The customer service industry has completely transformed in the past decade or two. Customer expectations have shot up massively, and businesses have been forced to adapt to the new dynamics to survive and excel in their respective industries. Today, customers hesitate very little before switching allegiance to a new company if they are unsatisfied with the after-sales support and overall customer services of their current service providers.

Hence, it has become absolutely critical for you to deliver premium customer support, and we can help you with this. Fusion is considered to be an industry leader, providing top-drawer inbound call center services in the United States, the UK, and several other locations around the globe. Our inbound contact center solutions help you deliver extremely positive customer interaction, leading to highly satisfactory experiences for your valued customers. This enables you to focus on improving the quality of your products and services for your customers. Together, we can alleviate the overall quality of products/services and customer support, enabling your customers to enjoy unprecedented value for their money. This will also improve their loyalty to your brand and help you retain their business for a long time.

What Is Inbound Call Center?

When you think about inbound call centers, you are most likely to imagine an office with several agents sitting in front of their computers with headsets over their ears. These agents are busy answering questions on the headsets while looking at information on their computer screens. The reality, however, is quite different. Sure, this is much of what an inbound call center agent does. But it is not all they do! As a matter of fact, inbound contact centers in the United States perform a lot more functions than answering customer inquiries and complaints or closing sales over the phone for your company.

So, what is inbound call center, and what do they do for your business? At Fusion, we can help you with all your customer and client interactions, making sure that you do not miss out on general inquiries, complaints, potential sales opportunities, or any other form of customer interaction. We will help you transcend your customer services to help you deliver superior customer experiences, which will, in turn, increase customer loyalty to your brand while also improving brand reputation simultaneously. Our solutions are results-driven and performance-oriented to ensure that your customers always have access to convenient solutions that improve their experience with your brand at every step.

Customized Inbound Call Center Solutions & Services For All Businesses

So, if you’re wondering how an inbound call center provider like Fusion going to do for your business, you’re in for some fantastic news. At Fusion, we understand that every business is unique, and so are their customer support requirements. Hence, we always intend to give you what you need and want, and nothing more. Unlike pushy salespeople who constantly upsell their products and services, we will openly communicate with you to determine your precise needs and requirements. Once we do that, we will work together to design the perfect inbound contact center solution that will complement your business operations and increase their efficiency.

Our customized and efficient contact center solutions fine-tune your customer interactions, delivering superior customer experiences across multiple channels, including phones calls, emails, live web chats, social media, instant messengers, etc. This will enable your customers the liberty to communicate with your customer support associates using a medium of their choice. This is particularly important for modern customers who prefer digital communication over conventional phone calls.

At the same time, we also maintain consistency across communication channels for customer interactions. Hence, when customers choose to communicate through multiple channels on different occasions, our inbound call center agents can easily access previous communication records to offer immediate assistance to your customers. Your customers do not have to repeatedly explain their issues when talking to different agents or wait for the agents to figure out the customer’s concerns. Our contact center agents can access and assist your customers immediately. This will reduce response times and enable your customers to get quicker resolutions, enhancing their experiences even further.

And while we work to deliver satisfactory customer interactions, you can utilize your resources, time, and effort to improve core business-critical functions and revenue-generating activities. As a result, our extensive inbound call center services can be used in combination with your products and services to deliver a comprehensive experience to your customers.

Fusion’s Inbound Call Centers Will Revolutionize Your Customer Interactions

The most important benefit of inbound call center outsourcing is that it allows you to reduce the workload of your core staff. As a result, they no longer have to deal with tedious and time-consuming customer interactions, which often hampers their productivity. Instead, they will now have more time to spend on their primary responsibilities and perform them with better efficiency. This will, in turn, improve outcomes and massively improve the overall productivity of your business.

However, a reduction in workload isn’t the only important benefit of outsourcing to a top inbound call center provider in the United States, the UK, or other countries around the world. Other significant advantages to engaging us as the inbound contact center for your customer support includes:

  • Multichannel live agent customer service (voice, email & chat)
  • Multilingual customer support in over 40 languages
  • Prompt customer-centric resolutions for unique customer issues
  • Superior customer interactions for improved customer experiences
  • Human engagements for your customers’ convenience
  • Enhanced brand reputation among customers and in the industry at large
  • Improved customer loyalty and increased customer retention numbers
  • Reduced Average Handling Times (AHTs) and increased volumes of handled cases
  • 23+ locations around the globe with a diversified workforce of 10,000+ expert professionals

Hence, you will be able to deliver consistent and superior customer support regardless of your business location or the extent of your customer base. As a result, you will have access to an industry-leading inbound call center in USA that will completely transform your customer support functions and revolutionize customer interactions.

Improve Customer Experiences And Build Brand Reputation With Fusion’s Result-Driven Inbound Call Center

Some of Fusion’s result-driven processes include:

  • Lead Generation, Qualification, & Verification

    We will not only help you generate quality leads but also verify them for conversion. Our analytical tools will help you capture and process fresh leads as well as ones that you may have previously overlooked. In addition, we will also help you skim through all available leads to determine quality leads that have the maximum potential for conversion. This will enable you to maximize the utilization of your resources on leads that will convert,

  • Premium Customer Support

    Our inbound call centers specialize in delivering top-drawer customer support with attention to the details of customer queries and issues. Our customer service associates are trained in telephone etiquettes and other customer support protocols to ensure professional and empathetic customer interactions. At the same time, we also focus on delivering prompt answers and resolutions to customer inquiries and issues. This will ensure pleasant experiences for your customers and build positive customer relationships, improving brand reputation in the industry.

  • 24X7 Phone Answering Services

    Your customer support isn’t dependent on your operating hours, as customers have the need to call in at all hours. Restricting your customer support only to the operating hours can prove to be detrimental to customer experiences as customers do not have the liberty to contact you at the precise hour of their need. As a top inbound call center provider in the United States, our 24X7 phone answering services will ensure that there is always an expert to answer customer inquiries, regardless of where in the world they are or the time on the clock.

  • Complaints Handling & Escalation Management

    Our complaints handling and escalation management processes are designed to deliver satisfactory customer experiences while providing convenient solutions within company guidelines. We understand that it may not always be possible to meet customer expectations and provide them with the solutions they demand. However, we can definitely deescalate situations through positive and productive communication while we determine the best inbound call center solution for the customer’s unique problem. This will help you avoid giving in to customer demands while ensuring maximum customer retention due to satisfying experiences.

  • Direct Response Marketing

    Our Direct Response Marketing allows you to maximize sales from customer inquiries and adds valuable revenues to your business. When prospective leads make general inquiries, our customer support associates encourage these leads to proceed with finalizing the purchase. As a result, we can help you convert your leads and inquiries into sales. This will not only help you add to your customer base but also help you generate revenues through additional sales. At the same time, our Direct Response Marketing practices will also help you extend your customer outreach and attract people from beyond the boundaries of your current customer outreach.

    Hence, there is much to be gained by engaging us as your choice of an inbound call center in USA to partner with for your customer support functions. While we can improve your customer support significantly, we can also help you increase the efficiency of your business operations by reducing the workload and responsibilities of core staff and professionally handling all customer interactions for maximum resolutions. This will also help you to maximize outcomes and improve your bottom line.

Why Choose Fusion For Your Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Needs In The US & Other Global Locations?

With the significant rise in customer support demands, businesses have been forced to improve their customer service offerings in order to survive in the extreme competitiveness of the current business landscape. Hence, you must be able to deliver top-quality customer support to answer customer queries and resolve their complaints and other issues. We can help you do that and much more!

Fusion is recognized as one of the top BPO Services providers, offering premium inbound call center services and other contact center solutions for over 33 years. Over time, we have been able to expand our network to include 23+ locations in 10 countries worldwide. Currently, we have more than 10,000 professional experts working in tandem towards a common goal – drive results for our clients. Our vast network of global locations and massive clientele has propelled us to become one of the leading names in the inbound call center outsourcing industry in the United States and around the world. With Fusion, you get:

  • Industry experts that are highly talented and professionally trained to deal with all customer queries and complaints
  • Premium contact center solutions that will help you to improve the efficiency and outcomes of your operations while also driving down costs
  • Swift resolutions and reduced AHTs (Average Handling Time) for your customers
  • Increased volumes of customer queries handled
  • Quality human engagements with your customers to deliver superior Customer Experiences (CX) while also improving brand identity and loyalty among your customers
  • Multilingual customer support (we offer customer services in over 40 languages)
  • Omnichannel contact center solutions across mediums, including call, email, webchats, text messages, instant messengers, and social media platforms, among others

At Fusion, we offer you comprehensive US-based inbound call center outsourcing solutions for your diversified customer base across multiple geographical locations and demographics. Regardless of the languages or the mode of communication your customers are comfortable with, we will help you offer consistent customer services across your business demographics.

In addition, we strictly adhere to all inbound call center regulations and compliances here at Fusion. Our processes are compliant with every industry-specific regulation – local, national, and international – and we have all the

accreditation necessary to function in the BPO industry. We ensure complete transparency in our processes and take all the necessary steps to secure client and customer data at all times.

Get in touch with our consultants TODAY and find out how our customized inbound call center solutions can positively impact your business processes and customer support


Customer Query Handling

Our inquiry handling process involves empathetic interactions with customers to determine their requirements. Once we understand customer expectations, we deliver prompt and customized solutions within company guidelines.

Complaints Management

We handle customer complaints with incredible importance and delicacy to ensure swift solutions and superior customer experiences. We deescalate customer complaints through empathetic human engagements and offer convenient solutions to your customers within your business guidelines.

Customer Retention

Through customized solutions, we offer satisfactory experiences to your customers and improve the quality of their interactions with your brand. This creates brand loyalty that makes your customers stick with your brand and ignore other enticing offers from your competitors.

Phone Answering Services

Our inbound call center services include high-quality and accurate phone answering services. We offer a myriad of services, from conveying messages to providing detailed reports and even handling emergencies. In addition, our flexible pricing means that our customized yet divergent phone answering services can fit all budgets.

Billing/Invoice Support

Our Billing and invoicing services can help your business create and process invoices on time. We will ensure that you receive prompt payments on all your bills through effective communication, creating fluidity in your incoming revenue channels.

Returns & Refunds Processing

We can efficiently track customer orders to offer quick updates on the whereabouts of the deliveries. In addition, we can help your customers return purchased goods and process refunds once the returned packages are received at your company warehouses.

Direct Response Tele Sales

We can answer incoming calls from your Direct Response Marketing campaigns and offer prompt and convenient answers to all queries. In addition, our inbound contact center executives will have professional and empathetic engagements with your prospective customers to ensure maximum conversions.

Email Support

At Fusion, we have designed a state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver prompt responses to all incoming email inquiries from your clients. We aim to deliver maximum FCRs (First-Contact-Resolutions) to ensure enriched and highly satisfactory customer experiences.

Live Web Chat Support

As a part of our omnichannel capability, we will help you deliver quick replies to customers without having to deal with the wait times of calls. As a result, your customers will be able to enjoy immediate responses and get swift solutions.


Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Our clientele in the Banking, financial services & Insurance industry includes several top names in the sector. We have been involved in the financial sector for over 30 years, offering premium customer support to our diversified customer base around the globe.

Retail & Ecommerce

Give your retail stores and eCommerce business the wings it needs to soar high and succeed in the industry. We will help you improve your customer relationships so that you can retain customers and bring in additional revenues through recurring purchases.


With a global presence in the Telecom industry, we have accumulated over 30 years of experience in the space. This has helped us develop the skills and expertise to offer swift solutions to your customers and enable them to enjoy a superior customer experience.

Travel & Hospitality

Our inbound contact center solutions for travel & hospitality industry can help you build incredible customer relationships and improve your brand identity and recognition in the space. At the same time, we will also help you build brand loyalty among customers and bring in added revenues through customer retention and new referrals.


Our healthcare call centers will make it easy for your business to focus on core functionalities and improve your healthcare offerings to your customers while we offer industry-leading customer services. This will help your customers receive premium overall healthcare.


Our inbound call center service is available for all kinds of Technology-driven sectors, including IT companies, Startups, FinTech service providers, EdTech companies, Software development firms, etc. We can help you answer your customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Energy & Utility

By virtue of being part of one of the biggest customer-driven industries, your Energy & Utility business is sure to be flooded with customer inquiries and complaints at all times. Let us help you address customer queries and provide them with immediate and satisfactory responses.


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40+ Language



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    The United States of America

    Offer your customers in the United States the gift of superior customer experiences and empathetic human engagements. Our professional and expert customer interactions will help your customers get the answers to their queries quickly and conveniently.

    The United Kingdom

    Offer consistent support to your culturally-diverse customers in the United Kingdom. We can offer easy and convenient solutions to your customers in their native languages through our multilingual and omnichannel inbound call center services.


    Let your customers in Canada enjoy the premium customer experiences our customer support associates offer. Our agents have the skills and resources necessary to deliver enriched interactions that enable your customers to have enjoyable engagements.


    Use professional experts to help your customers find the answers to their queries and get their complaints resolved. Our expertise and massive presence in the Albania will enable your customers to receive industry-standard customer services using communication channels of their preference.


    With the availability of top customer support in French and English, our Morocco location is ideal for you to get premium inbound call center outsourcing for your business. We can help you offer incredible customer satisfaction and boost customer retention.


    Our multilingual customer service is ideal for you to deal with customer queries from all corners of the country. At Fusion, we offer call center services in over 40 languages, allowing your customers from across India to have interactions with the agents in their native languages.

    The Philippines

    With our professional customer support functions in The Philippines, you can offer quality first contact resolutions to your customers. This enables you to deal with increased volumes of customer queries, improving customer satisfaction across your customer base.

    El Salvador

    Build your company reputation as a customer-centric brand through our professional and expert inbound call center services in the El Salvador. The top quality of our customer interactions across multiple communication channels will help you create happy customers who will stick with your brand and also bring new customers to your business.


    Give your customers in Jamaica the freedom to interact with your company representatives in a language and a communication medium they are comfortable in. Our multilingual & multichannel customer services help your customers to feel empowered during these engagements and give them a premium customer experience.


    Engage in premium inbound contact center services in Colombia that are designed to drive results using the latest technological advancements and industry trends. At Fusion, we help you build a relationship of trust with your valued customers in the South American country.



    Why Should I Outsource Inbound Call Center Services To Fusion?

    If you are looking to outsource your customer support functions, you should only opt for an inbound call center company that can offer you customized contact center solutions. With a global presence in 10 countries and over 33 years of experience, Fusion’s vast network has all the necessary ingredients to offer you the best contact center solutions based on your unique needs. Once you determine your requirements, we will design our inbound customer support functions to align with your requirements. This will help your customer receive top-quality customer services for superior experiences.

    How Will Inbound Call Center Outsourcing To Fusion Impact My Brand Identity?

    At Fusion, our professionally trained inbound contact center associates will ensure that your customers are able to enjoy outstanding customer experiences during their interactions. As representatives of your brand, our agents will offer customized and quick resolutions to customer issues through quality human engagements, enriching their interactions with your brand. As a result, your customer will have a positive impression of your company, increasing customer loyalty while also significantly boosting your brand identity and recognition.

    Does Fusion Have Sufficient Infrastructure To Support My Business Processes?

    Fusion is present in 10 countries and has a vast network of more than 10,000 professionals employed in its 23+ offices. In addition, we keep our inbound customer service infrastructure updated to ensure that we are always able to offer prompt solutions to our clients and their customers across multiple channels, including calls, emails, live web chats, instant messengers, etc. We always strive to adhere to current industry standards in all the countries we serve to offer seamless services to our clients. At the same time, we always concentrate on giving adequate security to customer details and all other data shared with us. Hence, we have all the necessary infrastructure to support your current business processes and can also scale up according to your requirements.