If customer satisfaction is priority numero uno for your brand, having an inbound call center could be your biggest asset. The market condition is ever-changing and the only constant is competition. An inbound call center can give you the advantage with high levels of customer satisfaction and retention, giving you a lucrative ROI.

Reasons Why Your Brand Needs an Inbound Call Center

Inbound contact center services can bring a myraid of benefits for your business and pave way to an excellent brand reputation and loyalty. It can

  • enhance customer satisfaction,
  • build your reputation and loyalty in the customers,
  • solve customer queries and issues as the first point of contact,
  • speed up your customer handling time,
  • win back lost and skeptic customers.

Why Is Inbound Call Center Services Outsourcing Important for Your Brand?

With inbound call center services outsourcing, you can increase customer retention for your brand, which can boost your profit astronomically. Moreover, outsource inbound call center services enhance positive CSAT with knowledgeable agents as most customers hang up if they are connected to an IVR instead of a real person.

Apart from this, there are other reasons why you should outsource inbound call center services.

  • Eases off onboarding and training process
  • Frees up manpower for other projects
  • Easy management of high call volumes

Why Choose Fusion for Inbound Call Center Services Outsourcing

For long, Fusion BPO Services has been known to offer expert inbound call center services to some of the most reputed and established corporate leaders. We employ experienced agents who are proficient at handling customer queries with minimum handling time.

We deliver exception quality services with years of experience in the field. Take a look at the reasons why we are your best bet.

  • We are experts at customer query and complaint handling
  • Outsourcing your inbound call center process can help you save on your financial budget
  • You can skip the lengthy and time-consuming workforce onboarding and training
  • We take care of your brand reputation, customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • We deliver minimum AHT (Average Handling Time)
  • Our unparalleled services have a global reach with our presence in over 20 locations across the globe
  • We offer diversity with multi-lingual call center services

So, if you haven't tried already, get in touch to know more or outsource inbound call center services today!


Customer Service

With over 15 years of experience in customer service, Fusion is the perfect choice to be your call center services provide. We will ensure exceptional customer experience that meets customer expectation via every channel, every time and at every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle.

Answering Services

We specialize in proving effective and accurate answering services that go beyond answering calls and conveying the message. From detailed reporting to emergency handling, our call center services we do it all at a cost that fits right in your budget.


Our customer retention service not only ensures that your customers stay engaged but also help you turn them into a brand loyalist.

Direct Response Tele Sales

We handle all the customer calls from direct response marketing and ensure that every call result in sales. From efficient call processing to skillful persuasion, Fusion inbound call center services can handle it all.

Email Support

As part of our multi-channel capability, we also offer email support to our clients. We focus on a prompt response and first response resolution to up the customer satisfaction level.

Billing/Invoice Support

At Fusion inbound call center services, we also offer billing/invoice support to our clients. Our efficient reporting and data handling help your customers get the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Refund Claim Processing

We also process refund claims on behalf of our clients. Our call center agents process each claim with the utmost professionalism and efficiency resulting in an improved level of customer satisfaction.

Inquiry Handling

Our inquiry handling process handles all customer inquiries appropriately and in detail. Our inbound call center agents show the highest level of efficiency and attention to details while handling each inquiry.

Live Chat Support

At Fusion BPO services, we offer state-of-the-art live chat support to our clients. It helps you to boost the conversion rate and has a huge impact on user experience.

Industries We Serve


The banking, financial services and insurance sector is one of our strongholds with respect to inbound call center. Our years of experience and expertise can help you build your brand reputation with customer query and complaint handling.


With the way the education sector is changing in the recent times, the EdTech sector has become a core industry with a huge market size. Our global presence and multi-lingual prowess offers the best-in-class inbound call center services.


We offer expert inbound call center services for a plethora of industries, including startups, IT, software products, and FinTech. Contact us to know more about how we can serve you.

Retail & Ecommerce

E-commerce, being one of the busiest and most thriving sectors, demands expert assistance with customer complaint and response handling. With expert and experienced agents, we can offer 100% customer satisfaction with minimum AHT.


Handling customer queries couldn’t be easier with our inbound call center services. We ensure that your customers trust your services by solving each of their queries and complaints without a fuss.


We, at Fusion, are a reliable name when it comes to handling inbound call center processes for the telecom sector. Our experiece¬ in the industry will help you create a stunning customer experience, thanks to our specialized resources.

Energy & Utility

Being one of the biggest customer-centric sectors, the energy & utility industry requires comprehensive inbound call center handling to meet the rising competition and customer expectation. We ensure that you don’t lose your old customers with effective solutions.

Travel & Hospitality

Experience success in the rising travel & hospitality industry with an uncompromised reputation and customer loyalty. At Fusion, we believe in building your customer retention with expertise in complaint and query handling of inbound call centers.


22 Locations in
10 Countries

40+ Language



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    Enhance your customer satisfaction and retention with inbound call center services in Albania. Our agents can handle your customer queries and complaints with expertise.


    Outsource inbound call center services in Morocco and build your brand loyalty with maximum customer satisfaction. Know more about how we can boost your customer retention.

    United Kingdom

    Fusion BPO Services offer multi-lingual inbound call center services outsourcing. We have expertise in handing customer queries and complaints from around the world.


    With our inbound call center outsourcing services, we enhance your customer retention. Our agents are experts at dealing with customer queries and complaints.


    We handle your inbound call center with minimum AHT (average handling time) to offer speedy resolution to your customers.

    United States

    Our inbound call center services outsourcing have a global presence. We offer services in over 40 languages across the world.


    Focus on customer retention and boost your ROI with Fusion BPO Services’ expert inbound contact center services. We can help you maintain an enviable customer satisfaction.

    El Salvador

    Build your brand reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction with our inbound call center services. Get in touch with Fusion BPO Services today!


    Our multi-lingual inbound contact center services ensure that your customers are always heard in the language that they feel comfortable in. This builds trust and reputation.



    How Effective Is An Inbound Call Center For Generating Sales?

    An inbound call center can be very effective in generating sales. When a customer or prospect contacts a call center with some queries related to products or services, the inbound call center agents can provide prompt and accurate information and build a strong connection between the customer and the agent. This connection then converts into sales and leads to long-term customer loyalty.

    Why Should I Choose Fusion BPO For Inbound Call Center Services?

    Fusion is a brand name across ten countries around the world. It has an experience of 30 years in offering inbound call center services. Our multilingual, omnichannel, tech-driven communications process serves various industries and provides customized solutions to the businesses. We have brilliant inbound call center offerings, and our centers across 20 global locations can be contacted for the same. We operate from United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Columbia, Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica. So get in touch with the nearshore center for an obligation free quotation.