Top 10 CRM Software for Better Customer Support in 2013

Top 10 CRM Software


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CRM or customer relationship management is the model for managing a company interacts with the current and the future customers on the database. It works on the principle of organizing, automating, and synchronizing the marketing, sales, technical support and customer service.

There are 8 platforms where the CRM software is installed with different variations.

  1. Sales Force Automation – to streamline the sales process
  2. Marketing – to keep a marketing track and measure the campaigns over multiple channels
  3. Customer Service and Support – create, assign and manage requests forwarded by the customers
  4. Appointments – automatically provide suitable appointment times to customer
  5. Analytics – monitor the client actions and preferences to augment sales
  6. Social Media – coordinate with social media sites Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus etc. to communicate with customers
  7. Small Business – integrates emails, documents, jobs, faxes and scheduling the individual accounts

Customer relationship management software is essential to any kind of sales and service oriented business, which suggests that why it is the most active categories in different technical blogs. Today customers have far more channels to interact with the companies. Choosing the CRM software is overwhelming. Whether you are going to buy a CRM this year or making a switch over in the CRM company is a big decision.   Before you think to select the CRM, it is better to know the leaders of the space. These market leaders may not be the best fit for your sales and customer service needs, but will support the better framework of comparison as soon as you start the research.

In a $10 billion industry, seeking the most popular CRM software is not an easy task. The popularity index can be put to use in order to narrow down the choice list from almost 400 solutions. The index is based on the number of customers, number of users and social presence of the each CRM Company. As Fusion Group believes in transparency in business process, it recommends its prospects to research on the CRM list and go for the best solution to successfully offer an effective customer support.

Below you can check out the raw data of the CRM industry.

CRM VendorsUsersCustomersTwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Microsoft Dynamics2,700,00036,00012,94212,97730,210
Sugar CRM1,000,0007,0007,6252,8903,208

This data also shows that 40 percent of the organizations are using the CRM, 40 percent the numbers of users of the software and 20 percent is the company social media presence. Here you will find the comparison to the 10 leading CRM software solutions in the United States.

The research and the ranking are based upon the popularity index and not on any kind of other statistical measure. This is a great source has facilitated the outbound call centers of India, as they can easily compare the solution before they purchase one.

Choose the best CRM for a better customer acquisition over your competitors and stay ahead in your marketing approach! Having a long and interesting business experience, Fusion firmly believes that having a good CRM software work for you means bad news for your competitors.