On World Environment Day Fusion Pledges to Consume with Care

World Environment Day 2015
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Do you remember the opening scenes of Wall-E? It shows a grotesque future of our beloved planet – uninhabitable, with mounds of waste everywhere, devoid of a single sign of life. That’s the future that awaits us if we do not pay attention to our responsibilities towards the environment and carry on with mindless consumption of resources.

On “World Environment Day”, let us take a quick look at environmental responsibilities of the corporate citizen.  Businesses consume a large amount of energy, natural resources and produce hundreds of tons of waste every year.  And yet, until recently, most businesses have paid no attention to their responsibility towards protecting and preserving the environment.

Thankfully, things are changing for the good.  Today, environmental responsibility is not something that businesses have to practice due to regulatory burden.  As the cost of energy, water, and other resources soar high; businesses are looking for greener sources that are environment-friendly and cost-effective as well.  And the process of making businesses green has already begun.

Today, there are many products and services available on the market that can aid businesses in their environment-friendly goals.  For example – we have already talked about Tesla energy solutions that use solar power to generate sufficient energy to run a business. There are more such solutions that use inexhaustible resources to produce cleaner energy. Using these in a business will surely help a business go green, reduce their dependency on energy companies and reduce their operational cost in this process. It will also preserve exhaustible resources, such as-coal and crude oil.

Of course, not all businesses will be able to access such technology.  But even if that’s the case, they can do their bit towards protection of our environment.  It is the little changes that can make a big impact.

First of all, businesses can adhere to reducing, reusing and recycling. Here are a few examples:

  • A business uses thousands of paper cups every year. Only North America consumes 50 million trees a year for paper cups. So, by replacing paper cups with reusable ceramic mugs, a company can save a few thousands every year. It also allows them to take a step towards fulfilling their environmental responsibility by reducing waste and taking a stand against chopping down trees. You can also encourage employees to bring their mug to promote personalization and individuality.
  • Digitizing files, documents, and reports is also an environment-friendly practice. There is no need to print a copy unless it is necessary. This way, a business can save money on stationery, get organized, save space and save some trees. If it is necessary to use papers, a business can also opt for recycled papers. Fusion believes in a paperless office and case printing a copy is unavoidable, the company always opts for recycled papers.
  • A business can save power by switching off the lights and PCs when not in use, using the heating or cooling systems responsibly. An energy audit can promote further energy saving and optimum running of the machines. At Fusion, we are meticulous about unnecessary energy consumption and we take pride in our efficient use of energy.
  • Reusing files, pens, tape dispensers and other stationery items will also help a business reduce waste and cut the cost. As Fusion says – waste not, want not.
  • Recycling items such as old electronics, appliances, etc. can also be a good idea. Some manufacturers recycle their old hardware free of charge.  All you have to do is to contact them.
  • Businesses can also run awareness campaigns to educate their employees about going green. Involving them in your green initiative by participating in a community gardening or community clean up event will also foster a sense of belonging.

While these steps will not have its effect on the environment overnight, they will surely have a positive impact in the long run.

On “World Environment Day 2015”, Fusion wholeheartedly supports this year’s theme of “Consume with Care.”