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Inbound, Outbound and Back Office - Call Center Services

Fusion BPO Services has carved a niche in the global BPO scene with its commitment to excellence. As a growing BPO, we have combined cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure, and human skills to offer unparalleled service to our clients around the globe, round the clock. Our multi-channel, multilingual call center services have helped hundreds of organizations from different industry verticals scale the height of success.

We offer a host of call center services that can be roughly categorized under four main heads.

  • Inbound Services
  • Outbound Services
  • Back Office Services
  • Tech Support Services



Inbound Call Centre Services

Fusion is a leading provider of inbound call center services. As a multilingual, multichannel call center service provider, we can offer a wide range of inbound call center services in over 40 languages.

Our inbound call center services range from customer service and answering service to inquiry handling, claim processing, and much more. We have a highly trained and customer-focused team with vast experience in delivering state-of-the-art inbound call center services to your customers and prospects. Our call center services are specially designed to ensure the delivery of the highest level of customer experience in each interaction. Some of our inbound call center services are as follows:

Customer Service

With over 15 years of experience in customer service, Fusion is the perfect choice to be your call center services provide. We will ensure exceptional customer experience that meets customer expectation via every channel, every time and at every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle.

Answering Services

We specialize in proving effective and accurate answering services that go beyond answering calls and conveying the message. From detailed reporting to emergency handling, our call center services we do it all at a cost that fits right in your budget.


Our customer retention service not only ensures that your customers stay engaged but also help you turn them into a brand loyalist.

Billing/Invoice Support

At Fusion inbound call center services, we also offer billing/invoice support to our clients. Our efficient reporting and data handling help your customers get the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Refund Claim Processing

We also process refund claims on behalf of our clients. Our call center agents process each claim with the utmost professionalism and efficiency resulting in an improved level of customer satisfaction.

Inquiry Handling

Our inquiry handling process handles all customer inquiries appropriately and in detail. Our inbound call center agents show the highest level of efficiency and attention to details while handling each inquiry.

Direct Response Tele Sales

We handle all the customer calls from direct response marketing and ensure that every call result in sales. From efficient call processing to skillful persuasion, Fusion inbound call center services can handle it all.

Email Support

As part of our multi-channel capability, we also offer email support to our clients. We focus on a prompt response and first response resolution to up the customer satisfaction level.

Live Chat Support

At Fusion BPO services, we offer state-of-the-art live chat support to our clients. It helps you to boost the conversion rate and has a huge impact on user experience.


Outbound Call Centre Services

Fusion has already carved a niche in the global outsourcing market as a well-known provider of outbound call center services. We are a multilingual and multichannel BPO with a wide array of outbound call center services ranging from generic services such as lead generation and appointment setting to industry-specific services like collection services and fundraising services. We have an experienced and skilled team of call center agents who are trained in different kinds of outbound call center services. These services are designed to ensure a boost in revenue, collection, fundraising, and much more. Some of our key outbound call center services are as follows:

Lead Generation

With over 15 years of experience in lead generation, Fusion call center service brings you fresh leads with a high rate of conversion. Our highly responsive data ensures high quality qualified leads and excellent ROI.


Fusion call center services has vast experience in handling fundraising processes for various prestigious clients. We have a team of skillful agents who ensure success for a fundraising campaign.

Collections and Recovery

Fusion offers collection and recovery services to the organization of every size across the United States. We are a PCI certified, nationally licensed, fully bonded and insured outbound call center with vast experience in collection and recovery.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Fusion call center services offers effective cross-selling and up-selling services. These outbound call center services help in the expansion of the client's market and facilitate growth while boosting the customer satisfaction rate.

Appointment Setting

This outbound call center service helps you in making appointments, reservations, and service schedules for transportation, dinners, seats, concerts, special events, seminars, etc., and thereby, simplifies your busy schedule.

Market Research

From gathering vital information on current market trends, the buying pattern of customers, to researching on your competitors and potential area of growth, fusion offers extensive research services which help you make an informed decision for your business.


Back Office Services

One of the leading providers of back office services, Fusion is a well-known name in the world outsourcing industry. We can provide an expansive range of back office services through chat, email, and other communication channels to meet your back office call center services requirements. Some of our key back office services include line number porting, claim processing, order fulfillment, and much more. We have many back office services agents who possess the skills and experience to deliver the best call center services to your customers. Some of our key call center services are as follows:

Order Fulfillment

At Fusion, we offer order fulfillment as part of our back-office service offerings. From receiving an order, processing it and tracking its journey through delivery, we do it all with utmost proficiency.

Account Receivable/Payable

Our accounts receivable/payable service helps businesses recover their debt faster and in a far more efficient way while not damaging their relationship with their customers. We offer both fixed fee collection and contingency collection.

Billing/Invoicing Support

We provide superior billing/invoicing support to our clients so that their customers can receive accurate and up-to-date billing information.

Order Tracking

Our order tracking services offer prompt and accurate information regarding a product’s shipping through delivery, avoiding the frustration of your customers.

Refund Claim Processing

We offer refund claim processing services as a part of our back-office offering.

Line Number Porting

We offer line number porting as a back-office service to our telecom clients. It helps them meet their customers’ needs and expectations.


Tech Support Services

Helpdesk Solutions

Fusion BPO offers tailor-made helpdesk solutions to our clients resulting in prompt resolution of issues and greater customer satisfaction. Our certified engineers and their superior customer service interaction ensures first response resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Platform and Application Support

At Fusion, we provide platform and application support to resolve the issues of modern tech-savvy customers who face issues with a particular platform or application. Our certified engineers provide end-to-end efficient support for quicker resolution.

Desktop and Laptop Support

At Fusion, our team of certified engineers offers desktop and laptop support solutions in a quick and efficient way so that customers get faster resolution. Our prompt resolution and customer service help you turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Network Support

We also offer network support to our clients. Our certified engineers deal with network and data security, connectivity and much more while ensuring the superior customer experience.

Fusion BPO Services is your one-stop business process outsourcing firm for all your call center requirements. All you need to do is experience the FUSION. Contact us Or CALL NOW (866) 581-0038 today!

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