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Empowering Customer Needs.

Multichannel and Multilingual Customer Service Call Center Services

In this age of ever-increasing customer expectation, customer service has become the new brand differentiator. According to researches, 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stopped buying after a bad customer service interaction.

Therefore, businesses today must focus more on improving the quality of customer service to match the expectation of their customers. An efficient, prompt, and above par customer service will ensure a satisfied, happy, and loyal client base, and will attract positive referrals. While businesses spend much money on acquiring new customers, they can retain their existing customers at a fraction of the cost. All they need to do is to provide high-quality customer service that caters to their customer’s every need.

As a leading BPO service provider, with over 15 years of industry experience, Fusion understands that a modern business requires to go above and beyond with its customer relationship management efforts through efficient customer service that is tailored to suit their needs.

Fusion has a vast experience of handling customer service for a number of our esteemed clients. We believe that to provide outstanding customer service that results in customer satisfaction, businesses must focus on their customer’s needs and convenience. Keeping this in mind, we provide you with our custom customer service solutions that allow you to resolve every customer query and issue via the channel of their choice – voice, chat, text, and email.

Our extensive customer service offerings include:

Our Key Features Include:

Multichannel Offering

At Fusion, we support a variety of communication channels to provide your clients with the option to choose their preferred channel. Communication channels we support include – voice, text, chat, and email.

Multilingual Offering

Besides offering customer service via multiple channels, Fusion also takes pride in providing customer service in your customer’s native tongue. Our customer service agents are proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, German, and many other European languages. Therefore, they can offer your customers the right kind of assistance in a language he or she speaks, increasing their satisfaction level manifold.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Equipped with the latest technology, Fusion can also provide you with an omnichannel customer service that eliminates the number one pain point of traditional customer service for your customers – having to repeat information every time they change the channel or are assigned a new customer service representative. Thanks to our omnichannel capability, we can offer your customers a seamless customer experience in their preferred communication channel.

Seamless Integration

Still worried about outsourcing your customer service operation?

At Fusion, we work as an extended team of our clients. Our Fusion customer service team seamlessly blends with your brand identity and speak your language. Your customers will never feel like they are talking to a third-party call center. Our agents go through rigorous training to adopt your brand identity and speak your brand voice while serving your customers.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

At Fusion, we integrate our technology and processes to deliver unparalleled customer experience to your customers driving loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue. From excellent customer interaction and prompt and accurate issue resolution to proactive after-sales service great loyalty programs and VIP treatment to Priority customers -Fusion uses multiple techniques to make your customers feel appreciated, confident, and respected. We aim to deliver exceptional customer experience at different touchpoints of your customer’s journey through stellar customer service.

Stringent Quality Check

Each of our customer service interactions goes through a strict quality checking process to improve its quality.

Report and Analysis

Our agents are trained to create detailed reporting of every customer service interaction using CRM software. The data obtained this way can be thoroughly analyzed to understand customer expectation trends, so that, you can make the necessary changes in your business operations to make it more customer-friendly.

These features help us offer you a flexible, efficient, prompt, and cost-effective customer service solution that suits your business to the tee. With our custom customer service solutions, you can not only keep your customers satisfied but can also earn their loyalty, referral, and repeat business.

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