The EdTech market was worth around $89.49 billion in 2020. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 19.9% from 2021 to 2028. To take advantage of this high growth potential, a business needs to make its services personalized and accessible to parents, students, and educators alike. To achieve this, it requires acute consumer understanding, agile infrastructure, and customer experience (CX) experts.

As a reputed education technology solutions provider, we can help you solve these challenges cost-effectively to deliver a definitive CX service. Our skilled customer service agents can seamlessly handle any task across channels - from generating new leads for admission to onboarding students - with utmost efficiency. In turn, this builds a loyal customer base, accelerates marketing efforts, and boosts ROI.


Lead Generation

To generate high-quality leads, we leverage multiple platforms and options; including co-reg, social media, email, direct marketing, paid marketing, and email.

Proctoring Service

We offer education technology solutions like secure and live automated exam proctoring services for schools, Universities and online education platforms to help them conduct online tests and monitor test takers remotely. We use secure technology as a viable alternative costly infrastructure.

Customer Service

Everything from enrollment to resolving payment grievances, our skilled EdTech outsourcing agents can effectively attend to parents, students, and teachers’ concerns across channels in the language of their preference.

Counseling Support

Before coming on the floor, our agents go through a defined process of learning. It includes learning about the business offerings and the specifics of the customer segment. It helps them, counsel students and parents, through the various difficulties of choosing the course.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What services do schools/colleges outsource?

    Services outsourced in schools/colleges are student lead generation, appointment setting, chat support, course inquiry answering, email support, follow-up, emergency hotline, voice and text emergency response, fundraising campaign, strident survey, bookstore support, e-learning registration, and enrollment support, student loan support, college event/seminar promotion, and registration support. An education technology solutions provider can offer all of these services.

    How does outsourcing help students?

    Students get seamless customer service from the education technology solutions provider. They don’t have to roam around carelessly for campus tours; they get appointment scheduling support for important events like financial aid programs; they get virtual bookstore support and school/college admission assistance.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    As EdTech outsourcing comes with several advantages like decreased delinquencies, streamlined service and increased first-call resolution, robust data collection and effective marketing, increased brand awareness, and many others, it reduces your cost of operations.

    Why should I outsource our education services to Fusion?

    As a global delivery call center, Fusion offers world-class education technology solutions – from selling education packages to assisting students with their queries. We have tested methodologies and advanced technology that will add value to your educational services and products.