With the market scenario changing rapidly and becoming more competitive than ever, businesses need to focus on retaining their existing customer base and acquiring new customers. To do so, they need an outsourcing partner that specializes in both inbound call center outsourcing and outbound call center solutions.

As a leading provider of inbound call center services, we can offer multilingual, multichannel inbound call center solutions in over 40 languages. We have a highly trained and customer-focused team with vast experience in delivering state-of-the-art inbound call center outsourcing services to your customers and prospects. Our call center services are specially designed to ensure the highest level of customer experience in each interaction.

We have carved a niche in the global outsourcing market as a well-known provider of outbound call center outsourcing services. We are a multilingual and multichannel BPO with a wide array of outbound call center services ranging from generic services to industry-specific. We have an experienced and skilled team of outbound call center agents who are trained in different kinds of outbound call center solutions designed to ensure a boost in revenue, collection, fundraising, and much more.

With such an extensive range of inbound call center solutions, we can help you deliver an excellent customer experience at every touchpoint, improving customer retention and customer loyalty. In addition, our outbound call center services can help you expand your market and acquire new customers, contributing to future business growth.


Customer Service

With our multilingual and multichannel capabilities, we can deliver state-of-art customer service across all channels, ensuring a higher CX.

Tech Support

We have certified engineers to handle all tech support needs of your customers, focusing on the first-contact resolution.

Answering Services

One of our leading inbound call center solutions, the phone answering service, helps us provide your customers with timely and accurate information.


As a part of our outbound call center solutions, we offer telemarketing services in over 40 languages to our clients.

Research And Survey

Our outbound call center services include research and survey offering in multiple languages. These services are especially beneficial to businesses looking to enter a new market or launch a new product or service.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of our most prominent outbound call center outsourcing services. We offer GDPR-compliant lead generation services to our UK and EU clients.


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    What's The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Calls?

    Inbound calls refer to the calls made by customers to an inbound call center for assistance, issue resolution, or queries. Outbound calls refer to the calls made by outbound call center agents for proactive customer service, sales, survey, or marketing campaigns.

    Can Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center Improve Your Brand Value?

    You can improve your brand value with inbound and outbound call center outsourcing. A proficient outbound and inbound call center outsourcing service provider can add value to your brand by improving efficiency and performance of your brand. A multichannel, multilingual call center like Fusion can also improve your business's capabilities and customer experience delivery.

    Why Do I Need an Inbound Call Center or Outbound Call Center Solution for Your Business?

    Outsourcing your non-core operations to an inbound call center or outbound call center allows your employees to focus on the core business. Outsourcing your call center operations is also cost-effective and highly efficient. It can add value to your business and help you deliver a superior customer experience at every touchpoint.

    How Effective Is An Inbound Call Center For Generating Sales?

    An inbound call center can be very effective in generating sales. When a customer or prospect contacts a call center with some queries related to products or services, the inbound call center agents can provide prompt and accurate information and build a strong connection between the customer and the agent. This connection then converts into sales and leads to long-term customer loyalty.