Financial Technology
Customer Support

Financial Technology
Customer Support


The FinTech industry is one of the busiest sectors and strives to deliver accessible financial services at customers’ convenience. However, the mounting pressure of customer expectations can make it very challenging for your business to stay in the competition while constantly generating revenue. This calls for a reliable global Fintech solutions provider to help address the challenges by providing a personalized and prompt customer experience (CX).

Why Does Your Business Need Financial Technology Solutions from a BPO

The Fintech industry has a varied range of operations that should be outsourced to ensure maximum productivity and minimum cost. Some of the most commonly outsourced fintech solutions that you can make use of are:

  • Customer support

  • Appointment setting

  • Answering services

  • Debt collection

  • Application process handling

Depending on your business scale, these processes can take up a chunk of your time, efforts, resources. On the contrary, if you outsource finance technology solutions to the best BPO service provider, you can be assured about the quality while also focusing on your core business processes.

Why Choose Fusion to Outsource Financial Technology Solutions

Here, at Fusion, we understand the FinTech industry closely, starting from its latest trends to core and advanced operational requirements. Being a leading provider of finance technology solutions, we translate this understanding into a responsive and scalable CX framework. As a result, we can help you accommodate varied customer needs seamlessly.

Here are some reasons why the best financial technology companies consider us for our BPO services

  • 24x7 Support: We offer 24x7 support and service for our clients and customers. So, irrespective of the scale of your requirement, or whether you want to on-shore, near-shore, or off-shore your finance IT solutions, we can handle it for you seamlessly.

  • Big Service Portfolio: Our service portfolio is huge, and we can customize our services to fit your needs, starting from back-office support and customer acquisition to collection and payment support.

  • Global Presence: With our presence in 27 locations across 14 countries globally, we are your best bet for all your finance IT solutions requirements.

  • Multilingual: Outsourcing financial technologies solutions with us will help you build a good customer rapport and goodwill. We offer financial technology solutions from our BPO in over 40 languages and can reach your customers in their preferred space, increasing your business chances.

To know more about us or how we can tailor our FinTech solutions to suit your business needs, get in touch with us. We can help you streamline your business with our expert financial technology solutions.


Customer Service

From voice and chat to email and social media – our agents can proficiently handle your customer service for your FinTech solutions across channels.

Payment Support

Whether money transfer, income verification, or payment, our agents are experienced in handling all payment-related issues via multiple channels.

App Support

Our skilled tech agents can guide customers through complex applications with ease and understanding of a global finance technology solutions provider.

Collection Support

A prominent name in financial technology solutions outsourcing, we can provide support service for both 1st party and 3rd party collections.

Customer Acquisition

Our team also helps acquire new customers for your finance IT solutions and ensures that your business’ values and brand voice reflect our service from the first interaction.

Back Office

We have proprietary back-office software that is enabled with optimal data security features. It makes the entire process of data collection, registration, and administration secure and efficient.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What should I look for when outsourcing customer service?

    When outsourcing customer service, you should find a call center that is professional, patient, and work with a customer-first attitude. Customer service is a broad term that varies from industry to industry. So, make sure your global Fintech solutions outsourcing partner has relevant industry experience, comply with necessary regulations, and provides clear communication.

    How are customers handled in outsourcing?

    Customers are handled with professionalism and empathy in a call center. Financial services outsourcing agents address customer inquiries over multiple channels like phone, chat, email, and text. Customers also get the option to interact in their preferred language.

    How much does outsourcing customer service cost?

    If you look around the internet, you will find outsourced customer service has various ranges. This bar varies based on locations, industry, and services you are seeking. Popular outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines are known for affordable outsourcing services. If you want native English countries like the UK or USA, the cost goes up. To know our pricing, you can request a quote by clicking on the ‘Get A Quote’ button in the top right corner of the page.

    Why should I outsource our services to Fusion?

    When you outsource to Fusion, you get excellent global Fintech solutions, including customer support that also positively affects cost control. Fusion has a global delivery model spread across 27 centers and 14 counties. We offer multilingual, multichannel support for your startup business and bring operational efficiency.

    Is Fusion a Global Fintech Solutions Provider?

    We proudly announce that Fusion has its foothold in 14 major countries, including United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia. Our centers across 27 locations in these countries help us offer you global Financial Services Outsourcing facilities at a cost-effective pricing model.