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Support Outsourcing


Technology is one of the dominant industrial sectors around the world - and if trends are to be believed it’s nowhere near its peak. In utilizing this growth, most businesses in this domain focus on the tech part of their service and end up losing sight of the customers. This inadequacy reflects in their communication strategy and overall customer experience (CX) - which significantly harms the company’s growth prospect.


As a global outsourcing services provider for technology, we can help you here by streamlining your CX and establishing support infrastructure that can withstand the market dynamics. Our multichannel approach and multilingual capabilities allow you to reach customers across touchpoints and earn their loyalty.


With our team of certified tech support agents, we can provide your customers with timely and appropriate support. This in turn can boost their satisfaction level and experience and help you create a loyal customer base, which is essential for long-term business success.

Tech Start-ups

IT Services

Product (Software)



Outsourcing Services for Startups - IT Support for Startups

Tech Start-ups

New businesses often find it hard to navigate the complexities of consumer-business relationships in a cost-effective way. As a global outsourcing services provider for technology sector, we help them resolve this with our three-decade-long experience and innovative support solutions. It gives them the flexibility to focus on tech operations and improve their business provisions.

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Product Services Outsourcing - Multichannel & Multilingual

Product (Software)

Our ability to handle a multitude of CX functions with deep domain expertise makes us an ideal outsourcing partner for software businesses. You can leverage our personalized services, omnichannel support models, and certified team of resources to build products that inspire customer loyalty.

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IT Outsourcing Services - IT Helpdesk Services

It Services

Our support models are designed to meet your unique IT challenges. As a global outsourcing services provider for technology, we have the skill, resources, infrastructure, and technology that resolve queries, gather insights, and boost customer satisfaction.

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Education Technology Solutions - EdTech Outsourcing


A reputed global outsourcing services provider for technology, we have a proven track record in delivering best-in-class support services for EduTech clients. Our skilled agents can seamlessly handle customer concerns across channels - from onboarding students to providing them counseling.

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Global Fintech Solutions - Financial Services Outsourcing


From customer support and collection assistance to back office requirements and app support - our experienced team of agents and handle it all. We also deliver on the promise of a personalized and prompt CX efficiently.

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    What should I look for when outsourcing customer service?

    When you look for outsourced customer service, essential factors are customer-first policies, empathetic problem-solving capability, advanced training and learning development schemes for agents, clear communication, product/service knowledge, and strong time management skills. As a global outsourcing services provider for technology, we have all these features and much more to ensure a seamless customer service delivery.

    How are customers handled in outsourcing?

    With customers becoming more tech-savvy, they are becoming more curious about a software product, tech specifications, and tech-enabled services. So, if you are selling technology products or tech-enabled services, you have to get your customer support and tech support right. While bots answer basic questions, complex customer queries are answered by outsourcing agents.

    How much does outsourcing customer service cost?

    Outsourcing call center prices depend on near-shore/offshore/onshore locations, industry type, dedicated or shared services, selection of services, and other factors. To know our pricing, you can request a quote by clicking on the ‘Get A Quote’ button in the top right corner of the page.

    Why should I outsource our services to Fusion?

    Fusion is a global outsourcing services provider for technology spread across 19 centers in 9 countries. If you outsource to Fusion, you can benefit from its rich technology, strict compliance adherence and quality control, skilled tech agents, and streamlined call center processes.