Delivering High-Quality CX in Our Call Centers in the USA

In the post-pandemic era, the US economy is expected to have a roaring growth spurt. And organizations will want to leverage this growth to acquire new customers, keep the existing ones engaged and offer them a superior customer experience through a consistent call center services outsourcing in USA across all channels.

However, with customer expectations changing rapidly as an aftershock of the pandemic, many businesses face challenges in keeping up with the increasing customer demands. In such a situation, partnering with the right call center outsourcing company in the US can help these organizations overcome the challenges while engaging and increasing their customer base with a stellar CX delivery through our call center services in USA.

Ensure better CSAT Score with Fusion's US-Based Call Center Services

As a leading global BPO with 30+ centers in 14 countries, we have a prominent presence in the NALATAM region. We have 5 call centers in the USA from where we cater to the contact center outsourcing requirements of our clients in various industry verticals. We offer a wide range of cost-effective call center services from our call centers in USA. Our BPO company in USA is equipped with a scalable team of skilled agents, innovative infrastructure, and optimum data security framework to deploy both multichannel and omnichannel support.

Our effective communication skills help you create a positive impact on your customers. Our US-based call center can fuel new customer acquisition for a revenue boost and can play a pivotal role in engaging your customer base and ensuring high-quality CX delivery through timely omnichannel response and resolutions.

Our call centers in USA follows our flexible business model. We can customize the campaign as per your industry and your business scale. With our multi-tiered pricing, get cost-effective solutions for your brand. We have made onshore call center outsourcing in USA all the more viable for small-scale businesses and startups.

Let Your Global Business Prosper with Our Call Center Outsourcing Company In USA

Our call center in United States offers customer support services in multiple global languages. The native English-speaking executives can offer flawless domestic answering service for your business. Your customers worldwide will love a customer help desk that works from the same nation as theirs. Our contact center outsourcing services offer extensive customer support that gives your business an edge over your competitors. We have call center outsourcing services centers in the US. We have presence in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. Apart from these, we also have a strong presence in LATAM region.



Voice/ Non voice Process

Inbound / Outbound

Contact Tracing Services

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Answering Services

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Travel & Hospitality


Ideal for Outsourcing

For a USA-based organization, outsourcing its operations to a call center USA offers much-desired business continuity and seamless coordination across the board. Hiring a BPO company in USA also ensures a better customer experience.

Cultural Similarity

With customer experience being one of the major differentiators of modern times, delivering the best customer experience is on every company’s priority list. With a BPO company in USA, you get a USA-based team of agents – who can perfectly understand the local language, accent, and cultural references. This familiarity helps them build strong relationships with customers, which goes a long way in enhancing customer experience and building customer loyalty.

Competitive Pricing

Our call center USA is known for offering superior CX – a must for your valued customers. This high-quality service offering also has a competitive price advantage, making it a preferable first option for all your outsourcing needs.

Advantage of Local Agents

Language and accent are two issues that can majorly affect customer experience and customer satisfaction. When your customers can’t understand the agents, it frustrates them. Similarly, when your agents can’t understand your customers, it often ruins troubleshooting. Partnering with a US-based inbound call center with a local team of support agents solves this problem.


Fusion offers impeccable contact center outsourcing in the USA to onshore clients through its skilled workforce. Our call center USA has flexible models for every industry and every scale of business. We are adaptable to innovative changes so that we only deliver satisfactory outcomes. In addition, our call center in United States offers a local presence that your customers enjoy!

We have 33+ years of experience catering to American businesses from multiple industry verticals. Our 5 call centers in USA offer omnichannel, multilingual call center services to onshore clients to help them better cater to the multilingual American audience and ensure better customer satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our US-based outbound Call center boasts a perfect blend of experience, expertise, infrastructure, and resources, helping us become the leading name in outbound call center outsourcing in USA.

With the aim of a superior CX delivery, we deliver a personalized service to each of your customers in each interaction, leading to more significant customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

These, together with our flexible and affordable pricing, make us the most sought-after among all USA call centers. In addition, our strategic locations give us a glocal identity, which again acts as a core differentiator between other call centers and us in the USA.

4877 Higbee Ave NW, 2nd Floor, Canton, Ohio

Fusion has two call centers in Ohio, the seventh-largest state economy. Our call center in Ohio, USA, caters to numerous businesses and helps them tap into appropriate growth opportunities through a wide range of outsourcing services. These services include – customer service, sales support, complaint handling, and much more. We offer voice, non-voice, and back-office services through our call center USA.

4775 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 310, Berkeley Lake,Georgia 30092

Among our several US-based call center outsourcing services, the Georgia call center has a special place owing to the outstanding customer support we offer to the thriving businesses in the region. From omnichannel communication to multilingual support, our US-based call center services as well as BPO services give your customers a superior experience that they expect from their preferred brands. Our services range from customer service, sales support, inquiry handling, and much more.

791 Park of Commerce Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Florida is a business hub with many thriving industries like agriculture, research and development, steel production, banking, and motor vehicle. Fusion offers a range of call center services to meet the demands of the businesses in Florida and nearby locations. Our BPO company in florida, USA, is known for its satisfactory results and reasonable pricing. Our services are designed to deliver maximum customer satisfaction and a superior CX at every touchpoint.

515 Oakland Road Spindale, North Carolina 28160

North Carolina is the banking hub of the state, and the growth of financial companies in the region has led to the need for efficient call centers in the USA. Our call center in North Carolina serves various industries, including the financial sector, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles, with custom outsourcing services. In addition, our omnichannel, multilingual call center services help the region’s local businesses cater to its nationwide and international clientele.


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