Call Center Outsourcing
For Energy And
Utility Companies

Call Center Outsourcing
For Energy And
Utility Companies

Connect Customer Service
And Quality Assurance
To Deliver Premium CX

Give your customers the care and attention they deserve with premium, professional Call Center Outsourcing for energy and utility companies. At Fusion, we offer you the perfect blend of customized solutions, diverse global talent, and technology-driven processes to help you improve customer experiences and relationships while also fostering a positive brand identity.

Steady growth in the world economy has improved energy consumption in every corner of the globe. This has enabled Energy & Utility companies to flourish in a highly competitive landscape where new competitors are emerging in the areas of power generation, distribution, transmission, etc. The good news is that Energy & Utility companies – old and new – can maximize these customer consumptions to improve their business’s bottom line significantly.

Unfortunately, increased customer volumes and energy consumptions also increase the customer service challenges for an Energy & Utilities company. In an industry that is strictly regulated at every level by several public and private organizations, delivering competent and consistent customer service can be quite challenging. These challenges are amplified when dealing with a global clientele spread across multiple international countries. Ease the pressure on your Energy & Utility company with professional Energy Call Center services.

Important Benefits Of Utility Call Center Outsourcing Services In The US, Canada, & Other Global Locations.

The deregulation of the Energy & Utilities sector in the United States, as well as in many other countries around the world, has created room for intense competition. Today, even a new player in the sector can fight for its place in the landscape and create a flourishing business with customer-centric service deliveries. As a result, most Energy & Utility companies outsource their customer services to Utility call Centers. There are multiple benefits to outsourcing to a professional BPO company for the Energy & Utilities sectors.

Professional & Competent Services

Outsourcing your customer support to Energy & Utility call Centers like Fusion will enable you to deliver professional services to your customers. Our contact center representatives have the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide superior customer engagements and satisfactory CX.

Operational Cost Management

Outsourcing to a professional Contact center for utilities & energy companies can help you save all these expenses and get desired customer services from Day 1. This is what you get with our professional contact center solutions. We already have the resources and experience to deliver top-notch customer services.

Digital Transformation

Fusion’s contact center solutions are powered by the latest innovative technologies and AI-driven processes and mechanisms. Your customers will receive prompt services and convenient solutions, improving the experiences with your Energy & Utilities company. With us, you get a Contact center for utilities and energy that understands the value of technology and innovations in modern businesses.

24 X7 Availability

At Fusion, we have a global presence in 12 countries that enable us to operate in different time zones. In addition, we run operations 24 X 7, ensuring that we are available for your customers round the clock. This will help your customers receive 24 X 7 Utility & Energy Call Center services as soon as they face an issue, with swift and prompt resolutions to resolve their problems and get the necessary answers to their queries.

Scalable Solutions

At Fusion, we understand that your requirements can change at any given point in time. Our Call Center Outsourcing for energy and utility companies can help scale the resources according to the requirements. This will help you deliver prompt and satisfactory services without keeping customers in long queues and forcing them to wait for long durations before providing them with the appropriate solutions.

With Fusion, your utility call center outsourcing services are managed seamlessly through our trained and qualified agents. With over three decades in the customer experience management industry, we have acquired a reputation of being a top BPO company for the energy and utility industry.

Get in touch with our experts today to determine how our contact center solutions can improve your business operations and service deliveries to your customers.


Customer Service

We employ state-of-the-art customer service and support with our call centers for the energy industry. In addition, we use multiple channels to streamline your complaint handling and resolution.

Customer Win-back

Our telemarketing includes customer win-back services to help you get back lost customers with proper strategy execution.

Outbound Customer Retention

Through our various strategies and channels, we help you retain customers by improving your brand’s relationship with them.

Third-party Verification

Apart from customer support and telemarketing, we can offer you third-party verification to ensure that your customer details are up-to-date and accurate.

Lead Generation

We implement various strategies to enhance your business reach and help you generate leads. These conversion-ready leads will fill your sales pipeline for an increased ROI and revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Now meet all your sales targets; we can help you make sales through multiple channels including voice, email and chat.

Outbound Renewal

We understand that a big percentage of your business comes from customer contract renewal. We can help you get a high number of renewals with our expert utility and energy call center services.

Quality Assurance

We use modern tools to ensure maximum quality and compliance adherence in our services. Also, our QA agents are trained at auditing calls for 100% quality assurance.







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    What kind of utility services can be outsourced?

    Utility and Energy providers routinely opt for utility and energy call center outsourcing services like lead generation and sales, inbound customer service, emergency support during weather catastrophe and outages, account receivable management and collections, and Omnichannel customer engagement.

    How does outsourcing help customers?

    Expert energy call center outsourcing service providers offer 24-hour live customer support and manage multichannel communication. Outsourcing helps customers by providing on-time and accurate answers to their queries, schedule appointments for technician's visits, triage and troubleshoot problems with customized scripting.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Energy and utility call center services are cost-efficient. Energy call center outsourcing services come with flexible pricing. Whether you are a large commercial company or a start-up, you can choose from a host of pricing plans.

    Why should I outsource our utility services to Fusion?

    Fusion provides global-standard utility call center services from 25 locations in 12 countries. We are a leading name in the utility call center domain. With our custom, scalable customer service, customer experience, and other customer engagement solutions, Energy and Utility companies can streamline business outcomes.