Utility and Energy
Call Center
Outsourcing Services

Utility and Energy
Call Center
Outsourcing Services


The energy and utility industry needs to be highly customer-centric, owning to the infrastructure and business model. So, most energy and utility companies strive to retain their customers by delivering superior service while keeping the operational cost low. An energy and utility call center with an innovative customer experience (CX) delivery model can help businesses achieve these goals.

Why Do Your Need Utility Call Center Services Outsourcing Services

  • Customer Service:
    Call centers for the energy industry need a multichannel approach for maximum effectiveness regarding customer complaints and query management.

  • Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition:
    Utility call center services outsourcing can help you grow and expand your business via lead generation and customer acquisition.

  • Contract Renewal:
    The contract renewal outbound process from a utility and energy call center can help you get the highest customer retention rate.

  • Quality Assurance:
    Our utility BPO company has a team of QA experts to perform 100% call audits and fix any issue or error. This ensures maximum quality assurance every time. 

What Makes Fusion Your Go-to Utility BPO Service Provider?

With Fusion, your utility call center outsourcing services are managed seamlessly through our trained and qualified agents. Over the years, our potential clients have gotten numerous reasons to do business with us. Our strong service assurance is driven by:

  • 24x7 Assistance:
    We understand the requirements of the utility industry and offer a customer-centric approach. We offer 24x7 support assistance to ensure none of your customer complaints go unanswered.

  • Multi-lingual:
    We boast of 40+ languages on our portfolio for utility and energy call center services. Our agents can connect with your customers irrespective of their language preference and geographical location.

  • Global Reach:
    Having a nearshore contact center helps you frequent access to the team, and you can easily evaluate your growth opportunities. Fusion has contact centers across ten global countries: United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica. With a presence in over 22 locations, we offer the best energy call center outsourcing at a low budget.

  • Industry Experience:
    With 30+ years of experience in the customer service industry, we can help you successfully deploy a consistent CX framework for your business with data-driven and cost-effective means.

To know more about our utility call center offerings, feel free to get in touch with us!


Customer Service

We employ state-of-the-art customer service and support with our call centers for the energy industry. In addition, we use multiple channels to streamline your complaint handling and resolution.

Customer Win-back

Our telemarketing includes customer win-back services to help you get back lost customers with proper strategy execution.

Outbound Customer Retention

Through our various strategies and channels, we help you retain customers by improving your brand’s relationship with them.

Third-party Verification

Apart from customer support and telemarketing, we can offer you third-party verification to ensure that your customer details are up-to-date and accurate.

Lead Generation

We implement various strategies to enhance your business reach and help you generate leads. These conversion-ready leads will fill your sales pipeline for an increased ROI and revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Now meet all your sales targets; we can help you make sales through multiple channels including voice, email and chat.

Outbound Renewal

We understand that a big percentage of your business comes from customer contract renewal. We can help you get a high number of renewals with our expert utility and energy call center services.

Quality Assurance

We use modern tools to ensure maximum quality and compliance adherence in our services. Also, our QA agents are trained at auditing calls for 100% quality assurance.







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    What kind of utility services can be outsourced?

    Utility and Energy providers routinely opt for utility and energy call center outsourcing services like lead generation and sales, inbound customer service, emergency support during weather catastrophe and outages, account receivable management and collections, and Omnichannel customer engagement.

    How does outsourcing help customers?

    Expert energy call center outsourcing service providers offer 24-hour live customer support and manage multichannel communication. Outsourcing helps customers by providing on-time and accurate answers to their queries, schedule appointments for technician's visits, triage and troubleshoot problems with customized scripting.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Energy and utility call center services are cost-efficient. Energy call center outsourcing services come with flexible pricing. Whether you are a large commercial company or a start-up, you can choose from a host of pricing plans.

    Why should I outsource our utility services to Fusion?

    Fusion provides global-standard utility call center services from 22 locations in 10 countries. We are a leading name in the utility call center domain. With our custom, scalable customer service, customer experience, and other customer engagement solutions, Energy and Utility companies can streamline business outcomes.