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Welcome to Fusion BPO services

Fusion is a prominent name in the list of call centers in Dubai and the EMEA region. An omnichannel, multichannel, multilingual IT/ITES company, Fusion offers tailored call center services solutions to businesses in Dubai and other prominent EMEA business hubs. With centers in 14 countries across the globe, we have a worldwide reach. But we have not lost the local touch or reliability. That's what makes us a great call center to cater to the industries in Dubai.

Established in 2004, Fusion is a well-recognized company in the global contact center scene. With 27 centers in 14 countries and 14000+ employees, Fusion provides end-to-end multichannel and omnichannel contact center solutions in over 40 languages catering to the various outsourcing needs of reputed brands as well as startups. Our multilingual capabilities include English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and many other Asian and European languages.

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BPO Services

Voice Process

As a call center in Dubai, we offer various BPO voice process services to cater to our clients' various outsourcing needs. We offer a wide variety of inbound call center services and outbound call center services that range from customer support to IT support outsourcing.

Non Voice Process

We are a reputed call center in Dubai offering a range of BPO Non-voice Process Services to cater to our Dubai clients' multichannel outsourcing needs. We handle everything various non-voice processes including - BPO chat support and IT support outsourcing.

KPO Services

Fusion also offers KPO Call Center Outsourcing Services, such as -Account Outsourcing Services, Payroll Outsourcing Services, Payroll Processing Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing, management consultancy services, and much more.

Live Chat Support Services

Fusion manages BPO Chat Process on behalf of its clients. Our Live Chat helpline outsourcing helps our clients deliver high-quality customer support, prompt issue resolution, and achieve a high customer satisfaction rate.

Collection Services

A prominent name among the outsourcing companies in Dubai, Fusion also offers Debts Collection Services to its clients. Our Call Center Outsourcing Services for Debt Collection includes –medical debt collection, educational loan debt collection, and other debt collection services.

Quality Assurance

Fusion also offers Call Center Services for Quality Assurance. The Quality Assurance Testing Outsourcing Services we provide helps you drive better customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Answering Services

As a prominent name among the outsourcing companies in UAE, we offer 24-hour live phone answering services outsourcing provider. Our BPO services include - Answering Services for Physicians and Doctors, Medical Answering Services, Answering Services for Small Business, Answering Services for Big Firms, etc.

Order Taking Services

Fusion is a well-known provider of Order Taking Outsourcing Services. We offer 24 Hour Order Taking Services as a leading call center for order taking services.

Industries we serve through our BPO Services in Dubai

Financial Services

Fusion is a financial service outsourcing BPO with over 15 years of experience. We offer Inbound / Outbound Call Center Services outsourcing for financial services catering to BFSI companies' needs.


A Healthcare Outsourcing Services company, Fusion offers a variety of call center outsourcing Services for the Healthcare Industry. We offer BPO services for the healthcare industry, such as- Medical Answering Services, Answering Services for Physicians and Doctors Live Chat Support Services for Healthcare, and much more.


We have a wide range of Inbound / Outbound Call Center Services for Telecommunication Industry. As a leading name among outsourcing companies in Dubai, we offer BPO services such as - Technical Customer Support Services, Live Chat Support Services for Telecommunication, Answering Services Outsourcing for Telecommunication Industry, and much more.

E Commerce

As a leading provider of E-commerce Call Center Services, we offer a number of services to the E-commerce companies. These services include - 24 Hour Live Answering Services, Customer Support Outsourcing Services, Technical Customer Support Services etc.

Consumer packaged Goods

We also offer a number of Business Process Outsourcing Services for Consumer Packaged Goods. Our BPO Services for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry include Answering Services, Live Chat Support Services, and much more.


Fusion offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services for Utility Industry. We are a well-known Utility Call Center in Dubai. Our services include - Live Chat Support Services, 24 Hour Live Answering Services, Technical Customer Support Services, and much more.


Fusion offers a wide range of Education Call Center Services. Our Support Services Outsourcing for School and Colleges encompasses everything from 24 Hour Live Answering Services to Live Chat Support Services.


Our Travel Call Center Services include a wide range of BPO services, such as -24 Hour Live Answering Services, booking and cancellation, customer service, and much more.

Locations we serve in UAE

Abu Dhabi

A prominent business hub in the EMEA region, Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second populous city of the United Arab Emirates. Apart from the hydrocarbon industry, Abu Dhabi is also known for its retail, investment, tourism, knowledge, and innovation industry. Prominently located in the EMEA region, Fusion has the capacity to serve each of these industries.


Dubai is the most prominent business hub of Western Asia. Real estate and construction, trade, transport, and financial services are the major industries of Dubai. Fusion can meet the various outsourcing needs of these industries through its multilingual call center services.


Sharjah is the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the city's major industries include airlines, tourism, education, healthcare, and much more. Fusion can offer custom call center services to all the major and minor players from each industry.


What is customer service?

Customer service is the support a business offers to its customers — both before and after purchasing and using the products or services. Customer service helps the customers have an easy and enjoyable experience with the brand. Offering excellent customer service is vital for retaining customers and growing a business. Today, customer service is not limited to traditional telephone support and can be provided through multiple channels like email, web, text message, and social media. As a multichannel and omnichannel call center, Fusion can provide customer service to businesses of any size.

How does Fusion BPO work?

At Fusion, we offer multichannel, omnichannel, and multilingual call center services. With 18 centers in 14 countries and 14000+ employees, we cater to the outsourcing need of various industry verticals in more than 40 languages. Some of our call center services include – inbound and outbound call center services, voice-process and non-voice process, answering services, Live chat support, order taking services and much more.

What sets fusion BPO apart from other BPO companies?

Fusion is a multichannel, omnichannel, and multilingual IT/ITES solutions provider with core values such as - empathy, efficiency, diversity, chasing growth, integrity, and commitment. With these values, we come out as a more human, agile, and diverse company that is globally accessible yet locally reliable. And that is what helps us stand out amid the outsourcing companies in UAE.

Can your BPO serve the outsourcing needs of a big corporation/small business?

At Fusion, we offer highly personalized business process outsourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes, be it a multinational corporation or a small startup. Our custom call center solution is tailored to suit your unique outsourcing needs perfectly.

How much does it cost to outsource customer service?

The rates of our call center services are very cost-effective and reasonable. However, the cost of outsourcing depends on your unique outsourcing requirements. To know more, contact us today or request a quote.


Thanks to their work, our Financial Service company was able to attract return clients and acquire new ones. Fusion BPO Services were knowledgeable about the business throughout the engagement. They were efficient and had a smooth workflow.

Tim John

Designation - Business Lead, Financial Services Company

"They save us money and time ... and give a wide range of services to provide to customers."

Matt Curry

Designation - Operational Manager, Information Technology Company

"Their strengths are their people and their effort."

Karen Thomas

Designation - Marketing Head, Telecommunications Company

"Impressed with their professionalism, highly recommended."

Pat Mcculum

Designation - CEO and Founder, Information Technology Company