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Quality leads can substantially increase the prospect of sales. Quality is the keyword here - as a large volume of leads with a low conversion rate is a waste of time and resources. At the same time, good leads can boost up sales and improve ROI.

B2B Lead Generation service refers to the process of generating potential client interest in a product or service using various methods. A lead can be generated to serve various purposes, such as – selling, awareness, research, list building, or even opinion polls.

Lead generation is known as one of the most effective methods to gain prospective customers. The concept is not new; however, the methods of lead generation are changing rapidly.

Sales lead generation can work wonders for every business. Market trends indicate lead generation services will remain essential for service-oriented businesses in the near future. Often, the lead generation process is a win-win situation for both seller and the buyer. In a lead generation process, a buyer can request information from different businesses offering a particular product or service. For the seller, lead generation is the ideal opportunity to pitch their services or products to reach potential consumers.

B2B Lead Generation with Fusion

As a leading B2B lead generation services provider with 30+ years of experience, we know how to nurture consumer interest to gather high-quality sales-ready leads. Our approach includes reaching out to potential customers through the right channel with the appropriate message in the language of their preference while adhering to industry compliances. Our telemarketing and digital services are available for organizations of all sizes - from a budding start-up to a Fortune 500 business.

Telemarketing & BPO/Contact Center services in the UK

Having over a decade of experience in telemarketing lead generation and lead generation call center services, Fusion has the required expertise to drive pre-qualified sales leads to your company. Our telemarketing lead generation teams maximize return on investment and help you to maintain a stable pipeline of high-quality leads.

At Fusion, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you extend your market reach with both inbound and outbound lead generation telemarketing services. We are compliant with all telemarketing laws, regulations, and legislation of the land to create telemarketing campaigns that deliver high-quality results and maximize your ROI. Whether you need a one-off telemarketing campaign or an ongoing customer contact strategy, we can deliver excellent results in either situation. We have the skills, experience, and desire to ensure your sales pipeline never runs low.

Social Media Marketing/Social media lead generation

With a well-planned strategy and on-time execution, social media can be a powerful marketing weapon to target your audience. With Fusion’s expertise, know-how, and experience, you can engage customers over social media channels and convert them to buyers. Our social media lead generation includes:

  • Facebook Lead Generation

    With 2.66 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become an essential platform for every business to reach out to new customers and get found more easily, promote your content and boost your brand identity. We have the expertise to generate high-quality Facebook leads for our clients.

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

    No other social media channel is as good as LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. Having vast experience as a leading lead generation agency, Fusion can become your ideal lead generation partner, helping you source high-quality leads via LinkedIn and other means.

Paid Lead Generation: Google ads, native ads

PPC, Google Ads are some of the best ways to target your most qualified audience and acquire high-quality leads. Our custom PPC campaign will help you increase the number of leads with a high conversion rate.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a low-cost and high-impact marketing tool that is a great relationship and brand-building tool as well as a potent tool for lead generation. With our email marketing campaigns, you can get access to a high volume of good-quality leads.

We also adhere to region-specific compliances while gathering leads. It includes GDPR compliance for our UK and EU clients.


Paid Lead Campaigns

Target your most qualified audience with our custom PPC campaigns to obtain a high influx of quality leads with better conversion rates.

Direct Marketing

Our telemarketing and digital services enable you to seamlessly communicate with targeted customers on a large scale via direct channels to generate more sales.

Co-Reg Leads

We help you generate highly qualified and relevant co-reg leads via co-registered ad placements.

Social Media Leads

We are equipped to design and execute successful lead generation campaigns that leverage all the primary social media platforms.

Email Marketing Service

With our low-cost, high-impact email marketing campaigns, we can effectively bridge the communication gaps between your business and the consumer to gather better leads.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

Our team of expert telemarketers can help your business generate leads through telemarketing while adhering to compliances.


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    What's the difference between B2B and B2C Lead Generation Services?

    Our B2B lead generation services generally targets other businesses interested in our client's product or services. A B2C lead generation service targets consumers interested in the products and services of our B2C clients.

    Are your services cost-effective?

    Yes, we are committed to providing quality lead generation, telemarketing and digital services to our clients at a reasonable price. Our B2B lead generation services are known to generate high ROI. You can always ask for a quote for detailed pricing.

    Do you have the adequate infrastructure and technology to support my business processes?

    We are a global BPO leader with 20 centers in 10 counties across the globe. We possess state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, which allow us to deliver the best B2B lead generation services to each of our clients.

    I want to outsource my lead generation services to Fusion BPO Services. What should I do?

    Once you've decided to outsource your B2B lead generation services to Fusion, you can simply fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request.

    I Need B2B Lead Generation Services. Whom Should I Approach?

    B2B Lead Generation Services help you trigger your sales and revenues, and you can choose to collaborate with Fusion BPO in the country of your choice. We are a GDPR complaint lead generation agency and serve clients from United Kingdom.