We Ensure The Finest Customer Experience (CX) Management With Our Top-Notch Call Center Services In Dubai

Established in 2004, Fusion is a leading provider of intelligent and reliable call center services in Dubai and the EMEA region, delivering high-quality, comprehensive customer engagement solutions. At Fusion, our contact center services are omnichannel and multichannel with multilingual support. We offer customized call center services in Dubai backed by the latest technology, market trends and industry expertise to businesses in Dubai and other prominent EMEA business hubs.

With our presence in 14 countries worldwide, we offer seamless cross-channel support across various industry verticals. Our local touch and reliability make us one of Dubai's most trusted call center service providers. With 27 centers across the globe backed by 14000+ employees, Fusion provides end-to-end multichannel and omnichannel contact center solutions in over 40 languages. Our multilingual capabilities include English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and many other Asian and European languages.


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    Inbound & Outbound Customer Engagement

    We offer the best-in-class customer engagement experiences with our state-of-the-art inbound and outbound customer support services backed by a team of highly skilled call center agents. Our customer care representatives are professionally trained to handle all incoming inquiries and sales-related requests, as well as for making outbound communication for sales, market research, surveys, etc.

    Voice Process

    As a contact center service provider in Dubai, we provide a range of BPO voice process services to meet the diverse outsourcing requirements of our clients. From customer assistance to outsourcing IT support, we provide a comprehensive range of inbound and outbound contact center services.

    Non-Voice Process

    Thanks to our cutting-edge contact center assistance, we are one of the most well-known service providers in Dubai. To meet the multichannel outsourcing demands of our Dubai clients, we provide a variety of BPO Non-voice Process Services. In addition, we manage all kinds of non-voice activities, such as outsourcing IT support and BPO chat support.

    Live Chat Support Services

    Fusion manages the BPO Chat Process on behalf of its clients. Our Live Chat helpline outsourcing enables our clients to offer rapid issue resolution, high-quality customer service, and a high customer satisfaction rate.

    Collection Services

    Fusion is a well-known brand among outsourcing businesses in Dubai and also provides debt collection services to its customers. Medical debt recovery, loan repayment for schooling, and other debt recovery services are part of our call center outsourcing services for debt collection.

    Quality Assurance

    Fusion provides call center services for quality control as well. With our quality assurance testing outsourcing services, our clients improve customer happiness and experience.

    Answering Services

    We provide outsourcing for 24-hour live phone answering services as one of the leading names of call center services in the UAE. We provide a variety of BPO services, such as answering services for doctors and other medical professionals, small businesses, large corporations, etc.

    Order Taking Services

    Fusion is a well-known provider of Order Taking Outsourcing Services. As a top contact center for order-taking services, we provide 24 Hour Order Taking Services.

    Financial Services

    Fusion is a BPO with more than 15 years of expertise in the financial services industry. We provide BFSI organizations with inbound and outbound call center outsourcing for financial services via phone, live chat, email, and social media channels.


    Fusion, a leading provider of healthcare outsourcing services, provides various call center outsourcing services for the healthcare sector. Our BPO services for the healthcare sector include medical answering services, physician and doctor answering services, live chat support services, and much more.


    We offer a wide range of Inbound / Outbound Call Center Services for the telecommunication industry. We offer BPO services such as Technical Customer Support Services, Live Chat Support Services for Telecommunication, Answering Services Outsourcing for Telecommunication Industry, and much more.


    As a leading provider of call center services for ecommerce companies, we offer end-to-end services like 24 Hour Live Answering Services, Customer Support Outsourcing Services, Technical Customer Support Services, etc.


    Fusion offers multilingual and multichannel customer interactions that are available 24/7/365 to help you serve your retail customers with great customer service. Our extensive list of services also includes return and refund handling, pricing and billing assistance, order tracking and status inquiries, and 24/7 retail answering services. With Fusion, you can give your customers a high-quality customer experience at a competitive price and gain an edge over your competitors.


    Fusion provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services to the Utility Industry in Dubai. Our services include - Live Chat Support Services, 24-Hour Live Answering Services, Technical Customer Support Services, and much more.


    Fusion offers a wide range of call center services for educational companies in Dubai. Our Support Services Outsourcing for Schools and Colleges encompasses everything from 24-Hour Live Answering Services to Live Chat Support Services.


    We offer a comprehensive range of BPO services for the travel industry through our call center, including customer support, booking and cancellation, live answering services, and more.


    What advantages can you enjoy by outsourcing call center services in Dubai to a BPO company in the EMEA region?

    The EMEA region has BPO companies in abundance, employing top professionals from different educational backgrounds. As a result, Dubai call center services can help businesses across industry verticals to access highly qualified and skilled resources for their customer support operations. If you are looking for professional call center services in Dubai, a local BPO company can deliver better results for your customer support operations than a BPO company in the US or other global locations. Moreover, having local operatives will also enable you to provide personalized communications in the native languages of customers, ensuring customer engagements with a personalized human touch. This will ensure superior experiences and help you create a positive brand image of being a customer-centric company.

    How can Fusion’s Dubai call center services improve your business operations?

    While several aspects make Fusion a far better choice than many other BPO companies in the EMEA, our most attractive feature is our vast international network of call centers and our massive global resources. Our massive global network includes more than 28 centers in 14 countries, including offices in the United Kingdom, Albania, Morocco, and Kosovo. With an expansive and culturally diverse global workforce that includes more than 13,000 talented and skilled industry experts, we can ensure multilingual and omnichannel customer communications for our clients and their global customers. By choosing Fusion’s Dubai call center services, you can ensure consistent customer support and deliver superior customer experiences across the board. This will boost your customer retention and increase revenue generation, ensuring profitable returns on your investment in the call center services in Dubai.