Customer support is indispensable for every business in the retail and eCommerce industry. Both present and prospective customers expect to get in touch with brands through preferred channels to get their queries answered or issues resolved.

This is where eCommerce customer service outsourcing comes in handy. It optimizes your customer support department and acts as the first point of contact for query management, complaint, returns, and refunds.

Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Brand Needs a Strong Customer Service Outsourcing

With a strong network in customer service outsourcing for the retail industry and a multi-channel presence, you can reap the benefits of brand loyalty, market reputation, and outstanding sales. Here are some reasons that prove the importance of customer support and service for your eCommerce business.

  • Excellent customer service builds trust among the audience
  • Helps you create an amazing brand reputation
  • Increases sales with up-selling and cross-selling
  • Improves brand awareness with effective telemarketing
  • Implements campaign surveys to improve products and services

So, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with Fusion to outsource eCommerce customer service and convert your eCommerce business into a lucrative and popular brand.

What Makes Us the Best for Outsourcing Ecommerce Customer Support

Fusion has been in the industry for decades and has a knack for providing excellent BPO service in almost every industry globally. We boast of offering a wide area of expertise in the eCommerce sector, be it customer support, sales, complaint handling, or return and refunds.

Besides just our offering, we hold certain distinctions that make us the numero uno retail customer service outsourcing. Take a look at a few highlights of our service that we take pride in.

  • Trained agents deliver excellent customer satisfaction in both pre- and post-sales support
  • Efficient customer complaint handling backed by over 30 years of experience
  • Seamless return and refund process to ensure best customer experience and retention
  • Conversion-ready lead generation to boost your sales
  • Effective telemarketing and branding for a wider reach for your products and services
  • Multi-channel approach to streamline your customer service

With a presence in 10 countries and 22 locations globally, we offer customer support outsourcing for the eCommerce industry in every part of the world. Plus, our agents' expertise in over 40 languages ensures connecting with and serving customers in a much better and effective way.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsource eCommerce customer service with us; get in touch today.



Reach out to a greater audience and market your brand with effective telemarketing. Build a non-diminishing customer reach with eCommerce customer service outsourcing with us.

Lead Generation

Our strategies and campaigns can help you generate conversion-ready leads to boost your business revenue through increased sales.

Cross-selling and Up-selling

Besides gaining new customers, engage with existing customers and improve relationships with cross-selling and up-selling.

Multi-channel Pre-sale Support

Never lose a customer with effective and high-quality pre-sale service and support through multiple channels.


Promote your business to new locations, and increase awareness of any of your products and services through multiple channels and in multiple languages.

Complaint Handling

Efficient complaint handling is one of the most important aspects of any eCommerce brand. Our trained agents can handle customer complaints on your behalf to ensure maximum retention and satisfaction.

Return and Refund

Streamline your return and refund process through us. We can manage the return and refund process for your business seamlessly while ensuring an improved customer experience.

Customer Service

Every eCommerce business needs to have a strong customer support helpdesk to solve customer queries and concerns. Outsource eCommerce customer service with us for a multi-channel and multi-lingual support approach.


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14 Countries

40+ Language



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    Enhance your customer satisfaction and retention with eCommerce customer service outsourcing in Albania. Our agents can handle your customer queries and complaints with expertise.


    Outsource eCommerce customer service in Maroc ( Morocco) and build your brand loyalty with maximum customer satisfaction. Know more about how we can boost your customer retention.

    United Kingdom

    Fusion BPO Services offer multi-lingual inbound call centre services outsourcing. We have expertise in customer service outsourcing for eCommerce industry in the United Kingdom.


    Outsource eCommerce customer service in India and enhance your customer retention. Our agents are experts at dealing with customer queries and complaints.


    We handle your retail customer support outsourcing in India with minimum AHT (average handling time) to offer speedy resolution to your customers.

    United States

    Outsource eCommerce customer service in the United States and scale up with a global presence. We offer services in over 40 languages across the world.


    Focus on customer retention and boost your ROI with Fusion BPO Services’ expert eCommerce customer support outsourcing in Canada. We can help you maintain an enviable customer satisfaction.

    El Salvador

    Build your brand reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction with our customer service outsourcing for retail industry in El Salvador. Get in touch with Fusion BPO Services today!


    Our multi-lingual retail customer support outsourcing in Jamaica ensure that your customers are always heard in the language that they feel comfortable in. This builds trust and reputation.



    What services can I outsource for an eCommerce business?

    The retail and eCommerce industry has multiple processes and services that need expert handling. You can outsource both inbound and outbound processes. For inbound, we offer complaint handling, return and refund, and customer support. For outbound, you can outsource telemarketing, lead generation, cross-and up-sale, etc., processes with us.

    Why should I outsource my eCommerce customer service process?

    Outsourcing your eCommerce customer service process can bring many advantages for you, like low set-up cost, experienced agents, multi-lingual approach, global presence, etc.

    Which countries does Fusion serve for the eCommerce industry?

    Fusion serves as an established and experienced BPO on a global scale. We have our offices in over 22 locations spread across 10 countries. Plus, we offer services in over 40 languages. So, irrespective of which part of the world you want to outsource eCommerce customer service, we have got you covered.