Medical & Healthcare
BPO Services

Medical & Healthcare
BPO Services


Healthcare BPO Services Provider - Augment Business Growth with US Based BPO Services

Healthcare providers face unprecedented challenges like high volumes of patient queries and changing patient expectations. To overcome these challenges and provide your patients with 24x7 seamless support via all customer communication channels while adhering to all healthcare compliances, you require an experienced medical & healthcare BPO services provider in the USA & other global countries. As one of the HIPAA and HITECH-compliant healthcare BPO company, we can help you with all these service needs and more.

The rise in administrative costs is putting a significant load on the profitability of healthcare providers. Having worked with multi-office healthcare providers, large hospitals, and individual healthcare brands, Fusion - your healthcare BPO services partner, is familiar with the technology and business processes involved in rendering healthcare.

With us as your healthcare BPO partner, you will also increase business efficiency and enhance the financial performance of your healthcare practice. From front-end process improvement to claims submissions, we have the BPO solutions for healthcare and medical services providers that will help you make your operations seamless, more efficient and highly compliant.


Appointment Management

Our healthcare BPO services help you the patients' appointments and give them a reminder before the designated time. We can also handle rescheduling and cancellation to ensure optimum efficiency and patient experience.

Insurance Verification

Our BPO solutions for healthcare and medical services provider include insurance verification, which helps you verify and validate all insurance information to ensure extensive verification of all patient insurance documentation.

Claim Processing

As a leading BPO services provider for medical services, our professional executives have a proven track record of error-free insurance claim processing, from claim setup and verification to auditing and final settlement.

Billing and Settling of Invoices

Our sophisticated technology and modern infrastructure formulate invoices and bills and enable you to receive payments using encryption-secured payment gateways in a few clicks.

Patient Communication

Our healthcare BPO services agents are capable of guiding both suspected and confirmed patients according to defined guidelines to ensure effective and on-time treatments.

Patient Surveys

To understand the impact of the service delivery, we have a predefined framework of post-care patient outreach. It helps us gather actionable feedback and improve our Healthcare Customer Services for better results.





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    Compliant Care

    We are a HIPAA and HITECH-compliant BPO services provider for medical services. With us as your medical BPO services provider, you can stay assured that your patient information will remain safe and secure, enabling you to deliver a superior patient experience.

    Better Patient Support

    With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, we understand patient needs and expectations very well, which helps us deliver highly personalized, prompt, and compliant patient support.


    Multilingual customer services

    We can offer healthcare call center outsourcing solutions in more than 40 languages, helping you cater to a global customer base.

    Omnichannel customer support

    We offer omnichannel customer support to ensure a seamless CX delivery across all channels.

    24/7 Support

    Healthcare providers have to ensure round-the-clock patient and member care to provide a superior patient experience.




    How does a call center add to a healthcare provider's patient experience?

    Healthcare isn't just about patient care. A patient needs assistance on many occasions, and you need an experienced healthcare BPO services provider to attend to them. At Fusion, we understand this and strive toward delivering an integrated customer experience that guides a patient/member with accurate information in a time-bound manner.


    Can your healthcare BPO services keep up with the rapid changes in the healthcare industry?

    Yes. To ensure this, we constantly keep our eyes on the ground and keep our training modules in sync with the current developments. In our hiring also, we give preference to agents who have relevant skills and expertise in the domain. Moreover, as one of the top BPO companies for healthcare services provider, we also work closely with each client to align our offerings with their unique requirements.

    How are you different from other healthcare call centers?

    We have been working with healthcare clients since 1987. This experience reflects in our service delivery and our customizable service offerings. Our solid track record of achievements is a testament to this. To know more about how we can help you meet your unique goals, you can book a free consultation call with our support expert.

    Is it expensive to outsource customer support for healthcare?

    No. One of the main benefits of outsourcing customer support to a BPO is cost-effectiveness. Fusion ensures that by deploying customized BPO solutions for healthcare and medical services providers that meet your goals and ensure greater customer satisfaction, improve ROI, and reduce churn. To know about our specified pricing structure, you can send us a query by clicking on 'Get a Quote.'