In the present age, every brand has to keep up with ever-changing customer behavior and expectations to stay relevant in a highly competitive marketplace. As a result, brands need to consider outsourcing their non-core services to reputed BPO Companies in US that can provide their customers with accurate information and timely and reliable solutions round the clock.

Top-quality BPO services will help your customers receive prompt and satisfactory solutions, improving customer experiences and loyalty to your brand. At the same time, their services will enable you to focus more on your core services and improve your offerings to your customers. Improved quality of brand offerings combined with top-quality customer support will enable you to offer comprehensive services to your consumers. In addition, the improvement in the overall quality of all services will also improve brand reputation, transforming you into an industry leader.

As A Leading BPO Company In USA, Fusion Delivers Best-In-Class BPO Services That Enhance Customer Experience

Fusion has 30+ years of experience in the global BPO services industry, providing state-of-the-art BPO services to clients from different industry verticals. We can cater to all your Business Process Outsourcing needs, from customer engagement to data marketing and digital solutions. As a multichannel, multilingual BPO company, we can deliver a superior customer experience at each touchpoint by responding to every customer interaction with a human touch.

Our BPO services encompass a wide variety of customer support functions, including customer services, inquiry handling, 24X7 phone answering services, complaint management, order processing, and much more. We provide BPO services via phone, chat, email, social media, and other communication channels in over 40 languages. Our ability to offer multilingual and omnichannel services has made us one of the fastest-growing companies and a leading name in the global BPO services industry.

As a Top BPO Company in US, our focus has always been on delivering prompt, best-in-class BPO services that enhance customer experience. As a global BPO services provider, we can help you offer your customers and prospects the right solutions at the quickest possible time. At the same time, we can also help you gather and process essential insights on the current market through quality customer interactions.

We have several years of experience as a BPO services provider across several industry verticals. As a result, we can help you deliver better customer support and satisfactory experiences. Furthermore, with a vast network of 23 centers in 10 countries, we have a multilingual talent pool comprising over 10,000 professionals. Such massive resources, along with a PCI-DSS certification and other local, national, and international accreditations, make us the best BPO company to outsource your customer support functions.


Customer engagement services

From customer service to tech support via phone, chat, email, and social media platforms, we offer various customer engagement services in over 40 languages to our clients from various industry verticals.

Data Marketing

As part of our BPO Services in US, we also offer lead generation services and data validation services to our clients. We specialize in online lead generation, telephone lead generation, and co-reg lead generation and can also provide data append and data cleansing services.

Digital solutions

As a leading BPO Company in US providing end-to-end outsourcing solutions, we also offer a wide variety of digital solutions, including robotic process automation, speech-to-text, and workforce management solutions to our clients. This can help them streamline their processes while also boosting their performance, accuracy, and efficiency.

KPO Services

As a Top BPO Company in US, we also offer many KPO services to help our clients in HR processes, accounting, payroll processing, and workplace management.



We have several BPO Services in US for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industry. With over 33 years of experience in the industry, we can offer you critical non-core services, including Customer Support, Complaints Management, Claims Settlement, Debt Collection, and many others, to help your financial business succeed.


With massive digital transformation across industry verticals, there has been massive development in the EdTech sector. Fusion has been able to develop a number of critical services around the industry and is capable of resolving several issues for your EdTech business. Although our primary services center around Customer Services, we can also help you with other aspects such as Complaints handling, Lead generation, etc.


As a Top BPO Company in US, our 24X7 customer services and tech support can be incredibly beneficial to your technology business. While you develop the technology for your target market, let us deal with customer queries and client issues. In addition, we will help you offer better communication to your customers to ensure better experiences for them.

Retail & Ecommerce

Being one of the busiest industries in the current landscape, the retail and e-commerce sector witnesses millions of customer interactions every day. And with customer support being a prominent aspect of the current retail industry, BPO Companies in US have a major role in the success of retail and e-commerce businesses. With Fusion, you can be assured of superior consumer experiences for your customers.


The Healthcare industry is vast, and there is a ton of work to do even after patients have recovered from their illnesses. Let Fusion help your healthcare business with all your non-core responsibilities, including Patient Support, Appointment Scheduling & Monitoring, Billing & Invoice, Insurance Verification, Claims Settlements, etc. With efficient customer services from a HIPAA-compliant BPO Company in US, you can focus your in-house resources on improving the healthcare treatments for your patients.


Fusion is an industry leader in outsourcing for the telecom industry, offering top contact center solutions to our partners and clients in the telecom industry. With our global resources, coupled with our expertise and the vast experience we have in the sector, you will certainly be able to offer stunning customer experiences across your global customer base.

Energy & Utility

The Energy & Utility industry is huge and is also one of the most customer-centric sectors in the United States. Therefore, your Energy & Utility company needs to offer top customer support if you want to have a successful business in the sector. Our comprehensive and specialized Business Process Outsourcing services will help your business build strong customer relationships through incredible consumer experiences.

Travel & Hospitality

The Travel & Hospitality industry relies massively on customer experiences and reviews. Use Fusion’s global resources and massive workforce to offer the best customer support and allow your Travel & Hospitality business to thrive. Using our skills of efficient customer handling, we will help you forge positive relationships with your customers that improve brand recognition and customer loyalty.


23 center
in 10 countries

language support

33+ years
of experience


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    Improve your business operations in Europe the cost-effective way with our superior BPO Services in Albania offered to you from an on-shore or near-shore location in Albania.


    Outsource your customer support and other non-core responsibilities of your business in the EMEA to our center in Morocco. With our Morocco location, you will get customer support professionals that can communicate with your local customers in a language of their preference.

    United Kingdom

    As a Top BPO Company with a massive presence in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your outsourcing requirements. Give your customer a superior experience with our skillful professionals engaging in personalized interactions.


    India is a culturally diverse country. As a result, your business locations across the country may have unique outsourcing requirements. Engage with Fusion to get universal and consistent services across multiple locations in the country.

    The Philippines

    Give your business the boost it needs by focusing on your core functions while we help you deal with the non-core responsibilities such as Customer Support, Lead Generation, and many more from our Philippines sector.

    United States of America

    Being a BPO Company in US, Fusion can help you offer consistent customer support across the 50 states in the country. At the same time, our multilingual and omnichannel support will also help you make things more convenient for your customers, improving their experiences with your brand.


    Focus on your customer engagements with Fusion’s contact center solutions and create satisfied customers across the country. In turn, this will help improve your sales while also boosting brand identity and reputation.

    El Salvador

    Fusion’s presence in the country of El Salvador is great news for your business in the NALATAM region. Give your business the boost it needs with professional outsourcing services from one of the world’s leading BPO Companies.


    Customize your business operations and customer support requirements in Jamaica to your customers’ needs with Fusion’s professional services. With our global presence and 10,000+ professionals, we can offer superior customer services in over 40 languages, allowing your customers in the country to enjoy personalized interactions.


    Our Business Process Outsourcing services in Colombia are designed to drive results for your business in the country. Through efficient and effective customer services, we will help you improve sales while also boosting customer relationships.



    How will my project be handled if I outsource to Fusion BPO Services?

    As a 24/7 BPO Services in US provider, we have the latest and the most advanced technology, tools, and processes. When you choose us as your BPO partner, we will allot a dedicated project manager who will regularly stay in touch with you. We will also hire the best team for your process and train them to meet all your outsourcing requirements. We will keep you updated on the progress of your processes through detailed and timely reporting.

    Are your BPO services cost-effective?

    Yes, as a BPO Company in US, we are committed to providing high-quality service to our clients at a reasonable price. You can always request a quote for detailed pricing from us – your 24/7 customer engagement services provider. Also, the value-added services and the customer experiences we offer will enable you to enjoy better customer loyalty and bring in more revenues for your business.

    Do you have the adequate infrastructure and technology to support my business processes?

    Fusion is a leading 24/7 BPO services provider with 23 centers in 10 countries across the globe. We have the latest tool, technology, and infrastructure along with a global talent pool to ensure high-quality services to all our clients. Such massive resources mean that regardless of the scale of your outsourcing requirements, we will always be able to assign the necessary infrastructure for your Business Process Outsourcing needs.

    I want to outsource my services to Fusion BPO Services. What should I do?

    Once you have decided to outsource your BPO service requirements to Fusion, you can fill out the inquiry form by clicking the 'Get A Quote' button at the top right corner of the company webpage. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request. You can discuss your requirements with our representative, and we will work together to set up the services you need and allocate the required number of professionals.