The utility industry is one of the most customer-focused industries to ensure better CX delivery while maximizing revenue and reducing operation costs. Therefore, they need to plug revenue leakage through timely and accurate billing. However, manually managing meter reading using in-house resources can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for large and medium-sized utility companies. That is why a large number of utility companies today choose to outsource billing services to BPOs that offer spot billing solutions.

As a leading provider of utility spot billing solutions, we can help you ensure fast and accurate billing services. Our spot billing solutions include manual meter reading services and contract meter reading where bills can be generated on the spot. In addition, we offer the best-in-class utility field services. Our team of geographically dispersed field agents meet your customers and check the precise amount of user consumption of the utility services like water, electricity etc., using portable reading devices, and generate billing then and there using the latest technology. 

Different Utility Companies That Benefit from Our Spot Billing Solutions

We provide utility spot billing solutions for many utility companies such as gas distributors and suppliers, electricity suppliers, and water suppliers. We offer electricity metering services, water meter spot billing services, and gas billing management outsourcing as parts of our spot billing solutions.

We can ensure fast and exact meter reading using our manual meter reading services via our field team when you outsource billing services. These accurate readings are used in on-spot billing calculations to ensure minimum errors.

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As a leading provider of utility spot billing solutions, we can help you ensure fast and accurate utility billing services. Our spot billing system includes manual meter reading services by professional meter readers who ensure on-spot bill generation for different utility services like water, electricity etc., using portable reading devices. The operation of our geographically dispersed team of professional meter readers is managed through a connected ecosystem of mobile & web applications, enabling multi-process and geographical deployment of new processes for faster execution of the spot billing system.

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    Why Spot Billing Solutions are effective?

    Spot billing is the process of manual meter reading with the help of the latest technology. Our manual meter readers use a portable device to take a meter reading and generate billing on the spot. There is no need to take the meter reading, process the data in billing calculations, and send the bill after a period. Spot billing is a one-stop solution that eliminates the time gap between meter reading and bill generation date. The process can considerably reduce the handling time and make the process more efficient.

    Why should I outsource my utility metering services?

    Outsourcing your utility metering services can ensure fast and accurate billing, making the billing process far more effective. 

    How does spot billing solutions for gas meter work?

    Spot billing for gas meter is a process of manual gas meter reading and subsequent bill generation. Our gas meter readers manually take the meter reading and, using the latest portable technology, generate bills on the spot.

    What types of utility metering can be outsourced?

    We offer gas billing management outsourcing, utility metering services, water meter spot billing solution, and other utility billing services.