Unusual Ways to Boost Your Business with Existing Clients

Existing Clients
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At Fusion BPO, we serve our customer in the best possible way so that they keep gelled with our clients for a longer time. The B2B and B2C clients leveraging telemarketing duties with us marks in the beginning that the campaign we unleash should win them loyal customers. So, what we did?

It has been nine long years and every day we try to outperform each telemarketing campaign that we undertake.

How do winning long-term customers benefits business? Why are the clients behind loyal and existing customers in the pipeline?

Existing clients are of great benefits to business, especially when one tries to boost their sales at any juncture. They have the potentiality to bring business to you through their reference. Might become the joint venture partner or simply provides a good review or turns as a referee regarding the service or product provided to them.

Check out some unusual ways that Fusionites have learnt from expert clients, which they use to boost their business via existing clients.

# Our Clients Ask For Repeat Business from Their Customers

Before we start a telemarketing campaign for a product or service, often the B2B or B2C clients ask us to win long-term customers. They leverage us the task of customer retentions, management and other service to keep their prospects engaged for a longer time.

Often the business owners ask their existing clients for repeat business. If the customer likes the product or service, then he or she might want it to use once more. Therefore, they never miss the opportunity to ask their customers to go for the same order. Even they give them attractive offers for regular orders.

# Asking For Referrals

The existing customers whom we win for our clients are happy, and thus business takes a chance to ask for referrals. Do not hide this strategy under the sleeve share it with happy customers in the update meetings. The best approach in this case is to ask them straight without keeping any asterisk.

# Asking to Join the Venture as a Partner

Recently, we met a B2B client who has been using these tactics to boost his sales. He has asked his customer to join the venture as a partner. It is a B2B company and thus making the potential customer join his venture gave him a good kickback. Well, the aspect of white labeling also encompasses within this feature. As the potential customer, has done the hard work to keep his client list updated increasing the chances of sales for our B2B client.

# Generating Product/Service Reviews

Writing reviews is one of the common approaches that B2B business owners use. The existing clients satisfied with the product or service often agree to write down their experience. This formal testimonial helps our clients to get a social proof on how good are their products or services. This helps to sell their wares to other prospects who reads the testimonials and feels interested in the products.

# Act as Referees

The customers whom we win for our clients turn loyal and happy for our constant concern. The BPO agents tries to look through their problems at every stage, and this is the reason why B2B business owners outsource their customer service task to us for having a refined customer list.

If the customer is loyal and stays with the business for a number of days, then business can seek permission from the existing clients to share their telephone numbers and emails to the new customers. This is the most widely accepted strategy since it helps the product to get a mouth that is more powerful.

These are the few unusual ways, which our B2B clients use to churn out sales from their existing clients. In order to win the loyal customers BPO has to perform the biggest duty, and that’s – perfect assistance.

At Fusion BPO, we make it a point to turn every prospect into a long-term customer to boost of clients business. We look after your business. We care for your business!

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