Call Centers in Philippines - Inbound / Outbound Call Center in Cebu & Manila

Call Centers in Philippines - Inbound / Outbound Call Center in Cebu & Manila


Call center outsourcing has been around for more than a decade, allowing businesses to maximize their investments and operations to drive profits while reducing costs. At the same time, BPO companies have also helped companies deliver better customer services and meet constantly rising customer expectations to improve customer experiences. As a result, their popularity and importance among businesses have continued to grow rapidly. And one hotspot on the global BPO landscape is the Philippines!

The Philippines is among the top 3 locations in the global BPO and call center industry. Employing more than 1.3 million skilled and tech-savvy Filipino Call Center professionals, the Philippines is home to one of the largest English-speaking workforces in the world. The country’s economic condition and the culture of the Filipino people are major factors that have contributed to the popularity of the BPO sector in the country. As a result, the BPO industry in the Philippines has continued to grow, delivering top-notch BPO services to some of the biggest clients from various industries across the globe.

Fusion’s Call Centers In The Philippines Delivering Premium Customer Services

Fusion is a leading name in the global BPO stage, delivering superior customer services to a versatile clientele around the world. Our global network includes 27 locations in 14 countries, including two locations in the Philippines – a Call center in Cebu and one in Manila. In addition, we have more than 10,000 expert professionals employed with Fusion, performing versatile job roles and delivering superior customer services for our clients.

With over three decades of experience in the global BPO industry, Fusion has witnessed every minor and major change that has taken place in the customer support sector. As a result, we have designed exclusive and customized services that deliver human engagements within customer interactions. This allows us to deliver superior and satisfactory customer experiences while also offering prompt and competent solutions to customer issues and queries. Gaining brand recognition and customer loyalty becomes easy when you have satisfied customers, and our call centers in Manila and Cebu can help you achieve that.

Over the past few years, customer support has evolved beyond offering convenient resolutions. Today, customers expect and prefer superior experiences over convenient solutions. As a matter of fact, customer experiences with contact center agents play an important role in customer retention and recurring purchases. And our Customer service outsourcing Philippines is designed to deliver customized solutions to the unique engagement needs of every customer we serve. This will help you make the best of the customer interactions in terms of brand identity and recognition, customer acquisition and retention, and much more.

In addition, our customized contact center solutions have been designed to serve a number of industries, including – Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Retail& Ecommerce, Technology, Start-Ups, Telecom, Energy & Utility, Travel & Hospitality

Hence, regardless of the industry sector you serve, we can easily customize our Customer service outsourcing Philippines to suit your requirements.

What Makes Philippines Call Centers So Beneficial For Outsourcing Customer Support?

One of the most important considerations that companies make while outsourcing their customer support functions is the availability of multilingual contact centers. Since these large businesses have customers from many countries around the world, they need Philippines call centers that can offer customer support in the native languages of their customers.

The good thing about contact centers in the Philippines is that they offer customer interactions in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, and many more. This allows you the advantage of employing a single customer support partner to serve your customers across continents. At the same time, you will also be able to maintain incredible consistency in your customer support deliveries across your customer base with Call center outsourcing Philippines.

In addition, the people in the Philippines are predominantly fluent in the English language from very early into their formative years. Almost every school, college, university, and other educational institution in the country either deliver their courses in the English language or offers classes that teach students to speak, read, and write in English. As a result, the country is a talent hotspot for English-speaking professionals who can easily communicate with people from other English-speaking parts of the world.

In addition, their familiarity with the English language from a very young age enables them to speak in English with a neutral accent, unlike many other countries where English is a secondary language of communication. This allows our Cebu and Manila Call center agents to have better communications with your English-speaking customers without misunderstandings due to differences in accents. At the same time, our multilingual contact center services enable us to deliver customer services in native languages should the customer desire so.

Key Benefits Of Customer Service Outsourcing Philippines To Fusion

Fusion Call center Philippines always prioritizes innovation and advancement, enabling your customer support team to reach out to your customers immediately and effectively. Our wide range of service offerings with multichannel and multilingual capability enables us to stand out as a leader in the BPO sector within the Philippines. Our strategic locations within the country, combined with the massive talent pool in the country’s BPO sector, allow us to deliver consistent, competent, and cost-effective customer services.

At the same time, our flexible pricing and customizable service offerings have something for every business scale. We will work with you to determine your specific business requirements. We will help you identify the areas in your business operations that can be improved by Call center services outsourcing in Manila. As a result, you will be able to plug the little gaps in your customer interactions that prevent you from achieving your maximum potential and making the most of your business.

Furthermore, one of the most notable factors that separate us from most other BPO companies and call centers from around the globe is our sheer professionalism during customer interactions. Our Call center Philippines agents are trained to have impactful interactions with customers, delivering prompt and effective solutions. At the same time, they are not easily flustered under stressful situations and are equipped with the skills and resources to handle strenuous circumstances such as complaints and escalations. Our contact center associates can also help you manage customer expectations and deliver convenient solutions within your company guidelines.

It must be noted, however, that the professionalism of our call center services in Cebu and Manila do not, in any way, impact our capabilities to have friendly, empathetic, and meaningful customer interactions. The cultural familiarity of our contact center agents with the customers’ home country also helps us with this as we make additional efforts to familiarize ourselves with the cultural aspects of our target customers and their countries. This allows us to have seamless interactions with the customers and enables them to enjoy comfortable conversations with the call center representatives.

In addition, there are some key features of our call center solutions that enable us to be the first-choice company for Outsourcing customer service Philippines. They include our:

    • Drive and passion for delivering innovative solutions to clients and their customers
    • Advanced and latest technology that helps us to deliver prompt and superior customer resolutions
    • Massive resources and talent pool that enable us to offer dedicated customer support teams to our clients’ customer support functions
    • Ability to handle large call volumes, minimize wait times and reduce call drops
    • Results-driven methods that focus on delivering first-contact resolutions and preventing delayed solutions
    • Capability to deliver premium customer interactions at every touchpoint of the customer journey for superior experiences
    • Omnichannel customer support to enable customer communications across multiple mediums, such as phones, text messages, emails, live web chats, social media, and much more

As a result, our Philippines call centers can help you minimize expenditures while boosting the efficiency of your customer support functions to deliver cost-effective solutions. This will also help you dedicate more resources to your core business operations and responsibilities, enabling you to improve your service offerings for customers. At the same time, this will also impact your bottom line, bringing more revenues to your business through improved sales and generating more profits.



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Massive Resources

The Philippines is home to one of the largest talent pools in the global BPO industry. The workforce in the Philippines is highly-educated, English-proficient, service-oriented, customer-focused, and cost-competitive. Our Call center in Cebu and Manila employs customer support associates that are fluent in verbal and written English and have almost zero regional accents. At the same time, our Filipino agents are also proficient in several major Asian languages, helping us better serve our diverse clientele in the APAC region.

Government Assistance

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) approved setups enable businesses to ensure a 99.9% uninterrupted service delivery record. The Cebu City Government is also helpful to our Call center in Cebu, offering immense operational support. This kind of government support has helped create a favorable environment for the call center industry in the Philippines. At Fusion, we have been able to maximize these benefits and government support, which has contributed heavily to our steady growth as a leading call center in the Philippines.

Cost-Effective Services

One of the most important factors driving major Call center outsourcing Philippines decisions is the cost of opting for such services. The economy of the country, combined with the massive resources, has created a favorable environment for the BPO industry. As a result, you will be able to enjoy better returns on your investments while having to deal with fewer risks. With operating costs in the country being one of the lowest in the global BPO stage, you will be able to obtain cost-effective customer services that will significantly reduce your operating expenses while boosting your efficiency.


Fusion has two locations in the Philippines – Manila (2009) and Cebu (2004). Currently, we have more than 1,200 customer support agents working in our call centers in the Cebu and Manila locations, delivering premium customer services across multiple industrial vertices. Our Fusion contact centers in Manila and Cebu can accelerate your business’s scale and volume and offer impactful customer service to your worldwide customers. As a top Filipino Call Center, we have a young workforce with a modern aptitude and overwhelming efficiency.

In addition, our in-depth industry experience boosts our ability to understand your business needs better and offer the right outsourcing solutions for your brand. Being an omnichannel, multilingual BPO, we can help you get accurate call center solutions to improve customer interactions and ensure satisfactory experiences to drive customer loyalty. Our custom 360-degree Outsourcing customer service Philippines solutions for your business will ensure a firm business presence and a boost in revenue-generating avenues.

Call Center in Manila, Philippines

Our Call center in Manila enjoys a strategic location to access the best talent the country has to offer. This has allowed us to employ the finest contact center associates with the talent, skills, and expertise to deliver top customer support to our clients and their customers. We offer a multitude of services, including round-the-clock customer support, sales lead generation, data management, back-office functions, and much more.


Our multilingual support and omnichannel customer support make our Call center services outsourcing in Manila extremely attractive and beneficial to all businesses and industries. We can help you leverage market opportunities and maximize their potential to deliver better brand stability.

Call Center in Cebu, Philippines

With a presence of almost two decades, our Call center in Cebu has been able to accumulate a massive talent pool that has helped numerous clients across international borders. Over the course of the past two decades, we have implemented several innovative technologies and multidisciplinary strategies to consistently deliver excellence and drive results for our clients. This has enabled us to deliver prompt, accurate, affordable, and cost-effective solutions to our clients and their customers.


At Fusion, our contact center services are compliant with HIPAA and PCI regulations. In addition, we also adhere to the specific regulations administered by state governments and industry-governing bodies. As a result, our call center services in Cebu will help you avoid mistakes that could lead to financial sanctions or other punishments. This will help you elevate your business performance and help you stay strong in this competitive world.


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