Ensure World-Class Support For Your Medical Device Customers With The Professional Services Of A Premium Call Center For Medical Devices And Maximize Our Regulatory Expertise & Customer-Oriented Solutions.

Fusion’s expert professionals and industry experts have an in-depth understanding of current regulations in the global healthcare landscape. With advanced training and a comprehensive study of a constantly-evolving marketplace, our Medical Device Call Center Services can ensure prompt and on-time complaint handling, delivering convenient and consistent resolutions in every customer interaction.

The continuous rise of consumerism, combined with pricing constraints and constantly-decreasing margins, has made it absolutely necessary for medical device businesses to transform their business model gradually from a product and R&D-focused one to a service-oriented one. This helps medical device companies deliver to the ever-growing expectations of every party involved – from stakeholders to physicians, service providers, and even the patients.

In addition, the healthcare and the medical devices industry witnesses frequent regulatory changes from multiple governing bodies along with consolidations of hospital facilities and other medical organizations. Add to that the fact that every health-related incident, minor or major, has the potential to disrupt the entire healthcare industry and initiate fresh industry regulations. Hence, medical device companies need to stay on their feet and keep up with such constantly-evolving industry regulations.

As a result, the medical device companies will continue to grow and develop even further, evolving their operations and becoming more service-oriented. Large-scale changes will be seen in the near future as a result of customer-centric strategies across the board, while customer support will become an integral part of the industry. In addition to efficient patient communication, Telemarketing Services for Medical Devices company continue to make invaluable contributions toward lead generation, sales, and after-sales support, among others.

At Fusion, our multifaceted contact center solutions will help your business easily overcome major industry-specific challenges and maximize available customer information. This will ensure that your business is able to enjoy the full benefits of current trends and robust end-to-end solutions, maximizing your growth in a constantly-evolving marketplace and the global healthcare landscape.

Top challenges faced by medical device companies with their customer support deliveries

Medical device companies often face a number of challenges with their customer engagement, primarily because much of their focus as well as their resources have always been dedicated toward regulatory compliance and R&D. This has often resulted in long wait times for customers, inaccurate resolutions, unsatisfactory interactions, and generally poor-quality customer support deliveries. Eventually, this leads to a loss of reputation in the marketplace and causes customers to lose their loyalty to a medical devices company. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for you to engage a Call Center for Medical Devices companies so that you are able to overcome the most prevalent challenges faced in the medical devices industry, including:

  • The recruitment of industry experts that can handle the pressure of regulatory compliance requirements along with the contact center responsibilities
  • Managing customer expectations and defining quality standards in service deliveries to ensure efficient and effective customer service deliveries
  • Facilitating the transformation of the culture within core operations from product-focused to customer-oriented, ensuring satisfactory interactions
  • Establishing appropriate procedures and maintaining their efficiency to ensure satisfactory customer handling to ensure all industry-specific regulations are complied with at every stage
  • Monitoring performances of agents to determine strengths and weaknesses and identifying the appropriate solutions to plug weaknesses
  • Ensuring that customer support agents understand the importance of prompt responses and on-time resolutions for effective complaint handling
  • Managing effective engagement with a growing clientele and catering to international customers that desire personalized communication in their native languages
  • Collecting effective feedback from healthcare payers, physicians, practitioners, patients, etc., to learn more about product utility among users
  • Avoiding missing out on potential clients and customers to prevent dissatisfactory sales numbers that can limit your medical devices business’s revenue generation

Overcoming these challenges is key to delivering efficient customer services and ensuring that your medical devices business is able to maximize customer retention for improved revenue generation. With Fusion’s Telemarketing Services for Medical Devices company, you will be able to give your valuable customers the benefits of:

  • Premium wellness support and patient counseling
  • 24/7 Caregiver support for emergencies management
  • Application support & technical assistance
  • Multilingual customer services in 40+ languages
  • Omnichannel customer support via phone, email, text, web chat, etc.
  • Social media support & Telemarketing
  • All industry regulations compliant contact center solutions

At Fusion, we ensure best-in-class customer service, enhancing customer loyalty across the healthcare value chain by adding much value to your operations through valuable customer insights and healthcare data. This will help you drive innovation within your operations and boost your products while simultaneously improving your customer engagements. As a result, Fusion’s industry-leading Medical Devices Customer Support Services can assure you of satisfactory resolutions and superior customer experiences in every interaction.


Medical Application Support

At Fusion, we understand that the current healthcare industry is heavily reliant on medical software applications. From installation and setup to understanding all basic and advanced features of the applications, customers need constant assistance with every little aspect. Our contact center solutions are designed to deliver customized communications, helping customers with personalized assistance depending on their age and ability to grasp technical information.

Product Guidance & Promotions

Customers often seek professional guidance to understand the specifications of their medical devices in order to utilize their maximum potential and derive the best benefits for their health. At Fusion, we train our customer support representatives to have a complete understanding of medical devices so that they are able to deliver expert guidance to customers on the proper usage of their medical devices. This also empowers our agents to maximize communications for effective promotions.

Customized Technical Support

Our contact center representatives understand that customers are not always well-equipped to comprehend the instructions provided on the user manuals for medical devices. Sometimes, the language can be way too technical for their understanding. On other occasions, they may face challenges with the functionalities of the medical devices. Hence, our Medical Device Call Center Services ensure customized instructions to help users maximize their medical devices.

Medical Device Reporting

At Fusion, our contact center solutions are compliant with the regulations laid down by HIPAA, MDR (Medical Device Reporting), PCI, SSAE, ISO, and other international and regional regulatory bodies. This ensures on-time resolutions for all medical device-related complaints from customers. Simultaneously, this also provides maximum data protection to ensure that your medical device business does not face industry sanctions or financial penalties due to non-compliance issues.

Inquiry Handling

When your customers contact customer support representatives with their queries, they expect nothing less than prompt responses, quick and convenient resolutions, and overall satisfactory experiences. Our contact center agents are trained to efficiently and swiftly location information and identify appropriate resolutions for customers’ inquiries. In addition, their empathetic engagements ensure that your customers are able to enjoy satisfactory experiences in every interaction.

Complaints Management

All incoming customer complaints must be handled with the utmost care and diplomacy, not only to resolve the customers’ issues promptly but also to increase customer retention and ensure continued association between the brand and the customers. As a result, we have made every effort to be the Call Center for Medical Devices with customized resolutions for all customer complaints.

Order Processing

We will maximize on-time order processing for you to ensure superior customer experience deliveries while reducing complications and other potential challenges with your internal operations. Fusion’s competent contact center solutions streamline every aspect from order placement to delivery for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, physicians, patients, etc.

Order Processing

We will maximize on-time order processing for you to ensure superior customer experience deliveries while reducing complications and other potential challenges with your internal operations. Fusion’s competent contact center solutions streamline every aspect from order placement to delivery for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, physicians, patients, etc.

Order Processing

We will maximize on-time order processing for you to ensure superior customer experience deliveries while reducing complications and other potential challenges with your internal operations. Fusion’s competent contact center solutions streamline every aspect from order placement to delivery for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, physicians, patients, etc.

Billing, Return & Refund

If your customers need assistance while returning a product and requesting a refund, you need professional agents that can handle such situations delicately. Our contact center agents will help your customers return the medical devices using the proper channels and ensure that they get their refunds processed quickly and not have to deal with unnecessary complications in the process.





Delivery Model


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    The United States of America

    We have a total of six locations across five different states in the country, including offices in prime locations in Ohio, Florida, Utah, Georgia, and North Carolina. Fusion’s vast network in the United States of America allows us to offer premium Telemarketing Services for Medical Devices company in every corner of the country.


    In addition to our massive presence in the United States of America, our contact center in Canada has allowed us to provide industry-leading nearshore customer services to medical device customers in the US while also delivering customized and scalable solutions to medical device businesses around North America and the world.

    El Salvador

    We employ the top talent in Central America from our offices in El Salvador, empowering us to deliver efficient and cost-effective customer support to medicare support providers in the North, Central, and South American continents, making us the premier nearshore contact center for medical devices companies in the US.


    Another prime nearshore location for medical device providers in the United States, our offices in the Caribbean nation allows businesses to maximize their operations while improving customer complaints management with cost-effective contact center solutions, improving their business’s profitability and bottom line.


    Among the latest additions to our vast global network, our offices in Mexico are strategically located in Central America to deliver customizable and scalable Medical Devices Customer Support Services in the North American and South American continents, ensuring superior customer experience management.


    Currently, our only location in the South American continent, our offices in Colombia help us offer multilingual & omnichannel customer services to Medical devices companies in multiple countries. We enable customers to choose their preferred language to contact representatives, ensuring effective communication.

    The United Kingdom

    Our contact center in the United Kingdom enjoys a prime location close to London, empowering us to deliver sophisticated Medical device-related customer services to our clients in the United Kingdom, enabling us to deliver multilingual contact center services and industry-specific solutions to our vast European clientele.


    Our contact centers in Albania help us enjoy a prominent presence in the Balkan region, delivering top-quality professional and multilingual Medical Device Call Center Services to our massive clientele in the European continent. We also ensure maximum outcomes with our customizable and scalable contact center services.


    The latest addition to our vast global presence, our contact center in Kosovo, has enabled us to employ the massive local talent, strengthening our stronghold in the Balkan region even further, creating a path for us to expand our horizons and approach new medical device businesses in the Middle East and the surrounding areas.


    We have three contact centers in Morocco, which has enabled us to ensure a strong presence in the African continent and amplify our service offerings to medical device businesses in African nations and other Arabic countries in the Middle East, delivering best-in-class customer services and superior customer experiences.


    With over 10 locations around the country, Fusion enjoys a massive presence in India, empowering us to expand our network and employ a diverse talent pool from every corner of the country. In turn, this has helped us deliver top-quality Medical Devices Customer Support Services to our local, national, and international clients.

    The Philippines

    Our contact centers in the Philippines help us to dip our fingers in one of the fastest-growing and most resourceful sectors in the global BPO industry. This helps us offer premium contact center solutions and medical devices customer services to our worldwide clientele, making us a leading offshore contact center company.


    Our contact centers in Indonesia strengthen our presence in the Asian continent, allowing us to approach untapped markets and previously untouched sectors in the medicare industry. This has allowed us to offer competitive prices while making zero compromises on the quality of our medical device customer services.


    With an already strong presence in Asia, our contact center in Thailand allows us unlimited access to the untapped resources and markets in the country. Additionally, the professional expertise of the massive talent pool in the country enables us to deliver premium Telemarketing Services for Medical Devices company.



    How can medical device manufacturers address customer service challenges?

    Medical device companies face several challenges with their customer service. The biggest reason for this is the fact that medical device manufacturers mostly focus on R&D activities and industry regulations. Hence, it would greatly help to outsource customer engagement to a contact center company specializing in medical devices-related customer support. This will help medical device manufacturers deliver competent customer support while not having to deal with the stress of customer engagements.

    How does outsourcing customer support boost your business’s customer acquisition?

    By outsourcing your medical device business’s customer engagement to a professional contact center company, you ensure satisfactory customer experiences across the board. This will increase your customer retention numbers as your current customers will trust your brand and be more loyal to it despite attractions from competitors. However, this also contributes to your brand identity and reputation in the market through positive reviews and word-of-mouth promotions. In addition, our contact centers also provide top-notch Telemarketing Services for Medical Devices company to help you widen your customer outreach beyond current boundaries. Eventually, this will help you attract new customers from competitors and improve your new customer acquisition.

    How can you improve customer support for your medical device business?

    There are two ways you can deliver competent and industry-standard customer support for your medical device business. You can either set up an in-house customer support department by employing the top industry specialists or outsource your customer services to a reputed contact center company like Fusion. However, employing top experts for your customer support team can be quite challenging and take away a lot of valuable resources from your core business operations. On the other hand, Fusion’s global network employs a massive workforce of more than 12,000 trained and experienced professionals to deliver top customer support to medical device companies worldwide.

    Is it expensive to outsource Medicare device customer service?

    Fusion’s contact center solutions can be easily customized to your medical device business’s unique requirements. We can create the perfect program to match your requirements and budget to help you deliver the best customer support. Additionally, our vast global network enables us to employ local talent from around the globe, helping us deliver a diverse talent pool to our clients worldwide. This also enables us to offer industry-standard Medical Device Call Center Services without charging high prices. This allows our clients to enjoy cost-effective services that can help them boost customer experiences, revenue generation, and business profitability.