Should B2B Marketing Own Teleprospecting Campaigns? Why? – Top 5 Reasons

Teleprospecting Campaigns
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According to the Marketing Sherpa, marketing departments are taking the responsibility for teleprospecting since many years. Why it might be happening? Well, we went through the Benchmark Report for 2012 on B2B by Meclabs to find the answer and saw – marketing statistics are just a reflection of the day-to-day behaviors that keep sales and marketing teams stuck in a time warp. And teleprospecting in this aspect has a different role to play.

Before beginning this discussion, the big question in this aspect which we have to answer is- “What is tele-prospecting or teleprospecting?

Teleprospecting is not selling something over the phone, but it’s function is to keep the sales department active. The B2B telemarketing company uses tele-prospecting to follow-up, and qualifies for the market responders and generates demand for the product or the service through outbound calling.

The tele-prospecting should serve as a connector between sales and marketing. For good reasons, one of the department should handle tele-prospecting to give marketing a good momentum. Before we say why marketing should own this function, let us discuss why tele-prospecting is a part of the sales activity.

How A TeleProspecting Agent Must Act?

  • Teleprospecting agents should chalk out a path to grow a sales aptitude.
  • You need a sales culture while running a tele-prospecting operation.
  • The agents need to craft a compensation structure, based upon results.
  • The agents need to align with the sales.

Fusion is going to stress in this blog the reasons to own tele-prospecting. Many of the experts are of the opinion, that in B2B marketing, tele-prospecting is not a need. But we are going to give compelling argument and will list the increasing importance of tele-prospecting campaigns in B2B marketing.

1) Setting Right Tele-Prospecting Approach to Convert the Sales Accepted Leads

It is seen that the teleprospecting team can easily set up a structured approach to nurture the accounts. They give impetus to right buying standards, cross-pollinate interest buyers and sellers , execute various tactics that can generate huge revenues and give towards the marketing campaigns. Marketing in this case must find the right balance between wringing campaign revenue and obtaining a good ROI. With responsibility for the entire function, we have to get better yields. However, there is a question – Can sales generate the same results? Yes, marketing can capitalize the upstream income.

2) Helps to Improve Upstream Demand Generation Tele-prospecting

not only converts the lead but also helps to get a precise feedback, so that marketing can tune into new media, message, and improves the upstream investment yields. Can sales alone meet it? Yes. Marketing is again such a greater aspect that makes sure that upstream campaigns work well.

3) Incorporating Tele-Prospecting Into Different Forms Of Outbound Marketing Can Improve The Efficiency

Integrated marketing works for a reason and it is similar to, lead nurturing. At Fusion, we set up different groups to design messages, timing, frequency, method of contact, working on the optimization of the contacts and the information exchange strategy. This lead optimization and experimentation is compulsory for marketing. It is no doubt challenging if you can take out tele-prospecting out of the big marketing toolkit.

4) Right Kind of Skill and Customer-Centric Messaging

It is not possible for the marketing team to create customer-centric messages, but still they have abilities. While testing openers for various buyers one needs to develop assets that will make the responders sales ready. The telemarketers thus learn a lot about what motivates the customer, what are their interaction rates etc.

5) When Next CSO Is Hired Tele-Prospecting Operation Will Not Get Converted Into Quota-Carrying Sales Team

Fusion has been in the telemarketing service for a long time and thus enjoys pure inside-sales. We know that it actually occurs when fund is tight. Since, a new sales leader thinks that everyone on his team should actually sell, carry a quota and meet their earnings.

Thus, getting into depths Fusion excavate the teleprospecting aspects to make sure that the sales pipeline stays filled throughout the camping session.