Spanish, one of the most used business languages in European and western countries, gives you a chance to tap into a huge target audience. So, given that there are high chances that you will receive a Spanish-speaking customer, you need a bilingual outbound or inbound call center service targeting the American and European regions.

This is where Fusion BPO Services outsourcing comes into the picture. Be it Spanish customer service outsourcing or outbound telemarketing and lead generation, all you need is a strong infrastructure with the latest technology and trained agents who can deal with customers with expertise and empathy.

Why Hire a Bilingual Spanish Call Center

With a call center in Spanish or bilingual language, you can solve multiple problems of catering to the European, Native American, and Latin American regions. Here's why you should outsource bilingual call center services.

  • Staffing and Hiring:

    If you are thinking of setting an in-house Spanish call center, you might have to put more effort as talent acquisition becomes difficult if you are looking for bilingual agents.

  • Quality Assurance:

    A bilingual call center would also have high-quality parameters since you have to streamline two languages simultaneously. This increases the need for a more meticulous approach to the hiring of quality assurance officers.

  • Time Zone:

    If your business targets the entire American region or the Spanish-speaking Europeans, you have to consider the time difference. You might need to set up a 24x7 call center for customer support depending on the geographical regions you target.

How Fusion Can Help

With an existence and experience of over a decade in the BPO industry, we have mastered the art of customer satisfaction with our trained agents. In addition, we offer inbound and outbound call center services in over 40 languages, including the popular Spanish.

By outsourcing Spanish customer service with us, you can

  • Solve the staffing and hiring problem:

    We already a bilingual call center agents available just for your business.

  • Enhance your quality assurance:

    Our proven track record itself speaks volumes of our quality-assured outbound and inbound call center services.

  • Get global:

    We are present in present 22 locations across the world spanning across 10 countries. So, we already have the infrastructure to offer you 24x7 services.

Get Global with Fusion

Besides just Spanish call center outsourcing, we can help you expand your business to every corner of the world. We have our offices strategically located to take care of your off-shoring, near-shoring, and on-shoring processes without any compromise.

We have our offices in


APAC Region

EMEA Region

So, if you are looking for Spanish customer service outsourcing or a bilingual call center to streamline your business, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you.


Voice Process

Streamline your inbound and outbound customer support and sales process with our Spanish call center services. Be it lead generation, sales, branding, survey, customer support, or any other process, we can handle it with expertise.

Non-voice Process

Besides just the voice process, we excel in our non-voice process as well. We can handle your customer support through multiple channels to ensure your branding and outreach never falls below excellent.

Live Chat Support Service

Our Spanish customer service outsourcing expands to the live chat segment as well. We assure minimum AHT (average handling time) with our live chat support so that you don’t lose the loyalty and trust of your existing customers.

Order-taking Services

Our call center in Spanish can assist you with 24×7 order-taking service so that you don’t lose out on your potential business. Being a bilingual call center, we can connect to your customers better.

Answering Services

Be it hospitality or healthcare, we understand how important it is for you to offer a seamless answering service. So, leave that part to us for maximum quality assurance while you can focus on offering your core expertise.

Collection Services

We offer debt collection services in Europe, the Native American, and Latin American regions. Moreover, you can also off-shore and near-shore our debt collection services without worrying about geographic and language barriers.

Lead Generation

Reach out to a more diverse target audience and brand your business more effectively with our Spanish call center. We can help you generate leads to boost your ROI and sales to a very lucrative level.

Appointment Setting

If appointment setting is a core part of your business, let us handle that on your behalf. We can maintain and streamline your income appointment setting process while you can put all your focus on offering your customers an uncompromised service.

Live Chat Support

At Fusion BPO services, we offer state-of-the-art live chat support to our clients. It helps you to boost the conversion rate and has a huge impact on user experience.

Industries We Serve


If you run a healthcare business anywhere in the Spanish-speaking parts of Europe, Native and Latin America, outsource call center services with us. We can streamline your answering and appointment services and extend them to the local Spanish-speaking customers too.


With our inbound and outbound call center services, make your financial business more profitable, be it insurance or banking. Our portfolio includes customer support, lead generation, as well as cross-selling, and up-selling to your present and potential customers.


We employ the latest technology, tools, and software in our call center services to offer you the most lucrative telecommunication process. In addition, CRMs and data analytics help us excel in our offerings to make your business more profitable.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Streamline your customer service, answering service, sales, and complaint handling for your CPG business by setting up a bilingual call center with us. Our omnichannel service includes live support as well.


Complaint handling is a very important part of the energy and utility business. Make sure you never have an unsatisfied customer. Outsource your customer support and telemarketing process with us for minimum handling time and a bilingual approach.


Generate leads and get enrollments in multiple regions of Europe and the Americas to boost your business. You can also set up an answering service with us to handle all your incoming queries.


Outsource your Spanish call center process for your eCommerce business with us. We offer multiple services for your eCommerce, starting from chat support, complaint handling, return and refund to telemarketing and sales.

Travel & Hospitality

Your travel and hospitality business needs a call center with multilingual capabilities. With Fusion, you can offer tap into a targeted audience from a diverse geography, thanks to our multilingual service with expertise in over 40 languages.


27 Locations in
14 Countries

40+ Language



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    Does Fusion offer Spanish call center services for both inbound and outbound?

    Yes, our inbound and outbound service portfolio has a diverse range of services spanning across multiple industries. In addition, our experience and expertise with outbound call center services are at par with inbound processes.

    Can Fusion provide off-shore Spanish call center services?

    Given that we have our presence in 22 strategic locations across the world, we can help you with your off-shoring and near-shoring needs with Spanish and bilingual call centers.

    Does Fusion offer non-voice customer support?

    Besides just the customer service and support over call, we also offer live chat support for your customers on your behalf. We offer maximum quality assurance with minimum AHT for our live chat support.