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Call Center in USA

Outsourcing does not mean that you have to send your process in an offshore location. You can outsource your contact center processes within the USA as well. All you have to is outsource your processes to an American call center. There are a number of call centers offering BPO services in the USA. Opting for one such call center in USA will help you keep your processes onshore and reap the benefits of outsourcing.

Fusion is a reputed call center in USA. From our 5 USA call centers, we offer state-of-the-art BPO services in USA. As a multichannel, multilingual American call center, we cater to our clients' myriad outsourcing needs from different industry verticals. We provide call center support via a number of channels, including voice, email, and chat.

We offer a wide range of call center services from our call center in USA. These include – customer service, answering service, tele sales, appointment setting, collection services, and much more. Fusion is the ideal call center outsourcing partner of businesses in the USA with diverse service offerings. Our end-to-end BPO services are designed to meet all your call center outsourcing needs.


Languages We Support in Our USA Call Center

As a well-known call center in USA, we support multiple languages spoken in the country. We provide support in both English and Spanish from our USA call center. apart from these two languages, our American call center has the capability to support many other languages spoken in the United States of America and the rest of the NALAM region. These languages include – French, Portuguese (Brazilian), as well as various Asian and European languages.

Fusion has carved its niche as a multilingual call center in USA. We offer BPO services in USA in all the main languages spoken in the country. That allows us to reach different non-English-speaking markets and get better results for our clients.

BPO Services We Provide in Our USA Call Center

Industries We Serve in Our USA Call Center

Why Can USA Be Your Ideal Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Destination?

Our USA call center has been a popular choice for call center outsourcing among our NALATAM clients. We have the skills and the experience to deliver the best quality contact center services through our American call center. Some of the benefits of hiring a call center in USA are as follows:

Stay local - For a US-based business, finding a call center in USA is ideal for maintaining continuity across the brand. This way, when a customer interacts with your brand, they feel they are interacting with the real representatives sitting at your office. Therefore. More companies in the US are preferring a USA call center as their call center outsourcing partners.

US-based agents - Language and accent are two issues that can majorly affect customer experience and customer satisfaction. When your customers can't understand the agents, it frustrates them. Similarly, when your agents can't understand your customers, it often tends to botched troubleshooting. These issues can be minimized by hiring a leader in BPO services in USA like Fusion as your outsourcing partner. Our American call center agents speak your customers' language and, therefore, can transmit messages accurately.

Competitive, affordable pricing - Outsourcing BPO services to an offshore location is a cheaper alternative to BPO services in USA. However, to deliver a superior customer experience to your valued customers, you need to deliver high-quality customer service that you can only get from a call center in USA.

Cultural benefit – With customer experience being one of the major differentiators of modern times, delivering the best customer experience is on every company's priority list. When an American company has a call center in the USA as their BPO partner, they will have American call center agents who will not only understand the language and accent but also will understand cultural references. They can also use these cultural references to build a strong relationship with the customer, which will go a long way in enhancing customer experience and building customer loyalty.

Our USA Call Center Locations:

Center – 1
We have a call center in Utah. Our Utah call center is situated in Draper. We offer a wide range of multilingual, multichannel, and omnichannel BPO services to businesses in the USA from this location.

405 E 12450 South Suite M
Draper, UT 84020

Center - 2
Fusion also has a call center in Georgia in Berkeley Lake area, from where it caters to the myriad outsourcing needs of businesses in Georgia. Our Georgia call center offers multichannel call center services in English, Spanish and other languages.

4775 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.,
Suite 310, Berkeley Lake,
Georgia 30092
Phone +1 (678) 578 1020

Center – 3
Our call center in Ohio is situated in Minerva. We cater to the multichannel outsourcing needs of businesses in and around Georgia from our Ohio call center.

102N Market St.
Minerva, Ohio

Center - 4
We have another call center in Ohio that is located in Canton. We provide a wide range of call center services from this Ohio call center. These include – voice support, chat support, email support, customer service and several industry-specific services.

4875 Higbee Ave. NW
Canton, Ohio

Center – 5
Fusion also has a call center in North Carolina. The North Carolina call center in situated in Spindale. As a leading call center in the USA, Fusion offers a wide variety of call center services via multiple communication channels.

515 Oakland Road
Spindale, North Carolina


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