Qualified B2B Appointment
Setting Services Provider

Qualified B2B Appointment
Setting Services Provider


With the business world getting more competitive, large and small-scale organizations must focus on their core competencies and customers. This requires having more control over your engagements and appointments and freeing up more time for the core business. If you feel bogged down by your cold calling list, it is better to outsource some tasks to a reputed appointment setting services provider.

Why Does Your Business Need B2B Online Appointment Scheduling Services?

Most industries, like insurance, healthcare, etc., need the service to streamline their incoming leads and bookings. Therefore, an appointment scheduling services can have various benefits for your business.

  • Introducing Your Business
  • A B2C or B2B appointment setting service adds a touch of professionalism to your brand. Having a skilled agent at the other side of the call to take up appointments or queries instills a sense of trust in the customers. And it goes without saying, people will buy from your business if they trust your brand.

  • Identifying Prospects and their Pain Points
  • It can help you identify your prospects and their interest in your offerings. In addition, since appointment setting brings in inbound calls from potential customers, it gives you a better chance to understand their pain points and assist them more effectively.

  • Adds Value to Your Sales
  • Online appointment scheduling services can offer you the purest form of leads. The customers calling to find out more about your offerings to book appointments have already made up their minds to avail the product/service. What you have to do in this case is get their attention into your offerings with superlative communication and skill.

Why is Fusion the Best BPO for B2B Appointment Setting Services

As a leading B2B appointment setting services provider in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia and other major European and Asian countries, we can help you streamline your online appointment scheduling services for you. We bring a lot of advantages to the table when you choose to outsource your appointment setting process with us.

  • We have a global presence with our existence in 27 locations spanning in 14 countries.
  • We have been in the industry for over a decade and understand your business needs and execute our strategies accordingly.
  • Our agents are trained to deal with potential customers to enhance your conversion rate and eventually a sale.
  • We offer services in more than 40 languages to make your customers feel more comfortable, which multiplies the conversion rate by many folds with our global presence.
  • We have the right tools, technology, resources, and infrastructure to meet all your appointment scheduling needs, including insurance appointment setting services.

Our industry-specific contact center expertise allows us to ensure a better customer experience and improved business efficiencies. To know more about our offerings or to hire us for your online appointment scheduling services, contact us at your convenience at the earliest.


B2B Appointment Setting services

We specialize in B2B lead generation services that allow you to grab the attention of top-of-the-funnel leads.

Our trained agents can call the decision-makers of other businesses on your behalf to set an appointment for your sales team.

Online appointment scheduling services

Our online appointment scheduling services help you schedule appointments via online platforms or in-person appointments on your behalf.

Rescheduling or canceling appointments

We also offer rescheduling and cancellation of appointment settings if a party faces unforeseen circumstances and cannot attend the pre-scheduled appointment.

Industries We Serve


Set up customer-centric insurance appointment setting services with Fusion and ensure maximum customer conversion and retention. Our agents are skillful at their conversations and can take up appointments and solve queries with maximum expertise.


Besides just telemarketing and sales, outsource your enrollment and online appointment scheduling services with us and generate greater revenue from potential customers and half-baked leads.


Our services extend to the IT sector as well. So, if you want to handle your incoming queries for your products or services, feel free to call or get in touch with us at your convenience.

Retail & Ecommerce

The retail and eCommerce industry thrives on incoming inquires related to products and services. Don’t let any of them turn away from your service. Hire us to handle your customer handling and appointment setting services.


Offer a seamless appointment booking process with our services. We deal with patients in a compassionate way so that they feel cared for while you never lose any of your potential business.


Appoint us to handle your incoming appointment bookings and service inquiries while you focus on offering your customer-centric operations. We can register your customer inquiries and also set an appointment through our skillful agents.

Energy & Utility

When it’s time for you to expand your energy & utility business, turn to us to handle all your customer inquiries, customer interests, and appointments. By outsourcing your online appointment scheduling services, you can ensure that your customer conversion rate will get a notch higher.

Travel & Hospitality

Inquiries and booking consultations are very common in the travel and hospitality industry. So don’t lose any of these potential customers, just outsource your appointment setting services with us, and we will handle it with absolute expertise.


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    What are the industries you support in an appointment setting call center?

    We support businesses from different industry verticals with our appointment setting expertise. Some key industries that benefited from our appointment setting services are – retail, healthcare, BFSI, education, and technology.

    Are your services cost-effective?

    Yes, we are committed to providing quality appointment services to our clients at a reasonable price. You can request a quote for detailed pricing.

    How can I outsource my appointment setting services to Fusion BPO?

    Once you've decided to outsource your appointment setting services to Fusion, you can fill out the inquiry form or click the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage and provide your details. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    Want sets our appointment setting services apart?

    Besides multichannel appointment settings, we also have the industry expertise to provide you with industry-specific appointment settings and online appointment scheduling services.