure empathetic human engagement in every customer interaction to deliver superior Outsourcing Medicare Services for positive CXM.

    Moreover, our massive global presence, including more than 30 contact centers across 14 countries worldwide, allows us to employ a massive workforce comprising of over 12,000 trained professionals and industry experts. This enables our clients to have easy access to a diverse talent pool that is capable of delivering customizable and scalable Healthcare Payer Services in over 40 international and regional languages across multiple voice-based and non-voice-based communication channels. This ensures superior customer communication in every interaction, delivering satisfactory customer experiences across the board.