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Direct Marketing

Telemarketing Lead Generation

As a leading name among the direct marketing agencies, Fusion’s Direct Marketing solutions enable companies to seamlessly communicate with customers and clients on a large scale and generate more prospects. Direct marketing is directed towards targeted customers. It uses personal data and involves one-to-one communication with chosen customers at their place. So, the impact of the marketing will be several times more than other forms of marketing.

From building stronger relationships with your existing customers to reaching out to new prospects, nothing generates more direct response than direct marketing. And lead generation companies and direct marketing agencies have mastered the art of direct marketing.

A prominent name among B2B direct marketing companies, Fusion has vast experience in providing direct marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. As one of the well-known GDPR-compliant telemarketing lead generation agencies, we are very result-oriented and can help you get pre-qualified sales leads in bulk. We also offer postal marketing services to boost your direct marketing results. Please take a quick look at service offerings


Lead Generation Call Centers

Having over a decade of experience in Telephone marketing for lead generation and contact center services, Fusion has the required expertise to drive pre-qualified sales leads to your company. Our lead generation call centers generate high-quality results, maximize return on investment and help you to maintain a stable pipeline of high-quality leads.

Like all prominent telemarketing lead generation agencies, Fusion has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you extend your market reach with both inbound and outbound telemarketing services. We are compliant with all telemarketing laws, regulations, and legislation of the land to create telemarketing campaigns that deliver high-quality results and maximize your ROI. Whether you need a one-off telemarketing outsourcing campaign or an ongoing customer contact strategy, our lead generation services can deliver excellent results in either situation. We have the skills, experience, and desire to ensure your sales pipeline never runs low.

Postal Marketing

Even in the age of digital shopping, postal marketing still holds its relevance. Studies show that 40% of online purchases are influenced by offline marketing. Adding postal marketing in your marketing mix helps you stand separated from your competitors and gives you a distinct edge. A leading name among direct marketing agencies, Fusion has the experience and expertise to run successful postal marketing campaigns that help you increase revenue and manage costs. Over the past years, we’ve helped countless businesses like yours meet their marketing goals with custom postal marketing solutions. As a B2B direct marketing company, we offer postal marketing campaigns to help you reach the right audience by offering you more control over who receives your messages. With the ability to segment your audience by almost any criteria imaginable, you can be as particular about your target audience as you want.

Why Choose us?

At Fusion, we take care of your comprehensive telemarketing and postal marketing needs with inbound and outbound call center services. Our ability to ensure higher ROI and better results for each of our custom telemarketing outsourcing campaigns have made us one of the most sought-after B2B direct marketing companies.

A few things that set us apart from other direct marketing agencies are:

  • Flexible Calling Hours

    Our lead generation call centers call your customers and prospects at a timeframe that is most suitable for your campaign. It helps us ensure that our calls are most likely to deliver you leads.

  • Inbound Customer Care

    Unlike other telemarketing lead generation agencies, we have several lead generations call centers and lead generation from social media platform with an impressive track record for success. They use their expertise and their knowledge to get you high-quality results.

  • Outbound Sales

    Our experienced outbound sales team drives a high volume of sales while adhering to all the industry compliances.

  • Design tools and services

    As one of the leading direct marketing agencies, Fusion’s postal marketing services leverage the latest design tools to create eye-catchy mailers. These can be in the form of flyers, postcards, brochures, or any formal document.

  • Speed

    We provide direct mail marketing services with quick turnaround times.

  • Compliance

    We are fully compliant with OFCOM, TPS, ICO, and DMA. We follow all the industry best practices to ensure all our operations are clean, compliant and concrete.

Fusion provides high-quality telemarketing lead generation services from 18 locations in 9 countries. We are currently located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Philippines, India, Jamaica, Albania, El Salvador and Morocco.

Ask us how we can help you boost your direct marketing results!

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