Healthcare is a dynamic sector. To grow here, businesses need to match pace with both constantly evolving technologies, changing compliances, and customer expectations. High operational costs and the unexpected nature of the market often make this goal more challenging to attain. Now the COVID-19 pandemic has increased these challenges manifold, by opening up fault lines across its service delivery models.

As a reputed HIPAA-compliant healthcare BPO services provider with 30+ years of experience, we understand the intricacies of this problem. This understanding has led us to develop customer experience (CX) models that can help you effectively manage your customer base by offering them timely and appropriate information and guidance, and earn their loyalty.

As a medical call center services provider, we employ data analytical tools to understand customer segments. These insights are then translated to a cost-effective communication framework that our agents follow across touchpoints. As a result, the churn rate drops significantly and patient and member satisfaction gets a boost.


Customer Support

Our agents are capable of guiding both suspected and confirmed patients according to defined guidelines.

Claim Processing

Starting from claim setup and verification to auditing and final settlement – our healthcare support professional has a proven track record of error-free claim processing.

Patient Surveys

To understand the impact of the service delivery, we have a defined framework of post-care patient outreach. It helps us gather actionable feedback and improve on our healthcare BPO services for better results.

Awareness Campaigns

We are capable of conducting mass awareness campaigns, monitor progress in real-time, and analyze its overall impact.

Lead Generation

We have a dedicated team of market professionals to generate high-quality leads via direct marketing, co-reg, and digital campaigns.

Medical Answering Services

As a medical call center services provider with 30+ years of experience, we can provide you with a 24X7 medical answering service. Our team of healthcare call center agents can expertly handle all the queries of your patients and members.







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    For how long has Fusion been outsourcing Healthcare BPO?

    With more than two decades of experience as a provider of Healthcare BPO services, Fusion has become a leading name in the healthcare industry. We manage and resolve complex medical inquiries. We assist healthcare companies with a range of medical call center services like customer support, physicians' referral, medical insurance verification and processing, appointment booking, pharmacy, and prescription assistance, and real-time patient-business communication support.

    Will your services affect my patients?

    Yes, our HIPAA-compliant medical call center services will affect your patient, but positively. We will reduce the wait time for patients. We will provide 24/7 support for inquiries and dedicated emergency helpline support. We help patients with physician referral service and appointment booking, prescription filing support, and other services to improve patient's experience.

    How much training is associated with your solutions?

    A healthcare BPO services provider should have an in-depth knowledge of your healthcare domain to serve at its best. Rigorous training and industry-specific learning programs are conducted to make agents familiar with your healthcare business.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Outsourcing healthcare BPO services involves investments that yield greater ROI. Outsourcing medical call center services helps you reduce your overhead and administrative expenses, reduce patient dissatisfaction and build a positive brand image.