Hipaa-Compliant Healthcare And Medical Call Center Services To Boost Patient Experience

The healthcare sector has grown exponentially over the past few years; its service portfolio has also changed drastically. With the mass digital adoption, the healthcare sector, which predominantly had a brick-and-mortar existence, has branched into telehealth services. To support this transition and sustain their growth in this changing business environment, healthcare companies today rely heavily on call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers.

As a leading provider of healthcare contact center services, we understand that healthcare call center outsourcing is unlike any other industry-specific BPO services. Whether you are a medical services provider or health insurance company, we can offer tailored medical call center services to help you meet your unique business challenges. From delivering call center solutions for hospitals and clinics to ensuring a superior patient experience at every touchpoint, we help you maximize your business growth.

As a HIPAA-compliant provider of call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers with 30+ years of experience, we have a highly skilled team adept at offering highly personalized medical call center services to your patients and members. With patient-centricity at the core of our offerings, we can be the best healthcare call center partner for your business.


24/7 Patient support

We offer 24/7 healthcare call center outsourcing services to free your emergency lines from getting clogged with non-emergency patient interactions.

Appointment Scheduling

We can effectively handle all your appointment scheduling, cancellation, and re-scheduling, ensuring that none of your patients are misinformed, double-booked, or overlooked.

Patient Surveys

Post-treatment surveys help you analyze patient experiences and expectations. Our call center solutions for hospitals and clinics with human engagements will help you get honest reviews to help you determine the current standing of your healthcare institution.

Medicare Service Administration

We support all the major healthcare programs in the USA. Along with providing accurate and complete information about Medicare programs during Annual Enrollment, our Medical call center services efforts have consistently resulted in stellar star ratings.

Claim Management

From claim setup, and verification to auditing and final settlement – our healthcare contact center services experts have a proven track record of error-free claim processing. We offer 24×7 multichannel support that helps you manage customer concerns at scale.

Pharmacy Assistance

Our support experts can assist your pharmacy in managing e-prescription drug claims, resolving buyer grievances, answering inbound queries– at scale and across channels.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

To improve your service offerings, we can deploy post-care patient outreach within a defined framework. Our healthcare contact center services executives are experts in providing you with a thorough understanding of your efforts that helps you gain actionable insights.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

We provide cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers. Our Healthcare RCM solutions boost collection by speeding up billing collection cycles, improving your efficiency and revenue.


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    Minimizing Expenses

    With our medical call center services, you will experience a significant reduction in operating expenses as you do not have to hire, train, or operate a team of professionals for your patient communications.

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    Experience improved efficiency in operations that lead to increased patient outcomes and superior patient experiences. Our healthcare contact center services will help you improve the quality of medical treatment offered to patients.

    Professional Patient Interaction

    Enjoy professional handling of customer queries, grievances, complaints, and escalations by trained agents through our healthcare call center outsourcing. It will lead to improved patient lifecycle management and deliver superior experiences, resulting in increased patient loyalty.

    Improved Profit Margin

    Our call center solutions for hospitals and clinics ensure an improved bottom line due to reduced operating costs and increased revenues.



    Our healthcare call center outsourcing services in Albania make it easy for your medical institution to access top-quality and compliant contact center services for your patients in the Balkan region.


    Our healthcare contact center services in Morocco help your patients have access to prompt patient care for a superior patient experience.

    United Kingdom

    With our call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers, you will have easy access to multilingual customer support for your diversified customer base in the United Kingdom.


    Our diversified Medical Call Center services in India will help you cater to the unique needs of your patients from every corner of the country, maintaining a consistent patient support across your locations.


    Our superior customer support infrastructure in Philippines will help you focus on your customer needs and improve patient experiences through our multichannel customer support services.


    Leverage the potential benefits of our medical call center services in Kosovo to deliver superior and consistent patient experiences.


    By availing call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers in Thailand, you will be able to deliver superior patient experiences and satisfactory outcomes for your patients.

    United States

    Boost patient experience across every state in the United States through our 24/7/365 healthcare contact center services, ensuring a positive impact on your revenue generation.


    At Fusion, we will help you focus on patient engagements and foster patient relations to improve brand recognition and loyalty with call center solutions for hospitals and clinics.

    El Salvador

    Our medical call center services in El Salvador will help you strengthen relations with your patients to improve brand loyalty. This will also ensure a rise in revenue generation.


    Better cater to your healthcare business with cost-effective nearshore call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers from our Jamaica center.


    Our result-driven healthcare call center services ensure that your patients have the finest experiences with your medical organization. Our center in Colombia helps you deliver results in terms of patient loyalty and revenues.


    At Fusion, our healthcare contact center services will help you create positive relationships with your patients, ensuring better engagements for improved brand loyalty.


    Give your patients in the US the benefit of timely and accurate communication with our professional and customer-centric call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers.



    Why Do I Need Healthcare Call Center Services?

    Customer support has become an integral aspect of healthcare, playing a major role in patient retention and referrals. Our healthcare customer support services will empower your business to offer superior patient care through HIPAA-compliant human engagements and top-quality treatments. In addition, it will significantly boost customer relations and improve brand loyalty.

    Why Should I Hire Fusion For call center outsourcing for healthcare service providers?

    With a global presence that includes 27+ locations in 14 countries worldwide, we have been able to carve a reputation as one of the top healthcare call center services providers globally. Our 12,000+ workforce will ensure that your patients receive the best patient support in over 40 languages across multiple digital channels for a superior customer experience (CX).