Ensure Better Outcomes Across Business Verticals With Superior Customer Engagements & Satisfactory CX Management From Fusion’s Premium Inbound Call Center Outsourcing In India

Fusion is the leading name in inbound call center outsourcing to India, delivering best-in-class contact center solutions to businesses across multiple industry verticals – from Banking, Financial Services & Insurance to Retail & eCommerce, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality to Healthcare, Energy & Utilities to Telecommunication, and everything in between! If you are looking for someone to help you deliver satisfactory customer engagements, Fusion is the partner you need.

At Fusion, our solutions are designed to help you to build on necessary touch points with your customers during their journey with your brand and deliver on promises at every step. Our inbound contact center solutions in India are designed to be an extension of your business and provide seamless customer support. At the same time, we aim to help businesses free up resources so that your in-house teams can focus more on core responsibilities. In addition, our comprehensive outbound contact center solutions are also designed to deliver proactive customer support, helping your customers enjoy zero downtime!

Fusion’s top-drawer contact center solutions will help you alleviate the overall quality of products/services and customer support, enabling your customers to enjoy unprecedented value for their money. In addition, we guarantee results-driven practices and performance-oriented solutions to ensure that your customers always have access to convenient solutions, improving their experience with your brand at every step.



Customer Query Handling

Our customer support representatives handle customer inquiries with great empathy and professionalism to ensure superior experiences for your customers in every interaction. Our customer support practices are designed to understand customer grievances to determine their desires with incredible accuracy. With a clear understanding of customer expectations, we determine the required actions to meet these expectations within company guidelines. At the same time, we also deliver customized solutions for each customer to ensure complete satisfaction. This enables your customers to enjoy a satisfactory experience with your brand representatives, fostering loyalty to your brand.

Complaints Management

Customer complaints are quite different from generic inquiries and basic customer issues. At Fusion, we understand that customers with complaints about products/services require special attention to have their issues resolved promptly. As a result, we ensure that the representatives handling customer complaints have proper authorization to take the necessary actions that will help to deescalate the situations and resolve the complainant’s concerns. At the same time, our inbound call centers in India also have the capabilities to deliver tier 1 & tier 2 escalations to ensure that proper attention is given to resolving customer complaints at the earliest.

Customer Retention

Every strategy implemented within our contact centers is aimed toward maximizing customer retention for your business. We deliver prompt and personalized solutions for every customer issue after carefully understanding customer requirements and expectations. This not only diffuses customer frustrations but also enables your customers to have an enjoyable experience with your brand. Due to the satisfactory services, coupled with superior quality products and competitive prices, customers continue to remain loyal to your brand and are not easily swayed by the many enticing offers put forth in the marketplace by your competitors.

Phone Answering Services

Customers, prospects, leads, etc., can contact you at all hours to discuss your products and services, make an inquiry, or place an order. If you stick to a rigid schedule for your customer support functions, you are likely to lose out on massive volumes of leads, sales, and eventually, revenues. Fusion’s inbound call center outsourcing in India allows you to be available for your customers and prospects round-the-clock. This will not only help you ensure prompt customer service deliveries to your current customers but will also give prospective ones the impression that yours is a company that values customer experiences.

Lead Generation

While we understand that lead generation is an important aspect of your business to acquire new customers and clients, we give more emphasis to generating qualified leads for your business. Starting from the time a prospect makes a generic inquiry about your products and services to the time they are handed over to your sales team for conversion, we will answer every question to ensure that your salespeople only deal with leads that already have all the information they need for a successful conversion. This will help you get the best out of your sales resources and maximize conversions.

Order Management

From the moment a customer places an order with your business, we will help them with comprehensive support that includes general inquiries about order information to details on logistics and much more. We will also help you take order modification requests as well as requests for cancellations if your customers have any. This will help you focus on the actual work that goes behind the order fulfillment while we deal with all associated customer communications. Together, we can provide a comprehensive experience to your customers, ensuring that they are convinced to make all their purchases with your brand.

Billing/Invoice Support

Billing information, pricing details, and information on payments are extremely private information that must only be shared with authorized persons. At Fusion, the practices in our inbound call centers in India are PCI-DSS certified to ensure maximum protection for all personal and payment-related information of your customers. At the same time, we will also help your customers get accurate information about their payments and take any billing or payment-related requests they may have. From general inquiries to explanations about billing particulars, we ensure prompt and accurate information delivery in every interaction for a superior experience.

Returns & Refunds Processing

While our logistics support helps your customers track their orders and packages all the way, we also have the infrastructure to help you take cancellation requests, arrange for returns, and process refunds. Once your customers place a request for a cancellation or return, we will track the packages all the way to the warehouse, confirm the return of the goods, and process the refunds to ensure that customers receive their money promptly. As a result, we will ensure that your customers do not experience any grievances. Instead, we will ensure that they only receive highly satisfactory services.

Direct Response Tele Sales

A successful Direct Response marketing strategy can be very effective for your sales as it will substantially increase the volume of leads for your business. However, you also need an efficient lead management system that will not only help your prospects get accurate and satisfactory answers to their questions but also helps them progress with the sales. Fusion’s inbound contact center solutions in India offer customizable telesales capabilities and empathetic customer engagements that are ideally suited to all kinds of marketing strategies and will help you ensure maximum conversions for incoming prospect inquiries from your Direct Response marketing.

Email Support

Perfectly aligning with our omnichannel capabilities, we have the industry-standard infrastructure to deliver prompt and responsive email support to your customers that prefer the communication channel for interacting with your brand representatives. At the same time, we also try to respond to customer emails at the earliest so that your customers do not have to wait for days before receiving a response with proper resolutions from your company. At the same time, our efficient email support system also ensures that your customers have the liberty to indulge in all kinds of personal activities while your brand representatives are finding the appropriate resolutions to their issues.

Live Web Chat Support

Fusion’s customizable inbound call center outsourcing in India gives you the opportunity to deliver prompt and responsive customer support via live web chats. Our contact center infrastructure is perfectly compatible with your customized web chat tools, enabling your customers to receive the professional expertise of your contact center representatives on your live web chat platforms. In addition, we aim to deliver first-contact resolutions (FCRs) to customers regardless of the inquiries that your customers make or the issues they face. This not only saves valuable time for your customers but also improves their experience with your brand.

Technical Support

Fusion’s contact center representatives are adequately trained and skilled to deliver superior quality Tier 1 and Tier 2 support and troubleshooting. Our specialists possess the technical know-how, skills, and experience to help your customers with all kinds of technical issues. From the simplest of customer issues such as resetting passwords to more complex technical problems, our contact center experts can help your customers with their troubleshooting requirements. Our customized solutions are designed to work perfectly with your resident systems, but they can also be modified to match your unique requirements.

Appointment Scheduling & Management

With Fusion’s efficient and incredible appointment scheduling & management system, you can now make appointments with prospects and customers much faster and more conveniently than ever before! Regardless of your business needs, we will not only help you maintain an accurate and efficient appointment management system but also help you ensure that scheduled appointments are fulfilled on time. Our timely reminders ensure that all parties concerned with the appointments get on-time notifications across multiple channels. This will ensure minimum cancellations or missed appointments while also helping you manage your appointments to ensure efficient business processes.

Insurance Verification & Claims Processing

Fusion’s inbound call center services in India are capable of collaborating with multiple insurance carriers to verify and validate insurance information to ensure timely verifications and claims processing. At the same time, we also ensure maximum accuracy to ensure error-free claims submissions, verifications, and settlements. This will not only help you ensure swift insurance claims processing but also enable you to receive prompt payments. With on-time invoice settlements and prompt payments, you will be able to deliver better services to your customers and still continue to ensure efficient revenue generation for your business.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

The list of our clients in the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance industry includes some of the biggest names in the sector, with financial companies from all over the world engaging us as their customer engagement partner. With a global presence and a massive network of 27+ locations in 14 countries worldwide, we have over 12,000 trained and skilled professionals delivering premium financial customer support for our clients. We have been engaged in the financial BPO space for over 33 years and have carved a reputation for being one of the most reliable contact center companies in the global BPO industry.

Retail & Ecommerce

Our diverse contact center solutions will help your retail and eCommerce business and give it the impetus it needs to enjoy a massive appeal among your target audience. At Fusion, we understand that revenues in the retail and eCommerce space are directly proportional to the relationships you have with your customers. As a result, our customized inbound call center outsourcing in India is designed to help you enjoy maximum engagement with customers and build strong, positive relationships that foster loyalty. This will not only boost your customer retention but also ensure maximum revenue generation for your retail and eCommerce business.


At Fusion, our global presence has helped us to accumulate quite a massive client roster in the Telecom sector. Customer support in the Telecom industry can prove to be quite the challenge. If not done properly, it can severely impact your business operations and eventually reduce your business’s revenue generation capabilities and cause you to suffer great losses. With an incredible team of highly skilled and talented customer support representatives, we are able to deliver superior quality customer support for our Telecom industry clients. This has enabled our clients to ensure highly satisfactory customer experience management.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Our inbound call centers in India are ideal for you to ensure premium customer support deliveries, enabling you to build strong customer relationships. This will help you boost customer loyalty and significantly improve your customer retention numbers, expanding your customer base and outreach gradually. At the same time, this will also help you improve your brand identity and increase recognition for your brand in the marketplace. This will attract new customers to your brand and help you acquire those customers that are looking for a brand that delivers superior customer service in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.


With an experience in the space accumulating to more than 33 years, Fusion is a leading BPO and contact center solutions provider in the healthcare industry. Our customizable and high-end customer service enables you to focus on core functions and responsibilities while we handle all of your customer engagement and communications. As a result, you will be able to deliver superior quality products/services to your customers. At the same time, our empathetic and humane customer engagements will ensure a comprehensive and satisfactory experience for your customers, empowering them to receive premium healthcare services in every interaction.


Fusion’s inbound call center outsourcing in India caters to all kinds of Technology-driven businesses, including startups, IT & ITES companies, FinTech & EdTech companies, software designing & development companies, etc. our customer support representatives are skilled and have been trained to ensure maximum efficiency during their interactions with your customers. At the same time, they can also deliver top-notch technical support and ensure that your customers receive prompt responses and swift resolutions every time they need assistance from a brand representative. In addition, it will also help you improve the efficiency of your core business operations and deliver better outcomes for your customers consistently.

Energy & Utility

The Energy and Utility industry is one of the biggest and the most customer-driven industries in the world. Almost every person on the planet needs electricity, gas, and other forms of power and energy to function efficiently. By choosing Fusion for professional call center outsourcing to India, you will be able to give your customers high-quality customer service that will not only address their queries, issues, and complaints but also deliver satisfactory customer experiences in every interaction. At Fusion, we aim to identify customer expectations accurately and deliver personalized customer solutions for superior and satisfactory customer experience management.


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    How can inbound call center services in India impact my business operations?

    Fusion’s comprehensive inbound call center outsourcing in India will allow your in-house team to focus solely on core responsibilities while we handle all customer engagements and communications. This will ensure better productivity from your core staff due to their dedicated efforts. Simultaneously, we will also ensure superior customer engagements to help you deliver a satisfactory and pleasant overall experience. This will help your customers receive the best value for their money and increase their loyalty to your brand, eventually boosting customer retention and revenue generation.

    Why should I choose Fusion for call center outsourcing to India?

    If you are thinking about outsourcing your customer support responsibilities to a professional contact center company, you should opt for a company that has the resources to deliver customized solutions at competitive prices. Fusion has developed a reputation for delivering premium inbound contact center solutions in India, catering to businesses across industry verticals for more than three decades. In addition, Fusion’s massive network in India has all the necessary ingredients to help you get the best contact center solutions to suit your unique needs. This will help your customers receive superior quality customer services for superior experiences.

    Does Fusion have adequate resources to support my business process?

    Fusion has a massive network of contact centers spread across the geography of India. Currently, we have 12 centers in 11 cities around the country, empowering us to deliver comprehensive inbound call center outsourcing in India to clients from within the country as well as beyond her international borders. Recently, we expanded our Indian workforce to include 10,000+ skilled and trained professionals adept at providing customers with superior quality services. In addition, our global network comprising 28 centers in 14 countries and employing a cumulative workforce of 12,000+ professionals makes us the ideal customer support partner for your business, regardless of your industry vertical, size, location, etc.