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Welcome To FUSION – A Leading Name In The Global BPO Industry

Fusion is an ITES industry leader, offering premium contact center solutions to brands and companies across multiple industries and business verticals. We are popular for our customized call center services that can be easily molded to your business requirements and industry-specific guidelines. At the same time, we are the company with the “POWER OF HUMAN CONNECT”, delivering top-quality human engagements to our clients and their customers in every corner of the world.

As a global contact center services provider, we have multiple locations spread across the map in almost every continent on the planet. Our global locations include the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Colombia, the Middle East, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. With a global presence that includes 27 locations in 14 countries that employ a massive talent pool of over 13,000 trained and expert professionals, we are able to offer superior customer engagements in over 40 different international and regional languages.

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Customer Support (Voice & Non-Voice)

We offer premium customer support in more than 40 different international and regional languages in multiple communication channels, including phones, text messages, emails, IMs, live web chats, etc. This allows your global customers to have quality interactions with your company representatives in their native languages.

Phone Answering Services

Our phone answering services can be incredibly beneficial to your customer communications as it enables you to have trained professionals deal with incoming customer communications. This ensures superior conversations and swift resolutions for superior customer experiences, fostering positive brand-customer relationships.

Appointment Management Services

Now, you can schedule and manage appointments for your customers efficiently and effectively. We ensure easy and convenient appointment management to ensure that you can deliver top customer services without compromising core activities. We also offer timely reminders to ensure zero absenteeism and appointment cancellations.

Debt Collection Services

Our debt collection agents have the proficiency to ensure maximum recoveries of debts and pending payments from your customers. However, we make great efforts to ensure satisfactory engagements and deliver superior CX in the process to ensure that you continue to maintain healthy customer relationships.

Quality Assurance

Our contact center agents are trained to ensure top-quality customer service deliveries in tandem with industry standards. As a result, we ensure superior quality assurance in everything we do. This includes customer engagements, back-office operations, client services, and many other aspects of our contact center solutions.

Sales & Telemarketing

The sales part of your business is a major aspect of every business. After all, it is what brings in the moolah. Hence, we dedicate added attention and make extra efforts to boost your sales figures. We also help your customer acquisition through top-notch telemarketing strategies and practices.

Order Taking Services

Our contact center agents are trained to ensure maximum conversions from incoming product/service inquiries. We process leads and prospects efficiently to ensure that we can see them through to sales. At the same time, we help them make satisfactory purchases through convenient and beneficial purchase assistance.

Billing Assistance

We can help you deal with customer inquiries and complaints about their bills, answer their questions about billing particulars and resolve discrepancies. Our swift services and prompt solution deliveries will ensure that your customers receive convenient answers to their queries in no time at all.

Insurance Verification & Claims Settlements

We can help you verify insurance information and process claims efficiently and swiftly. This will mitigate lengthy claims settlements and ensure that your business can get paid at the earliest. At the same time, this also relieves your business from the trouble and inconvenience of lengthy insurance verification processes.


Banking & Financial Services

With over 33 years of experience operating in the banking and financial services sector, we offer multiple services to companies in this industry. These services include customer support, 1st party & 3rd party debt collection services, debt purchase, account-related inquiries, and much more.


Our value-added services in the insurance industry include lead generation, data validation, customer inquiries for products/services, telemarketing, sales, insurance verification, claims settlements, etc. Our contact center agents are highly trained and equipped with the necessary resources to ensure maximum outcomes for your insurance business.


Our contact tracing services were greatly effective in the recent global pandemic, while our other offerings in the healthcare sector continue to help healthcare businesses and medical institutions thrive with their customer services. We help you deliver impeccable patient engagements to ensure seamless and superior CX deliveries.


Being a part of a customer-centric sector, telecommunication businesses must ensure convenient solutions for their customers in order to thrive and flourish. We help telecom companies do that with our wide range of services, including billing assistance, lead generation and sales, contract management, and much more.

Retail & E-Commerce

With most industries switching over to the digital platform, retail businesses are not holding back anymore. As a result, we have curated several value-added services for retail stores that will enable them to take their businesses online and deliver superior customer experiences at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey.

Utilities & Energy

The utilities and energy sector is quite complicated and must be handled with great tact. Our industry-specific customer support for this sector will enable your company to deliver customer services like no other. This will enable you to enjoy a competitive edge over others in the industry, maximizing customer acquisition and retention.


The EdTech industry is fairly new in comparison to others but is driving forward at a much more rapid pace than others. Our customized contact center solutions have been designed to assist and improve the operations of EdTech businesses and help them continue on their upward drive.

Travel, Tourism & Transport

Being an industry that thrives on customer experiences, we ensure that your customers have the best ones. From general inquiries to sales and complaints & grievances management, we do it all! Our professional yet empathetic approach will help you maximize customer engagements to deliver the best outcomes for your business.


The United States of America

We have a total of six locations across five different states in the country. With offices in Ohio, Florida, Utah, Georgia, and North Carolina, we have been able to develop a vast network in the United States. This has allowed us to offer premium customer services to companies from every major industry and every corner of the country.


Our massive presence in the United States has also helped us build a strong presence in Canada. This has allowed us to deliver top-notch professional contact center services to several top companies in the country, helping them maximize their business operations to deliver superior customer services and experiences. This has enabled us to accumulate several top companies in the country as our clients.

El Salvador

Our presence in El Salvador makes us a premier nearshore contact center company for our clients in the United States, enabling us to deliver competent and convenient contact center solutions across the board. At the same time, it has also enabled us to offer inexpensive and cost-effective services to our clients without blowing a massive hole in their pockets.


Another nearshore contact center for our clients in the North American continent, our offices in the Caribbean country, have allowed us to offer a diverse talent pool and multilingual customer services. At the same time, the comparatively lower economy of the country has helped us offer cheaper contact center solutions to our clients without compromising on quality.


A massive presence in the South American continent has helped us offer multilingual customer services to our many clients located in several countries in the surrounding region. We are also able to deliver top-notch contact center solutions to customers in their native languages across multiple communication channels, including phones, emails, texts, live web chats, etc., delivering a comprehensive experience.

The United Kingdom

With a prime location close to the city of London, we are able to deliver premium customer services from our offices in the United Kingdom. Our presence in the United Kingdom has also enabled us to cater to the industry-specific needs of our clients in Europe, delivering multilingual customer support to our esteemed clientele from all over the continent.


A prominent presence in the Balkan region, our contact center in Albania allows us to deliver top professional call center services to a massive clientele in the area. We have access to the massive talent pool in the region, which allows us to deliver premium contact center solutions in multiple languages and across several communication channels in the area.


We have a total of three different offices in Morocco, which has not only helped us expand our presence in the Middle East but also enabled us to amplify our service offerings to businesses and companies in the area. As a result, we have been able to deliver consistent and competent customer support to our many clients in the African continent and other Arabic countries in the Middle East.


We have a massive presence in India, with offices in ten different cities around the country. As we continue to grow in the country and around the globe, we wish to expand our network to include more locations in India and the world over. This also helps us access a larger talent pool, in turn, helping us improve service offerings to clients.

The Philippines

As one of the largest and fastest-growing BPO hubs in the global BPO sector, the Philippines is a prime location for contact center outsourcing. As a result, our presence in the country has helped us gain access to several top companies from multiple industries and business verticals. This has also helped us offer competitive and cost-effective services with consistency.


One of the latest additions to the Fusion family, our office in Thailand has helped us strengthen our presence in Asia. At the same time, it has only served to improve our service offering and customer service deliveries, enabling clients to have access to industry-leading contact center solutions without compromising on the desired customer support quality.


As a part of a growing industry, our call center in Indonesia has allowed us to expand our horizons and approach previously untouched areas. We have been able to access untapped markets and offer our professional contact center services to a host of clients in the surrounding region. As we continue to build our clientele in the area, we also strive to expand our repertoire to offer superior services at competitive prices.


Why should you outsource customer services to a professional call center company?

If you wish to ensure superior customer experiences and maximize retention, it is imperative that you deliver competent and convenient customer support. Your core staff may lack the professional skills to deliver the required quality of services. Hence, outsourcing customer services to a professional contact center company may be the best thing you ever do for your customers. With superior customer services, you will be able to improve the experiences your customers have during their association with your company.

Why should you outsource customer services to Fusion?

Fusion has slowly carved a reputation of being an industry leader in the global BPO sector, delivering premium contact center solutions across industry verticals. With over 33 years of experience, we have curated customizable services to cater to the unique business requirements of companies from all industries. This has enabled us to deliver top multilingual and omnichannel customer support to clients, making us an automatic choice for businesses looking to outsource customer support functions.

What sets Fusion apart from other BPO companies in the industry?

Fusion is the company with the “POWER OF HUMAN CONNECT”. We believe that customer experiences are the most important aspect that determines the relationship between a brand and its customers. Customer experiences are what determine the choice of customers on whether they continue to stay loyal to a company or move on to a competitor. Hence, we ensure empathetic human engagement in every customer interaction to ensure superior customer service deliveries for positive CX.

In addition, we strive to retain a local touch in our customer support deliveries despite our massive global network of contact centers in 27 locations across 14 countries worldwide. Our agents are trained to adapt to the cultural aspects of your customers and their native mannerisms. We work hard to bond with your customers and have empathetic interactions with them through concentrated humanized efforts. This helps you deliver superior customer experiences to your customers from all around the world, maintaining consistency in customer service deliveries across your customer base.

How can Fusion’s human engagements impact your customer experiences?

We ensure incredible consistency in our contact center solutions regardless of the locations of your business and customers. For example, your customers in the United States will receive similar customer support to those in the United Kingdom, Asia, or other countries. The only differentiating factor among them would be the tonality of the interactions, which would be customized according to the cultural needs of your customers based on their locations. Our ability to deliver premium multilingual and omnichannel customer support has transformed us into a global force. It makes us an automatic choice for companies looking to outsource inbound and outbound call center services.

What languages do Fusion include in their multilingual customer engagements?

Some of the languages in which we offer customer service outsourcing include (but are not limited to):


Our contact center solutions and customer interactions are available in several other global and regional languages.

What is the cost of outsourcing customer services?

There are several factors that determine the cost of outsourcing customer services to a professional contact center like Fusion. These factors include the location of the contact center, cost of labor, the business requirements of the clients, the contact center solutions being availed, etc. Each of these factors has a massive impact on the price as well as the quality of customer services. However, professional contact center solutions can be very cost-effective and beneficial to your business if you opt for top-quality professional services. And that is precisely what you get with Fusion.

What are the most important benefits to hiring Fusion for call center services outsourcing?

Fusion can offer several benefits to your customer support, including:

  • Prompt & efficient customer-centric solutions for swift resolution of customer issues
  • Professional customer support, query handling, and complaints management by trained and expert agents
  • Access to industry-specific technology, infrastructure, and solutions for impeccable accuracy & consistency in customer solutions
  • 24X7 customer support available to ensure round-the-clock assistance and minimum call abandonment
  • Multilingual customer support in 40+ languages
  • Omnichannel communications across phones, texts, live web chats, social media, emails, IMs, etc.
  • Reduction in staffing & operating expenses for customer support teams
  • Increased time, money, and other resources to focus on your revenue-generating activities
  • Improved operational efficiency, combined with top-quality customer support, for comprehensive customer experiences
  • Constant & consistent monitoring and updates to ensure customer support quality assurances
  • Workload reduction for core team members
  • Improved brand identity & recognition
  • Amplified customer loyalty & retention
  • Increase in new customer acquisition

These benefits can significantly improve your customer acquisition and retention through superior CX deliveries. At the same time, we relieve you of customer support and engagement responsibilities so that you can focus better on your core business functionalities and improve outcomes. This will help you maximize business operations and generate maximum revenues, significantly improving your business’s bottom line.


Thanks to their work, our Financial Service company was able to attract return clients and acquire new ones. Fusion BPO Services were knowledgeable about the business throughout the engagement. They were efficient and had a smooth workflow.

Tim John

Designation - Business Lead, Financial Services Company

"They save us money and time ... and give a wide range of services to provide to customers."

Matt Curry

Designation - Operational Manager, Information Technology Company

"Their strengths are their people and their effort."

Karen Thomas

Designation - Marketing Head, Telecommunications Company

"Impressed with their professionalism, highly recommended."

Pat Mcculum

Designation - CEO and Founder, Information Technology Company