Virtual call center Vs traditional call center


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A virtual or a web based call center is the most recent development in the field of business process outsourcing. And within a decade it has scored over the traditional call center companies in terms of popularity. Wondering what is so new and so enticing about a virtual call center? Well there is nothing new really, it is just that they are different in their staffing pattern that lowers their substantial cost.

A traditional US call center usually has employees sitting in adjacent cubicles and taking care of the client business needs. In case of a web based call center agents work from different distant geographical locations even from their home. This reduces their operational costs substantially.

Technology has permitted call center agents to work from home; the same technology has enabled the call center companies to appoint offshore agents. This offshore routing of calls is definitely rewarding. This is because on most occasions the business calls are being routed to developing nations. The labor charges here are really economic when compared to the same in the developed nations.

Not only the cost of labor but the infrastructural expenses of a web based call center also goes down. Web based, the very name suggests that most activities take place through the web. What the call center company needs to do is to provide the dispersed employees particularly the home based ones with the necessary equipments and software support. The rest of the activities are conducted via the web- starting from providing training to the employees to monitoring their performances.

Moreover, such virtual call centers are also ideal when the contemporary need is to cater to a global client base. That the employees belong to different time zones a prudent adjustment of the operational shifts enables the business to offer support services to the client on an all round the clock basis.