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Data Marketing Services

Data Marketing Services

Data marketing services are very crucial for businesses that genuinely want to know their customers. Gathering customer information and analysing it is an ongoing struggle for most companies. Fusion specialises in data marketing services and has considerable skill and experience in deploying and developing solutions for companies just like yours.


Profiled Customer Data

High-quality consumer data is the key to success for every B2C company. Therefore, the data list used to acquire new customers must contain clear, accurate and up-to-date data that makes the marketing campaigns far easier. At Fusion, we provide our clients with a range of consumer data lists complete with postal, telephone and email contact details.

All our data is amassed from both online and telephone channels. We can provide you with every type of consumer list needed for your marketing campaigns. We will work with you to know the unique requirements of your project and provide you with different options to find your ideal prospect list. We always suggest bespoke options that fit right into your marketing budget and help you to achieve the ROI faster.

We provide GDPR-compliant, TPS-cleaned, HLR-checked, permission-based, ‘processed-under-consent’, consumer leads by sector and channel across various industry verticals, including, home & life insurance, PMI, utilities, broadband, white goods warranty, Funeral plan and much more.

Business Data

Business data refers to information about target customers, demography, rules and events related to business operations. It is crucial to gather business data and form organization’s decisions on the statistical report to get precise outcomes. It gives ideas on how to move the company forward for sustainability.

We provide business data of the highest standard, complete with postal, telephone and online contact details. Our business data list is perfect for postal marketing, telemarketing, email marketing and online campaigns.

Our database is refreshed every night to ensure that we send you nothing but the latest orders and counts. We can send you a personalized business data list within 24 to 48 hours of completing the order with specifications about your ideal audience.

The list can help you find new customers without further delay. Due to the highly personalized nature of our data lists, you can target the right prospects who are genuinely interested in your products or services. All our lists meet compliance regulations as we check the telephone numbers daily with TPS and CTPS to prevent unsolicited calls.

Why choose us?

List Rental

One of the most cost-effective data set, list rental is ideal for new companies.

Marketing Database

With our enriched B2B marketing database, you can determine the right prospects straightaway.

Tailored Prospect List

Our advanced technology allows you to find your ideal prospects by several variables, including- location, revenue, type of business, employees and much more.

Compliant Data

Our GDPR-compliant database is among the most extensive marketing databases in the UK.

Data Volume

Our data is amassed from multiple data points and interactions with millions of prospects in the UK.

Data Provision

Our provisioned and accurate database helps you succeed in your telemarketing, emails, and postal campaigns.

Cloud Access

Our secured cloud database can be accessed from anywhere through the cloud.To find out more about our expert data marketing services, contact our expert consultants today!

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