Access Top-Notch HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing For Improved Customer Experience Management In The US, The UK, India And Other Global Locations

With a presence of over 30 years in the BPO Customer Support industry and a reputation for providing top-quality Medical contact center services, Fusion is the ideal customer support partner for your medical organization to deliver superior CX. Our HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and processes will ensure maximum security for your patient data while making zero compromises on your patient care management needs.

Our vast experience in the industry has led us to design our healthcare customer engagement services to deliver prompt and accurate information and guidance to your patients. Using our industry-standard medical patient communication services, we will not only offer appropriate guidance to your customers but also ensure the best Customer Experience (CX) for your patients. Our healthcare contact centers for doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities are focused on improving customer loyalty toward your brand through measurable results and flexible service models! Regardless of the size of your medical business, our HIPAA-compliant healthcare customer engagement solutions will ensure safe and confidential patient communications within a legalized framework.

In addition, we are focused on delivering on-time Healthcare Contact Center solutions that enable your patients to receive immediate medical attention in times of emergency. The healthcare industry is massively dependent on prompt actions that can often prove to be the difference between life and death. As one of the top Healthcare Contact Centers in the industry, our services are known to have saved countless lives through rapid actions. We have also helped medical professionals access accurate medical information through accurate collection, storage, and dispersion of medical data.

Fusion has always delivered top-notch Medical patient engagement services for healthcare businesses of all sizes. Over the years, we have successfully managed to achieve and supersede industry standards when it comes to the quality of Healthcare Contact Center Solutions. This has enabled us to scale our services and become a leading brand in the healthcare and medical Customer Experience Management (CXM) marketplace.

Medical Patient Engagement Outsourcing – Where Advanced Technology Leads To Improved Patient Satisfaction

Our medical contact centers for clinics, multispecialty hospitals, and other healthcare organizations employ the latest analytical tools to understand customer patterns and their varied expectations. Our advanced data analysis will enable you to modify your services to offer the best customized patient care to your customers while also improving the overall quality of services offered in your medical facilities. Our cost-effective communication frameworks also ensure that you are able to guarantee better human interactions with your patients, significantly improving your patient experiences for better patient lifecycle management.

In our attempt to deliver industry-leading Healthcare call center Outsourcing services, we have always made every effort to maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure across our service locations. In addition, we constantly modify our software systems and CRMs to match the best software solutions in the industry. As a result, our software systems utilize the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, speech-to-text, natural language processing, etc., to deliver superior performances. This has also enabled us to improve our Medical contact center efficiencies and yield par excellence outcomes.

Incredible Benefits Of Healthcare Contact Center Outsourcing To Fusion

Our Medical patient engagement services will also help you have access to a number of incredible benefits. These benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in operating expenses as you do not have to hire, train, or operate a team of professionals for your patient communications
  • Improved efficiency in operations that lead to increased patient outcomes and superior customer experiences. This, in turn, will help you improve the quality of medical treatment offered to patients
  • Professional handling of customer queries, grievances, complaints, and escalations by trained agents in our Healthcare Call Centers. This will lead to improved patient lifecycle management and deliver superior experiences, resulting in increased loyalty to your healthcare brand
  • Improved bottom line caused by reduced operating costs coupled with increased incoming revenues
  • 24/7 availability of patient support to free your emergency lines from being clogged with non-emergency patient interactions

Engaging Fusion as your patient engagement partner gives you the assurances of quality and reliability, which can be a great asset to your medical business. In addition, our Healthcare & Medical  Contact center Outsourcing services will also help you grow your healthcare business and establish it as an industry leader.


Customer Service

Our healthcare call centers for hospitals and other medical facilities will provide your patients with prompt and accurate information and guidelines for a superior customer experience (CX).

Appointment Scheduling

We will help your medical facility schedule and manage appointments for doctor visits, surgery, etc., and also offer timely reminders to minimize absences.

Insurance Verification & Claims

At Fusion, our Healthcare Contact Center solutions will take care of your health insurance processing needs – from verifying insurance information to processing claims.

Billing & Invoice Settlements

Our HIPAA-compliant Medical & Healthcare Contact center Services will ensure prompt billing and swift settlements to ensure that you do not have to wait for your payments.

Claims Processing

Our accurate verification processes and swift claims processing services will ensure that you do not have to wait long to receive the payments of all your pending invoices.

Awareness Campaigns

Our Medical Contact Centers will run regular mass awareness campaigns from our hospital contact center to ensure that your patients are always updated about current trends in the medical industry. We will also track progress and analyze the impact of these campaigns on your customer base.

Patient Surveys

Post-treatment surveys help you analyze patient experiences and expectations. Our human engagements will help you get honest reviews to help you determine the current standing of your healthcare services.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation practices involve the use of digital marketing and campaigns to generate high-quality leads that enjoy the maximum potential for conversions.


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    Our Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing services in Albania make it easy for your medical facility to have access to top-quality inbound call center services for your patients in the Balkan region.


    Top healthcare call center outsourcing companies in Morocco to help your patients have access to prompt and accurate patient care for a ssuperior patient experience.

    United Kingdom

    With our outsourcing health services, you will have easy access to multilingual customer support for patient queries from your diversified customer base in the United Kingdom.


    With a country as diversified as India, our diversified Medical Call Center Outsourcing services will help you cater to the unique needs of your patients from every corner of the country. Our national presence in the country will also help you maintain consistency in your customer support across your locations.


    Our superior customer support infrastructure in Philippines will help you focus on your customer needs and improve patient experiences through our multi-channel customer support services.


    Kosovo is among our latest additions, enabling businesses in the Balkan region to leverage the potential benefits of our medical call center outsourcing services. We help businesses in Kosovo deliver superior and consistent patient experiences.


    By outsourcing healthcare call center services to Fusion, you can be assured that your patient communications in Thailand are in safe hands. With us, you will be able to deliver superior patient experiences and satisfactory outcomes for your patients.

    United States

    Boost customer retention through our 24/7/365 customer service for healthcare workers and patients across every state in the United States. This will invariably have a positive impact on your revenue generation.


    At Fusion, we will help you focus on customer engagements to improve your customers’ overall patient care in Canada. At the same time, we will also help you foster patient relations to improve brand recognition and loyalty.

    El Salvador

    Our pharma contact center services in El Salvador will help you build stronger relations with your customers to improve brand loyalty. This will also ensure a rise in your customer retention and revenue generation.


    Our global presence enables us to offer top-quality healthcare customer support to your patients in more than 40 languages. This will empower your customers through access to better patient care in their native languages.


    Our result-driven healthcare customer support services ensure that your patients in Colombia have the finest experiences with your medical organization. As a result, we deliver results in terms of customer retention and revenues.


    At Fusion, our healthcare contact center outsourcing solutions will help you create positive relationships with your patients, ensuring superior engagements between your customers and brand representatives for improved brand loyalty.


    Give your customers in Mexico the benefit of result-driven healthcare customer support services with our professional and customer-centric solutions. This will help you improve patient loyalty and increase patient retention numbers.



    Why Do I Need Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing?

    Customer support has become an integral aspect of the current healthcare landscape, playing a major role in patient retentions and referrals. Our healthcare customer support services will empower your business to offer superior patient care through human engagements and top-quality treatments. This will significantly boost customer relations and improve brand loyalty.

    Why Should I Hire Fusion For Medical Call Center Services?

    With a global presence that includes 27 locations in 14 countries around the world, we have been able to carve a reputation as one of the top healthcare call center companies globally. Our 10,000+ workforce will ensure that your patients receive the best customer support in over 40 languages across multiple digital channels for a superior customer experience (CX).