Email Support

Email Support


Outsource Email Support Services For Timely and Cost-Efficient Customer Engagement

Customer email support has a unique edge over other non voice process channels. It’s a preferred medium of B2B communication and a convenient channel for those who prioritize accurate information over real-time assistance. Beyond this advantage, email support can be utilized to keep the consumers in the loop with the latest developments of product delivery, to resolve technical issues with detailed responses, or while cross-promoting a service.

Email is one of our core non voice process offerings. Our email support team consists of experienced agents, all trained to respond to a large influx of emails promptly and accurately in a user-friendly language. When you outsource email support services to us, we keep query resolution time to a minimum with our 24x7 support and help your business save money by reducing telecommunication charges.


Order Support

From product queries to order delivery, with our highly scalable email support service, you can keep the customers in sync with the latest updates related to their orders.

Query Management

You can effectively manage a large volume of queries when you outsource email support services, reducing the burden on other channels.

Data Collection

Our email support can be deployed to gather highly target actionable marketing insights.


24×7 Support Availability





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    With an office in a prime location in Albania, we have become a premium email customer service outsourcing company in the country for small, medium, and large businesses from every major industry, delivering customized and scalable contact center solutions.


    The latest addition to our vast global network of contact centers, our offices in Kosovo, helps us to strengthen our presence in the Balkan region. Our industry-leading contact center solutions will ensure competent services and satisfactory customer experiences.


    Fusion’s three centers in Morocco allows us to serve several big businesses from a wide range of industry verticals operating in the African continent, as well as from other countries in Europe and the world over, delivering top-notch contact center solutions.

    United Kingdom

    Fusion is the ideal choice for businesses looking to outsource email customer support in the United Kingdom and other European countries. With a prime location near London, we are able to deliver consistent multilingual customer engagements in 40+ languages.


    Fusion has over ten contact centers spread across the country in major cities, making it easier for us to deliver premium contact center solutions to businesses from every corner of the country. This also enables us to hire professionals from a countrywide talent pool.

    The Philippines

    Our offices in the Philippines have enabled us to expand our presence in the Asian customer support industry and amplify our customer email support solutions for businesses and companies in the region, resulting in highly competent and consistent customer services.


    Give your customers in Thailand the benefit of competent and convenient contact center solutions with Fusion’s inexpensive and cost-effective services from our contact center in the country, ensuring superior customer experiences with customizable and scalable solutions.


    While we already have a very strong presence in the Asian market, our contact center in Indonesia allows us to take full advantage of one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global BPO industry. We can now access previously untapped markets and clients from multiple industries.

    The United States of America

    The Americas have always been our strength, with a total of six centers in five states empowering us to deliver competent customer email support solutions to small, medium, and large businesses in North America, Central America, and even South America.


    Our contact center in Canada enables us to deliver inexpensive and cost-effective email support solutions to companies in the United States. This allows US-based businesses to obtain premium-quality nearshore contact center solutions without paying premium prices.

    El Salvador

    Being strategically positioned in Central America, our contact center in El Salvador allows us to service a wide range of clientele from North America as well as South America, offering best-in-class customer support via email and other non-voice-based communications.


    Fusion enjoys a massive presence in the Americas, and our contact center in Jamaica only acts to strengthen our presence in the area further. This also enables us to offer multilingual email customer service outsourcing in over 40 languages to our American clientele.


    Being our only contact center in the South American continent, our offices in Colombia serves as the ideal nearshore contact center company for a wide range businesses hailing from multiple industries and from every country on the South American continent.


    Our contact center in Mexico serves as the best place for you to outsource email customer support of your business for superior customer experience management. We deliver personalized and multilingual customer support in 40+ global and regional languages.



    Can you generate corporate leads from email marketing?

    Email marketing is one of the prominent ways to generate corporate leads. Our targeted email marketing campaigns allow your business to directly target the decision-makers in an organization, helping you generate business leads exponentially.

    Are your services cost-effective?

    Yes, we are committed to providing quality service to our clients at a reasonable price. You can always ask for a quote for detailed pricing when you choose to outsource email support services.

    Can I get leads from my target location?

    With the advancement of technology, you have the option to target any location and demographic. At Fusion BPO Services, we have the best marketers who can help you target and generate business leads in the shortest span.

    How to contact Fusion BPO Services?

    Once you've decided to outsource email support services to Fusion, you can simply fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    Where Can I Get the Finest Email Support Services?

    Fusion BPO is a global call center company and offers excellent customer support across numerous countries, including United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia. We have presence in 27 locations to support the client and help escalate their business.