Patient Care Management

Patient Care Management


HIPAA-Compliant Customer Support Outsourcing for Patients to Ensure Frictionless Patient Lifecycle Management

Healthcare organizations and medical facilities have to respond to constantly-changing industry regulations regularly while maintaining consistency in their patient care deliveries. At Fusion, we are simplifying processes with our outsourcing care management services for healthcare facilities, empowering them to deliver superlative patient experiences across the board.

Fusion’s comprehensive patient care management systems will help you streamline your organization’s care coordination to improve the outcomes of your healthcare systems across specialties. Together, we will overcome industry challenges to help your healthcare business stay ahead of the competition and build sustainable growth to provide extensive patient care.

Fusion – Pioneering patient care management solutions for superior patient experience management

Curated by experienced and expert industry specialists, Fusion’s patient-centric and service-oriented patient care management solutions will help you to perform your functions best – deliver efficient and effective medical care. Our managed services and personalized strategies help to expand your healthcare business’s capabilities to meet patient requirements and demands, transforming their experiences using complete digital solutions.

Fusion’s comprehensive patient care management system also empowers your healthcare business to improve the quality of patient care, provide better patient experiences, reduce indirect costs, and increase patient outreach.


Patient Lifecycle Management

From the moment a patient schedules an appointment with a physician in your organization or enrolls in your facility for treatment until the end of their treatment, we will assist them with every inquiry, request, or grievance they might have. We will identify their concerns accurately to deliver ideal solutions.

Appointment Management

Managing physician availabilities and appointment scheduling is the key to successful resource management and revenue generation. Fusion’s digital and AI-enabled appointment management services will help you maximize the utilization of your physicians and ensure on-time reminders and notifications to patients so that appointments are met.

Pharmacy Assistance

Our customer support outsourcing for patients includes premium pharmacy assistance to help patients with their prescriptions and medications. We will not only translate the doctor’s prescriptions for your patients but also assist them with regular and on-time medicine orders and deliveries.

Revenue Management & Billing Assistance

Our fully-managed revenue cycle management and billing assistance will help your healthcare business seamlessly transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, ensuring the smooth execution of strategies and their implementation. This will maximize your business resources and increase your revenue productivity, generation, and profitability.


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    For how long has Fusion been outsourcing patient care management solutions?

    With more than two decades of experience as a top medical BPO company, Fusion has become a leading name in the patient care management system. We manage and resolve complex medical inquiries and assist healthcare companies with a range of HIPAA-compliant BPO services, including:

    ● customer support
    ● physicians' referral
    ● medical insurance verification and processing
    ● appointment booking
    ● pharmacy and prescription assistance
    ● real-time patient-business communication support

    Will your customer support outsourcing for patient services affect my performance?

    Yes, our HIPAA-compliant BPO Services for patient service will definitely affect your patient, but positively. We will reduce wait time for patients and provide 24/7 support for inquiries through dedicated emergency helpline support. In addition, we will help patients with physician referral service and appointment booking, prescription filing support, and other services to improve the overall patient experience.

    Is it expensive outsourcing care management services?

    Outsourcing medical BPO services involves investments that yield more significant ROI. By outsourcing your non-core medical services and customer support necessities, you will be able to reduce your overhead and administrative expenses, and patient dissatisfaction while also building a positive brand image.

    Why should I choose Fusion among other healthcare bpo services?

    Fusion has been delivering top-notch customer support outsourcing for patients in the healthcare industry for over two decades. It has carved a name as one of the leading healthcare BPO companies in the world. Our centers across 27 locations in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo, and Indonesia help you find the best nearshore healthcare BPO solutions. In addition, we are a HIPAA-compliant service provider and serve 24x7 to boost your customer satisfaction.