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Data Validation

Data Validation Services

Every second wasted calling invalid numbers and updating the database is time that could be invested in making sales!

Your sales teams need reliable data to create and keep correct sales lead lists and pitch to potential prospects. If you keep calling wrong numbers or writing emails to invalid addresses, it won’t be possible to keep the sales pipeline full.

Data validation service is a crucial service for every company. Any team has to trust the data to be used for marketing and sales purposes. So, the data should be clean, correct, and updated. As a data validation company, we will make sure the data you use is correct, and TPS and GDPR compliant for safeguarding demand-generating assets.


Data Cleaning / Data Cleansing Services

While data is one of the most valuable assets for your business, its decay is a significant pain point for businesses. On average, customer data decays by 30% and business data by 70% each year. As a result, the customer and marketing data stored in your database lose their value very soon and need to be cleansed, validated, and upscaled from time to time to be useful. As a well-known provider of data cleaning / data cleansing services, Fusion has the people, the automated tools, and the expertise to help your data stay valuable. Our best-in-class data cleansing services aid you in reducing your wastage and cost that comes with using outdated data to engage customers who have since moved or changed their contact details. Most importantly, our data cleaning services help your business stay compliant with the oft-changing DMA and ICO guidelines.

Data Appending Services

In the age of customers, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and prospect to target them with more precision, elevate their experience with your brand, and generate more business. With Fusion’s Data Append service, you can enrich your data. We help you add additional communication channels, stitch together online and offline identities, predict future behaviours, highlight buying trends, and identify those prospects who are most likely to become your customers, spend more, or even churn.

At Fusion BPO Services, we have a team of specialists who skilfully use our cross-channel techniques and formidable in-house data assets to append value-added fields like social media and overlay valuable attributes such as known buying behaviours. The predictable and measurable data enhancement provides you with significant insight into your customers – whether individuals or businesses. We also merge this intelligence with our other services to offer you the most enriched and up to date customer data.

Data Profiling Services

Studies show that on average, 30% of data in an organisation is inaccurate. So, when you base your decisions on partially inaccurate data, chances are your decisions may not be the best for your organisation. Therefore, it is essential to put your data under a microscope and uncover the underlying issues, correct them and continue the process to have clear, concise and bankable data.

As a reputed name among data profiling agencies, Fusion’s data profiling service includes analysing data before it is put into your data warehouse, thus maintaining consistent data quality. Our data profiling service enables you to develop informed strategies to manage and use your data. To find the option that fits right into your marketing budget and achieve ROI, call us now!

Why Choose Us?

Fusion’s data validation service helps you stay on top of your consumer and marketing data and compliance and reap the benefits. You can choose us for a number of reasons.

  • Improved data governance

    We use advanced business intelligence tools and analytics to enhance data governance and data warehousing efforts.

  • Drive Accuracy

    With Metadata repository and Lineage accuracy, we will help you stay compliant.

  • Value generation

    Validating the integrity, accuracy and clarity of data ensures authority of your conclusions.

  • Legally compliant data

    With Fusion’s expert telephone validation and verification service, we ensure that you collect accurate, opted-in, and correctly formatted phone numbers and identify the basic actionable information about a customer or business.

Fusion provides high-quality data validation services from 18 locations in 9 countries. We are currently located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Philippines, India, Jamaica, Albania, El Salvador and Morocco.

Call us to know more about our data validation services!

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