E Commerce and Retail
Call Center
Outsourcing Services

E Commerce and Retail
Call Center
Outsourcing Services


Retail businesses are moving rapidly from a traditional to a digital-first setup, opening new avenues of customer communication. With customers expecting to communicate with a brand via their preferred communication channel at their preferred time, retail companies must be active over all these channels.

However, the mere presence of your retail business on multiple channels isn't enough to fully address these expectations. Smart utilization of data is a must - from a consumer's first point of contact to the last step of their journey.

Get Optimum Support With Our Ecommerce Call Center Services

Fusion offers 360-degree business solutions to your eCommerce venture. Our retail call center customer service models are designed to map every touchpoint of the customer support journey to create an excellent customer experience that keeps every interaction in focus. Our retail and eCommerce call center operations are backed by a flexible and highly scalable workforce spread across our 22 centers in 10 countries. Together we create a reliable, meaningful, and personalized retail customer service that builds a lasting consumer-business relationship.

Foster Customer Loyalty and Enhance Your Brand Value with our eCommerce & Retail call Center Services

When you are in a retail business, your brand identity becomes the key to a successful venture. We at Fusion ensure you global recognition through our outstanding retail call centre services. What makes you unique from your competitors is your products and your customer offerings. We help you establish your company into a famous brand with our superior up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Leverage the best business opportunities with a highly skilled team of professionals at our retail call center.

We always try to convince your customers with explanatory answers and prompt solutions as your brand's voice. Our Ecommerce Call Center Services alleviates your reputation and brand loyalty, and subsequently, your retention rates are enhanced. Customer experience is the major difference-maker in the buying decision, and our retail call center services make sure that your customers get high level of attention from your brand.

Our Ecommerce Call Center Outsourcing Provides Seamless Communication Across Multiple Channels

Ecommerce industry saw significant growth in the past decade and is going to be huge in the coming times. So it is necessary to prepare yourself with high-tech service and interaction on omnichannel platforms through successful eCommerce customer service outsourcing. With our voice/non-voice processes, streamlined support through live web chats, messages, emails, voice calls, and others, we make sure that your customers can reach us through the convenient platform. Our eCommerce customer services leave no gaps in offering multilingual support and proactive solutions. In addition, we nestle a skilled workforce that ensures successful transaction and revenue generation for your business. Moreover, our 24x7 support team guarantees zero unattended calls.



As an experienced retail call center, we can help you directly market your brand to your potential customers over the phone.

Cross Sell & Up-sell

Our team of skilled retail and ecommerce call center agents can boost your revenue through cross-sell and up-sell.


With our 30+ years of experience as an ecommerce and retail call center, we can thoroughly support all your promotional endeavors in multiple languages.

Return & Refund

We can manage all the return and refund requests of your customers and process those requests efficiently to ensure improved CX.

Lead Generation

Our effective lead generation strategies can generate a bulk of conversion-ready leads for you to help you boost your sales and revenue.

Pre-sale Support

We have a team of experienced ecommerce call center agents who can provide high-quality pre-sales support via multiple communication channels.

Complaint Handling

As a retail call center with over 30 years of experience, we can efficiently handle all your customer complaints and provide accurate solutions.

Customer Service

As an experienced ecommerce call center customer service provider, we can help you streamline your customer service offering with our multichannel and multilingual capabilities.


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    What kind of retail and e-commerce services can be outsourced?

    Retail and Ecommerce companies routinely outsource services like sales, inbound customer service, order tracking, complaint handling, return, refund, and Omnichannel customer engagement to a retail and ecommerce call center of their choice.

    How does outsourcing help customers?

    Expert retail call center outsourcing service providers offer 24-hour live customer support and manage multichannel communication. Outsourcing helps customers by providing on-time and accurate answers to their queries, order tracking, and placing return or refund requests.

    How do I evaluate contact center or BPO partners?

    You can evaluate contact centers or BPO partners by checking out factors like global reach, size of the call center, future expansion plans, recognition and accreditations, relevant experience, learning, development programs, pricing, and client testimonials.

    Why should I outsource our services to Fusion?

    As a startup, when you outsource to Fusion, you get excellent customer support that also positively affects cost control. As a retail and ecommerce call center, Fusion has a global delivery model spread across 22 centers in 10 countries, with 30+ years of experience in the retail and e-commerce domain. We offer multilingual, multichannel support for your startup business and bring operational efficiency.

    Where Can I Find An Onshore/Nearshore Ecommerce Call Center?

    There are Fusion centers in these ten global countries: United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Columbia, Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica. You can easily access our presence in 22 locations globally and find the right retail call center near you!