Outsourcing Answering Service in US Vs Outsourcing to Offshore Destinations

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The sudden change in the way of conducting business as well as the changes in the market conditions has made it mandatory for businesses to install or to hire a phone answering service system. Actually, it is the option of outsourcing answering service in the US that has appealed more to the US-based businesses. Although initially the practice of business process outsourcing was limited to the geographical boundaries of the country, things have changed off late.

Now, it is an offshore customer call center that is preferred over the US call center companies. Why such a sudden change in the preferences. It definitely has valid reasons behind it. Let’s figure out the reasons. If the offshore outsourcing destinations are taken into consideration one major trend can be noticed. The most preferred outsourcing destinations are the third world developing nations. And yes such preference like any other business move is guided by profit motives. Wondering what can be the motive in this case. It is very simple. To get quality service from the cheap labor force is the idea. The low expenses on labor bring down the overall expenses substantially.

If the monetary advantages are to be considered then there are more, the governments of these host countries offer fiscal as well as nonfiscal incentive to the foreign investors. Such action of the government is guided by the motives of economic growth and development of these third world nations. And in this struggle of economic resurgence the call center industry can play a crucial part.

Besides the cost factor, there are other advantages that make offshore outsourcing a possibility in fact a rewarding deal.

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