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How Phone Answering Services and Order Taking Call Center Services Can Work For You

Customer behavior and customer expectations are changing rapidly, and brands need to adapt to the changing customer preferences. Customers today expect accurate information, timely service, and reliable solutions from you and do not hesitate to switch brands when they do not get it. Therefore, you need 24/7 phone answering services to provide your customers with the right information and solution at the right time on a 24/7 basis.

Why Should You Use Fusion's Phone Answering Services and Order Taking Call Center Services For Your Business?

With 30+ years of experience in providing 24/7 phone answering services to clients from different industry verticals, Fusion can cater to all your call answering services outsourcing needs. From virtual assistant to order processing services, our phone answering services team can respond to all customer interactions with a human touch and deliver a superior customer experience at each touchpoint.

As an important part of our call answering outsourcing services offerings, we also deliver prompt order processing services to your customers and prospects to ensure best-in-class service delivery and superior customer experience. As a global order-taking call center, we can help you provide the right information to your customers and prospects and encourage them to place an order with your business.

We have vast experience as an inbound order taking call center for different industry verticals. Therefore, we can help you deliver better order taking and order processing services to your customers. Furthermore, with our 18 centers in 9 countries, 6000+ multilingual talent pool, and PCI-DSS certification, we can be the best BPO to outsource order taking services.


24/7 Phone Answering Services

We offer 24/7 phone answering services from our 18 centers in 9 countries. We can also provide call answering outsourcing services in over 40 languages.

After-Hour Call Answering Services

We can also provide after-hour call answering services to your business to ensure that you never miss a call ever again.

Virtual Assistant Services

Our trained and experienced agents can offer you a seamless virtual assistant service by handling all your inbound calls and providing detailed information about each of the calls.

Order Taking Services

We can provide your prospects with accurate information and make them place their orders with your business. Being a multilingual order taking call center helps us build a better connection between your customers and your brand.

Order Tracking Services

We provide your customers with accurate information regarding the status and location of their orders in their preferred language, ensuring a better experience.


18 Centers in
9 Countries

40+ Language



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    How Does an Order Taking Call Center Work?

    An order taking call center provides your customers with prompt answers to their specific queries and takes their order at their convenience. At Fusion, we have trained agents to deliver prompt and efficient order processing services. So when you outsource order taking services to our order taking call center, you can expect an excellent service delivery.

    What are the benefits of phone answering services?

    When you outsource 24/7 phone answering services, you can enjoy multiple benefits:
    1. You no longer miss a single customer or prospect inquiry ever again.
    2. Opting for call answering outsourcing services allows your business to appear more proficient and customer-centric. It also allows you to deliver a superior customer experience with prompt information dissemination and inquiry handling.
    3.Outsourcing 24/7 phone answering services are also very cost-effective, and it frees your time to focus on your core business practices.

    Why choose Fusion BPO Services?

    You should outsource order taking services as well as other call answering outsourcing services to Fusion because our answering and order taking call center operates from 18 locations in 9 countries. Alongside the global delivery model, we also provide multilingual and multichannel support to our clients. In addition, we are compliant with PCI-DSS for added data security.

    Who Should I hire a professional answering services provider for outsourcing my order taking services?

    It is better to hire a call answering outsourcing services provider for outsourcing your order taking and order processing services. With their prompt responding skills and in-depth knowledge, phone answering services providers can better handle inbound order taking services by providing the customers with the information they are looking for and building a human connection between the customers and the brand, compelling the customers to place their order with your business.

    Who Provides The Best Phone Answering And Order Taking Services To Multiple Business Sectors?

    With so many contact centers around, Fusion BPO emerges as the unprecedented leader as we operate in 10 global countries that include United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Columbia, Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica. Our global presence across 22 locations makes our contact centers easily accessible to everyone. Our phone answering and order taking services are backed by our 30 years of precious experience, and we help you enhance your CX like no one else does.