As the famous business adage goes: 80% of sales come from 20% of the customers. So, it’s crucial to identify different customer groups to better attend to their needs while working towards acquiring new ones. Prompt and efficient customer support ensures that with - above par service, excellent satisfaction ratings, and innovative ways of gathering positive referrals.

Research shows, 89% of consumers have switched brands after a poor customer experience, whereas 70% of consumers support a brand with excellent customer service. This drives home the point why having excellent customer service is a must for any organization.

As a leading outbound and inbound call center service outsourcing provider with 30+ years of experience, we understand customer journeys. This understanding reflects in our simple, fast, and cost-effective service execution, empowered by a global talent pool with smart toolsets.

Our approach puts consumer concerns at the heart of customer service outsourcing by establishing a multichannel multilingual infrastructure. It allows the business to assist the customer via their preferred channel (namely: voice, chat, social media, email) and language in real-time. The customer-centric call center services delivery in our customer service outsourcing process helps the company to gain consumer allegiance - a must for long-term sustainability in the market.


Escalation Handling

With our customer management framework, we ensure consumer concerns are attended to and addressed at the right time.

Customer Loyalty Management

From managing customer databases to categorizing potential customers for various benefits – we do it all by effectively keeping track of all consumer activities across touchpoints.

After-sales Customer Service

With our after-sales call center services, we ensure the customer gets the value for their product/service, and the business acquires the valuable insights that can help them cater to their needs better.

Revenue Management

Our financial experts supervise various customer service expenses to ensure your business gets value for money, meets deadlines, and achieves its financial goals.

Customer Retention

We identify and resolve customer grievances with our timely quality assessment to keep the base happy and reduce the rate of attrition.

Complaint Management

We take customer complaints seriously and scrutinize them thoroughly to bridge potential communication gaps.


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    What's the difference between inbound and outbound calls?

    An inbound call comes from a customer trying to get some call center services. An outbound call is where a call center agent calls an individual for potential lead generation, sales, or others.

    Is there any difference between a shared and dedicated contact center environment?

    The shared contact center is responsible for handling specific operational tasks for your organization, such as customer service, sales, answering service, etc. On the other hand, a dedicated contact center takes care of your entire customer service outsourcing need and can deliver better overall results.

    Why outsource call center services to Fusion BPO?

    The major reason why you should consider call center service outsourcing to Fusion is that we can help you deliver better CX and customer engagement cost-effectively. Our call center services also help you focus on your business goals and planning and contribute to business growth.

    How can I outsource my customer service to Fusion BPO?

    Once you've decided to opt for Fusion as your customer service outsourcing partner, you can simply fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    Where Does Fusion BPO Offer Customer Services Outsourcing Support?

    Fusion BPO operates in 10 countries and 20 locations around the globe, and you can easily choose your right shoring options for cost-effective call center services. We have our presence in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines,Columbia, Canada, El Salvador, and Jamaica.