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Financial Services


Make Financial Services Outsourcing A Priority With Us For Customer Management

After the 2008 recession, financial institutions were focused on just protecting their business for a long time. However, with the advent of new-age technologies and rising customer awareness, the focus is gradually shifting towards developing, upgrading, and revamping service/product offerings. But having a long list of offerings is not enough - the business needs a consumer-centric approach to deliver a high-quality customer experience (CX) to leverage them effectively.

Types Of Financial Institutes That Need Financial Call Center Outsourcing

A financial services call center can help different financial institutes deliver better customer support across all communication channels, ensuring better customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. Some of the financial services institutions that can benefit from financial services outsourcing include:

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Insurance services
  • Wealth management services

Our Financial Services Outsourcing Offerings

As one of the reputed call centers for financial services companies, we have worked with different types of financial institutions as financial services call center partners. We help our clients by deploying an innovative CX framework capable of accommodating a wide range of customer expectations with ease. In addition, we offer customer support outsourcing for financial services institutions, catering to their various customer communication needs from customer service, complaint handling to collection.

Our Advantage as Financial Services Call Center

We have a large talent pool, smart tools, secure databases, scalable infrastructure, and a wide range of specialized financial call center service offerings like fraud prevention and collection services for the financial services industry. This combined strength helps us deliver 24x7 customer assistance globally in more than 40+ languages.

With our call center for financial services as your outsourcing partner, your business will be able to capitalize on new marketing opportunities, offer targeted promotions, drive customer loyalty, reduce attrition and boost ROI.

What Can Be Done For Different Types Of Financial Services Providers

Different types of financial service providers can benefit from outsourcing their services to our financial services call center. These financial services institutions include:

Banks - Our financial services call center can cater to various outsourcing needs of commercial banks. Our call center services for banks range from customer service to answering services, proactive communication, and complaint handling.

Investment banks – We can also cater to the various outsourcing needs of investment banks that do advisory-based financial transaction on behalf of their customers. For example, our call center services for investment banks include – customer support, inquiry handling, appointment setting, and complaint management.

Wealth management companies- Wealth management companies can benefit from our various financial call center services. Our call center for wealth management companies offers customer services, appointment setting, cross-selling and upselling, complaint handling, and much more.

Whether you run a commercial bank or a wealth management company, we have the best financial call center outsourcing services to suit your outsourcing needs perfectly.


Compliance Management

Our compliance management team keeps track of all regulatory requirements and makes sure that operations are conducted as defined. As one of the leading call centers for financial services, we understand the importance of staying compliant and offer the solution that suits you the best.

Customer Service

Our global presence and 40+ language support allow us to tap into diverse customer segments with ease and resolve their concerns in an accessible manner. We can provide omnichannel customer service via voice, chat, email, and social media, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.


We have a team of skilled financial underwriters. They can effectively evaluate various aspects of proposed insurance with our specialized software and actuarial data. it allows us to give your customers a clear picture on the insurance they are proposed and help them find the most suited ones.

Collection Service

Our agents are trained to manage, follow-up, and conclude collections and recoveries efficiently. We have the tools, technology, resources, relevant experience, and domain expertise to ensure a high recovery rate without compromising customer experience.

Fraud Prevention

We have stringent data security software integrated with our infrastructure capable of detecting and alerting agents about the possibilities of fraud. It has helped us stall fraudsters and deliver a secured and safe experience through customer support outsourcing for financial services.

Complaint Management

We register every interaction and follow each complaint to its conclusion with urgency. Besides complaint management, we aim to deliver first contact resolution for each complaint and ensure that the not-so-good experience turns into a better experience.





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    Our Financial Services BPO in Albania makes it easy for your financial business to access top-quality inbound & outbound contact center services and deliver best-in-class support to your valuable customers in the Balkan region.


    Top financial call center outsourcing services in Morocco for your customers to access prompt and accurate financial assistance and support for convenient solutions, satisfactory engagements, and superior customer experience.

    United Kingdom

    With our financial contact center solutions outsourcing in UK, you will have easy access to multilingual and omnichannel customer support for your diversified customer base in the United Kingdom, delivering sophisticated customer experiences.


    Our national presence in the country and diversified financial contact center outsourcing services in India will help you meet the unique needs of your customers from every corner of the country, delivering consistent CX across locations.


    Improve your customer’s overall experience with your brand and focus on customer engagements with our industry-leading contact center services. We also help you improve brand recognition and identity through positive customer relations.


    Fusion’s multilingual customer services are available in more than 40 international and regional languages, empowering you to offer personalized communications to your Jamaican customers in their native languages.


    With our industry-leading financial contact center solutions in Mexico, you can deliver superior customer engagements to your customers in the United States, Mexico, and other countries in the South American continent.

    United States

    Boost customer retention with our 24/7/365 customer engagement services for your financial customers across every state within the borders of the United States. In turn, we will help you improve your revenue generation.


    At Fusion, we will help you improve your financial business’s bottom line by focusing on delivering positive customer engagements at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey, fostering positive brand identity and loyalty.

    El Salvador

    Our Financial Services BPO in El Salvador will help you increase customer acquisition and retention. In addition, we will strengthen your brand loyalty in the region and foster positive customer relations for improved brand identity.

    The Philippines

    Focus on your customer’s unique requirements and improve customer experiences through our multilingual and omnichannel contact center solutions using our best-in-class customer support infrastructure in the Philippines.


    Fusion’s contact center for banks and financial services in Indonesia allows you to be available for your customers 24/7, empowering you to deliver customer-centric engagements and maximize retention and increase revenues.


    Our result-driven contact center for banks and financial services ensures that your customers in Colombiacan enjoy satisfactory experiences, delivering incredible results through customer retention and business revenues.



    What kind of financial services can be outsourced?

    A broad range of financial services can be outsourced today to prominent financial services call center partner. We offer customer support outsourcing for financial services institutions such as -wealth management, investment banking, commercial banking, and much more. Our services include, are not limited to accounts receivable and payable management, financial reporting, loan closing, funding, financial planning and analysis, bookkeeping, bad debt recovery, credit card operations, customer service, claim processing, tax filing, portfolio administration, reputation management, FinTech advisor support, controller services, fraud prevention and collection services.

    What are the risks of financial services outsourcing?

    Along with many advantages, financial services outsourcing brings several risks like reputation management risks, privacy law, compliance risk, strategic risk, technology failure and risk of data loss, error in operations due to partial understanding of complex financial services. That is why you need to opt for financial call center outsourcing services from a well-known financial services call center that has the experience, expertise, infrastructure, and technology to mitigate these risks and deliver a superior customer support.

    What are the benefits of financial services outsourcing?

    When you outsource to a financial call center services outsourcing partner, you get many benefits. These benefits include:

    • Saving time
    • Getting expert assistance
    • keeping your business updated with current policies and the latest technology
    • flexible and scalable resources
    • secure and confidential services
    • 24/7 financial services call center support
    • Custom financial call center outsourcing solution for banking, investment banks, wealth management companies.

    Besides these, you can also free your staff from tedious non-core tasks and focus on improving your core offerings, ensuring better revenue and business success.

    Why should I outsource the call center needs for my financial services business to Fusion?

    You should outsource the contact center needs of your banking, investment banking, or wealth management financial services business to Fusion because we are a multi-location, multilingual and omnichannel BPO capable of catering to all your call center needs. Our financial services call center operates from 27 locations in 14 countries. We are compliant with PCI-DSS for added data security. It allows us to offer a highly secure, compliant, and superior CX.

    What Makes Fusion A Better Choice as a Financial Call Center?

    Fusion always aims to deliver excellence through its 27 locations spread across the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica. In Financial Services Outsourcing, we offer personalized customer solutions with AI-driven Technologies. We collect and analyze data in real-time and comply with data protection laws. Besides, we have over 33 years of experience in customer service and, therefore, can deliver superior customer service.

    Can Fusion provide a custom call center solution that caters to my unique business needs?

    At Fusion, we understand that every business has some unique business needs. Our flexible and scalable financial services call center solution can accommodate your business needs and offer the just-right solution for your business. Our customer support outsourcing for financial services can also help you deliver a personalized CX to your customers, ensuring better retention, growth, and success.