Industry-Leading HIPAA- Compliant Medical & Healthcare BPO Services in the United States

As a reputed HIPAA-compliant healthcare BPO company with 30+ years of experience, we understand the extreme demands in the current landscape. This understanding has enabled us to develop customer experience (CX) models that can help you ensure highly effective patient lifecycle management by offering your customers timely and appropriate information and guidance and earning their loyalty.

With our exceptional healthcare customer support experience, you will be able to boost customer engagement & improve CX with advanced technology in the USA, the UK, and other major global destinations. Make the most of our flexible customer service models to achieve measurable results, irrespective of your business size. We guarantee safe and confidential customer communication, maintaining data privacy as per the current industry standards. Fusion’s medical BPO services offer you an opportunity to make the most of Medical Customer Support services within a legalized framework.

Transform Your Customer Support with Our AI-Powered Healthcare BPO Services

We utilize AI-based systems and other technological innovations to deliver prompt responses and improve customer handling efficiencies and other Healthcare Outsourcing Services. In addition, we use Speech-to-Text and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze customer interactions and behavior, determining customer expectations and demands based on VOC identification. These data-driven insights also help us design appropriate training programs to equip our healthcare customer support representatives with the necessary tools to deliver premium Patient care management.

Our AI-powered healthcare call center outsourcing solutions will help you automate & streamline core & non-core functions, improve operational efficiencies, mitigate customer engagement risks, and simplify data management processes. Your healthcare business will have easy access to precise, efficient, and effective interventions using clinical analytics and decision-making techniques. With our healthcare BPO, you will enjoy numerous healthcare outsourcing services, including:

  • Access to real-time analytics & data
  • Preservation of time, money & other valuable resources
  • Assistance in research
  • Reduction in the workload for core staff
  • Decrease in costs of treatment & medicines

As a result, Fusion’s medical BPO services will help you ensure superior customer engagements across multiple communication channels. In addition, our contact center solutions are available in more than 40 international and regional languages, enabling you to deliver consistent services to your global customers.


Appointment Management

Our healthcare business process outsourcing for Hospital Services schedules the patients’ appointments and also gives them a reminder prior to the designated time.

Insurance Verification

Our Healthcare Customer Services will verify and validate all insurance information to ensure extensive verification of all patient insurance documentation.

Claim Processing

As a leading customer support company for the Healthcare industry, our professional executives have a proven track record of error-free insurance claim processing, from claim setup and verification to auditing and final settlement.

Billing and Settling of Invoices

Our sophisticated technology and modern infrastructure formulate invoices and bills, allowing you to receive payments using encryption-secured payment gateways in a few clicks,

Patient Communication

Our medical BPO agents are capable of guiding both suspected and confirmed patients according to defined guidelines to ensure effective and on-time treatments.

Patient Surveys

To understand the impact of the service delivery, we have a predefined framework of post-care patient outreach. It helps us gather actionable feedback and improve our Healthcare Customer Services for better results.

Awareness Campaigns

We are capable of conducting mass awareness campaigns, monitoring progress in real-time, and analyzing its overall impact on your customer base.

Lead Generation

We have a dedicated team of market professionals to generate high-quality leads via direct marketing, co-reg, digital campaigns, and Customer Engagement Services.







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    Maximize Fusion’s HIPAA-compliant BPO services for your healthcare business and deliver superior customer experiences (CX) to ensure highly effective patient lifecycle management and improve brand loyalty significantly.


    Access top-quality healthcare BPO services in Morocco to help you deliver personalized customer support in French and English to your valuable customers in the country and ensure superior customer experience management.

    United Kingdom

    As a top BPO company for the medical industry, we help you provide your customers in the United Kingdom with sophisticated customer support solutions, ensuring timely and accurate information deliveries in every interaction.


    Boost customer engagements and improve your CXM across your customer base in India with our industry-leading healthcare & medical contact center solutions that incorporate the latest industry-specific technological advancements.


    Make the most of our professional customer support offerings and maximize your business operations within a legalized framework. This will help you massively reduce operational expenses and improve your business’s bottom line.


    Give your customer support the power it needs with highly trained and expert contact center representatives from a top BPO company for the medical industry, ensuring premium patient lifecycle management for your business.


    With our superior healthcare contact center solutions in our Mexico location, we can deliver competent onshore, nearshore, and offshore customer services to clients from countries in North America, South America, and Europe.

    United States

    Give your customer engagements the transformation it needs with our AI-powered contact center solutions and other technological advancements that will help you deliver prompt responses and swift resolutions to your customers.


    Maximize customer interactions in Canada with our professional BPO services for the healthcare industry to help you analyze the Voice-of-Customer to determine exact customer expectations and deliver convenient resolutions.

    El Salvador

    Access data-driven insights obtained from analyzing customer interactions across multiple communication channels. These valuable insights will help you understand customer demands and curate healthcare services accordingly.

    The Philippines

    Flexible and customized BPO services for the healthcare industry easily strategized to suit your customer engagement necessities in the Philippines , helping you achieve measurable results, regardless of your business size.


    Guarantee safe and confidential customer communications with our professional HIPAA-compliant BPO services that will help you maintain absolute privacy of customer information according to the current industry standards.


    Our professional contact center in Colombiawill help you automate and streamline the core and non-core responsibilities of your healthcare business in the country and other regions of the South American continent.



    For how long has Fusion been outsourcing Healthcare BPO Solutions?

    With more than two decades of experience as a top medical BPO company, Fusion has become a leading name in the healthcare industry. We manage and resolve complex medical inquiries and assist healthcare companies with a range of HIPAA-compliant BPO services, including:

    • customer support
    • physicians' referral
    • medical insurance verification and processing
    • appointment booking
    • pharmacy and prescription assistance
    • real-time patient-business communication support

    Will your services affect my patients?

    Yes, our HIPAA-compliant BPO Services for healthcare will definitely affect your patient, but positively. We will reduce wait time for patients and provide 24/7 support for inquiries through dedicated emergency helpline support. In addition, we will help patients with physician referral service and appointment booking, prescription filing support, and other services to improve the overall patient experience.

    How much training is associated with your solutions?

    A healthcare BPO services provider should have an in-depth knowledge of your healthcare domain to serve at its best. Therefore, rigorous training and industry-specific learning programs are regularly conducted to make our agents familiar with your healthcare business.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Outsourcing medical BPO services involves investments that yield greater ROI. By outsourcing your non-core medical services and customer support necessities, you will be able to reduce your overhead and administrative expenses and patient dissatisfaction while also building a positive brand image.

    Why should I choose Fusion among other healthcare bpo services?

    Fusion has been delivering top-notch BPO services in the healthcare industry for over two decades and has carved a name as one of the leading healthcare BPO companies in the world. Our centers across 27 locations in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia help you find the best nearshore healthcare BPO solutions. In addition, we are a HIPAA-compliant service provider and serve 24x7 to boost your customer satisfaction.