Boost Customer engagement with Call Center Solutions for eCommerce companies

With the significant rise in digital adoption in the past few years, the ecommerce sector has experienced huge growth. However, sustaining the growth by retaining and growing their customer base poses a major challenge for the industry. To overcome the challenge, ecommerce companies must focus on customer-centricity and customer engagement. By outsourcing eCommerce contact center services to a reputed call center service provider, eCommerce companies can ensure a superior CX delivery at each interaction.

As an experienced eCommerce call center outsourcing service provider with 30+ years of experience, we can help you manage your customer experience, ensure better customer retention acquisition, and streamline your sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. We combine hi-tech and high-touch to create the perfect blend of personalized CX delivery that boosts customer loyalty and accelerates business growth. Our AI-driven omnichannel and multilingual call center solutions for ecommerce companies are designed to meet all your unique business needs and boost brand recognition, reputation and revenue.


Telemarketing & Sales

As a premier provider of contact center solutions for eCommerce companies, we can help you market your brand offerings to your target audience while widening your customer reach for increased sales.

24X7 Phone Answering Services

A trusted name for eCommerce contact center outsourcing, we can take calls from your customers at all hours of the clock, ensuring they receive prompt solutions to their queries, complaints, and issues.

Cross-Sales & Up-Sales

Our contact center representatives are highly skilled in helping you maximize sales by cross-selling and upselling to your current customers and increasing your business revenues.

Complaints Management

Dealing with complaints requires an additional ability to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through convenient solutions within company guidelines. It is exactly what our agents can do for you.

Pre-Sale & After-Sale Support

A leading name in contact center outsourcing for eCommerce industry, we will help you capitalize on pre-sale customer communications to ensure maximum conversions. We will also help you improve customer experiences to boost brand loyalty.

Returns & Refunds

Our eCommerce call center agents are experts at taking and processing requests for product returns, exchanges, and refunds, ensuring maximum retention and revenue.

Lead Generation

We help you acquire and process leads through multiple communication channels, ensuring maximum conversions to help you maximize the acquisition of customers, clients, vendors, etc.

Non-Voice Support

We also have the necessary infrastructure to deliver competent customer support across non-voice communication channels, including emails, live web chats, social media platforms, etc.





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    Global presence

    We have a presence in 27+ locations in 14 countries, which allows us to better cater to the eCommerce industry.

    Scalable and highly personalized support

    We have a scalable team that can offer personalized call center solutions for eCommerce companies, enabling us to provide you with better support during the peak business seasons.

    Multilingual customer services

    We can offer eCommerce call center outsourcing solutions in more than 40 languages, helping you cater to a global customer base.

    Omnichannel customer support

    We offer omnichannel customer support to ensure a seamless CX delivery across all channels.

    Cost efficiency

    At Fusion, we offer contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce industry at a competitive price, helping you significantly save on operation costs without compromising on quality.



    Avail of best-in-class outsourcing eCommerce contact center services from one of the top eCommerce BPOs in the industry that will help you drive more customers and increase revenue generation channels in your business.


    Top eCommerce contact center outsourcing provider in Morocco to ensure that your customers can have easy access to premium-quality customer support in French and English, maintaining incredible quality consistency.

    United Kingdom

    Guarantee superior customer experiences in every interaction using our industry-leading contact center outsourcing for eCommerce industry that ensure convenient solutions and satisfactory engagements for all customer queries and issues.


    Your valuable customers deserve accurate and convenient resolutions every time they contact you. With Fusion’s professional call center solutions for eCommerce companies, you can guarantee satisfactory resolutions in every call.


    Access top professional onshore, nearshore, and offshore contact center services for companies in Asia, Europe, and other countries worldwide. Fusion’s customizable solutions can fit the unique requirements of your business.


    Engage professional customer engagement services with our expert BPO services and deliver competent customer services. It will allow you to dedicate your company’s valuable resources to your business’s core responsibilities.


    Ensure superior customer experience management with professional contact center services from a top eCommerce BPO company with over three decades worth of experience in delivering industry-specific solutions.

    United States

    Regardless of the location of your business or your customers across the country, our outsourcing eCommerce contact center services will help you deliver consistent customer support to satisfy their unique requirements.


    Deliver personalized customer experiences with our multilingual and omnichannel customer engagements, allowing your customers to communicate with your brand representatives in a manner that suits them best.

    El Salvador

    Maximize our contact center infrastructure in El Salvador and around the world to deliver personalized customer services to your global customer base, ensuring superior customer experience in every customer interaction.

    The Philippines

    Give your customers in the Philippines a choice to communicate with your brand representatives in their native languages using a medium they prefer with our multilingual and omnichannel contact center services outsourcing.


    Being a top location in the global BPO industry, our professional contact center in Indonesia is the perfect location for you to access sophisticated customer services to give your valuable customers the ideal customer experience.


    Improve your eCommerce business’s core competencies with our customized and professional BPO services for an eCommerce company while also ensuring superior CXM through professional contact center solutions & services.


    When you outsource commerce call center services to our call center in Kosovo, you can add an edge to your CX delivery with our omnichannel, multilingual customer interaction solutions.



    What kind of eCommerce services can be outsourced?

    ECommerce companies can outsource services like sales, inbound customer service, order tracking, complaint handling, return, refund, and omnichannel customer engagement to an eCommerce call center outsourcing provider of their choice.

    What are the primary benefits of eCommerce call center outsourcing?

    Leading providers of call center solutions for eCommerce companies offer 24-hour services, live customer support, and even manage multi-channel communication. Outsourcing helps customers by offering on-time and accurate answers to their queries, order tracking, and placing return or refund requests.

    How do I evaluate contact center or BPO partners?

    You can evaluate partners for outsourcing eCommerce contact center services by checking out factors like global reach, size of the call center, future expansion plans, recognition and accreditations, relevant experience, learning, development programs, pricing, and client testimonials.

    Why should I outsource our services to Fusion?

    As a startup, when you opt for contact center outsourcing for eCommerce industry outsource and choose Fusion to be your partner, you get excellent customer support that also positively affects cost control. As an eCommerce call center, Fusion has a global delivery model spreading across 27 centers in 14 countries, with 30+ years of experience in the eCommerce domain. We offer multilingual, multi-channel support for your startup business and bring operational efficiency.

    Where can I find an onshore/near-shore eCommerce call center?

    Our centers exist in these fourteen global countries: the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia. So, you can easily access our presence in 28 locations globally and find the rightshoring destination of your choice.