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As a leading healthcare call center service provider in the USA, Fusion has consistently delivered premium patient engagement for healthcare brands for over three decades. Today, Fusion is an example for many healthcare customer service providers worldwide, setting incredible standards in the global customer support industry. With 27 centers in 14 countries across four continents, we also have an expansive global presence that allows healthcare businesses worldwide to engage in superior onshore, nearshore, offshore, and right-shore outsourcing. This also helped healthcare brands maintain consistency in their patient engagements, regardless of their global locations or varied customer base.

While the healthcare sector has witnessed exponential growth in recent times (especially in the past decade), businesses in the industry have also had to transform their service portfolios to meet customer expectations and demands. As a result, quality patient engagements have become the core focus of healthcare brands, with professional US based healthcare call center companies being engaged for competent support deliveries. In addition, healthcare businesses have to contend with the constantly-evolving industry regulations, predominantly the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), PCI, & others.

Another factor that has massively impacted the healthcare industry is large-scale digitalization in almost every area. As a result, healthcare and medical facilities (which predominantly had brick-and-mortar existences) have been forced to branch out into telehealth services and web-based healthcare support. While this digital transformation has certainly contributed to widening the scope of healthcare facilities to deliver customized solutions to their patients, it has also increased the ask for brands in the industry. Today, any healthcare brand must have a strong digital presence and offer comprehensive, customized, and convenient solutions to its patients in order to survive and thrive in a competitive landscape. This has further increased the dependency on third-party healthcare call center companies for professional patient engagement.


24/7 Patient Support

With our 24/7 availability for your customers, you will never have to miss out on incoming communications and potential revenue-generating opportunities while also ensuring that your emergency lines are free of non-emergency patient interactions.

Claims Management

Our industry-leading healthcare call center services will ensure error-free claims processing, ensuring incredible accuracy at every touchpoint – from claims submissions to verifications, auditing, and settlements – to generate prompt payments.

Appointment Scheduling

From scheduling a physician appointment to managing modification requests and providing timely reminders, we do it all! With our appointment management, you don’t have to worry about unbooked schedules, missed appointments, and others.

Pharmacy Assistance

Our US-based healthcare contact center experts will help your patients routinely order prescription drugs, providing timely reminders to ensure they do not forget to get their medicines on time. Additionally, we also help resolve buyer grievances with customized solutions.

Patient Surveys

Post-discharge patient surveys are invaluable in understanding patient experiences and determining key business areas that require improvements. Our customized patient surveys are designed to provide you with data-driven insights into customer expectations.

Awareness Campaigns

If you need to make your customers aware of current trends or need to spread information on the latest occurrences in the healthcare industry, we can ensure maximum outreach through efficient and effective communication across multiple channels.

Medicare Service Administration

As a leading healthcare and medical call center service provider worldwide, we have helped several top healthcare organizations in the United States with their Annual Enrollment, providing accurate information and immediate resolutions to their queries and grievances.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Our comprehensive call center services will help you with patient engagement at every touchpoint of their journey, ensuring cost-effective revenue cycle management to speed up your billing cycles, settlements, and collections, maximizing revenue generation.


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    Reduced Operating Expenses

    Fusion’s competitive pricing and industry-leading healthcare call center solutions will help you significantly reduce operating costs while increasing revenues. This will enable you to improve the cost-efficiency of your customer support operations and boost the profitability of your business.

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    With our industry experts taking care of customer, client, and vendor communications, your medical staff will be able to focus better on core responsibilities and revenue-generating activities. This will help you boost productivity and improve the efficiency of your business operations.

    Professional Patient Interaction

    Our professionally-trained medical contact center representatives will help you answer patient inquiries and handle grievances and complaints professionally and efficiently, ensuring that you can avoid making even the slightest mistakes that can often result in heavy consequences.

    Improved Profit Margin

    We help healthcare businesses reduce their operating costs with competitive prices. At the same time, our comprehensive solutions empower healthcare businesses to improve outcomes and generate more revenues. Together, this ensures greater profits for healthcare businesses.



    Why should you hire a third-party professional company for healthcare call center services?

    In the past decade or two, customer support has evolved massively in the healthcare industry. Patients are no longer satisfied with simple solutions, with expectations and demands constantly rising. Today, patients desire personalized solutions for their grievances and expect nothing less than satisfactory experiences in every interaction. While increasing competition in the industry has contributed massively to such increasing expectations, professional healthcare call center services are also a significant contributor. With customized solutions, professional service deliveries, and competitive pricing, healthcare call center companies have become an integral part of the modern healthcare industry. Hence, if you wish to scale the success of your healthcare business in a competitive industry, you need to guarantee superior customer experience management. And who better to deliver that for you than a professional call center company?

    Why should you hire Fusion as your patient engagement partner?

    We are a leading brand in the global medical call center industry, delivering consistent and competent patient engagement to healthcare businesses for over three decades. In addition, we have an expansive global network that includes 27 locations in 14 countries across four continents, employing a massive workforce of 12,000 industry specialists. Our customized call center solutions include customer engagement in 40+ global and regional languages and multichannel communications, including voice-based, non-voice-based, and web-based platforms. With an infrastructure that has the latest industry-specific technologies and a global workforce that includes highly talented and experienced professionals, we deliver top-quality patient engagement and HIPAA-compliant healthcare contact center services.