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Ecommerce Customer Service & Retail Call Center Services

The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, both in terms of competition and customer base. Many brick and mortar retail stores today have launched their e-commerce versions to boost their revenues. Retail and e-commerce companies must meet the evolving need of their customers across all channels and deliver a 'wow' experience to stay ahead of the competition. For that, retail and E-commerce companies need to team up with a retail contact center that provides great ecommerce customer service and caters to their various customer interaction needs across all digital channels and help them deliver a superior customer experience.

Having decades of experience as a multichannel, multilingual retail call center, Fusion can help retail and E-commerce companies cater to their customers' needs with highly-personalized retail customer services and earn their loyalty. With a flexible and highly-scalable workforce spread across 16 centers in 8 countries, we can rightly support your seasonal service requirements. Our work-at-home service teams are ready to help our retail clients to create meaningful, personalized customer interactions that build strong long-term relationships with their customers.


Some Key retail and e-commerce call center services offered by us are:

We offer you cost-effective retail and e-commerce call center solutions that suit your customer acquisition and retention requirements perfectly. Our contact center strategies, methodology, latest tools, and technologies make it easier for our retail and e-commerce clients to meet the evolving customer expectations and improve their experience.

Why Choose Fusion BPO Services?

Global Delivery Model: With 16 centers in 8 countries, Fusion is ready to deploy any campaign in the shortest possible time. Our global presence allows our retail and E-commerce clients to deliver a great customer experience and tap the new markets with equal ease.

Multilingual Support: We can offer ecommerce customer service in over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin as well as several European and Asian languages. Therefore, we are the most suited retail and E-commerce call center partner for companies looking to expand their business beyond their traditional market.

Multichannel Support: Reaching out to your customers via their preferred digital channels is the key to customer satisfaction. Global retail call centers at Fusion can support different types of customer interaction requirements via voice calls, live chat, email support, and social media messaging, ensuring high-quality customer experience.

Work-at-Home Solution: Our work-at-home solutions ensure business continuity in the face of severe disruptions. Our home-based teams are ready to assist our retail and E-commerce clients in providing consistent, highly-personalized customer interactions to ensure customer satisfaction at all costs.

Data Security: We are certified with Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), which provides an actionable framework for developing a robust data security process - including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents.

Scalability: As a retail and E-commerce call center, Fusion can help its clients to expand their customer base by matching their growing business requirements with a scalable team and technology resources. We can accommodate seasonal and sudden call volume spikes in short notice ensuring better customer experience.

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