How A Call Center Can Deal With Medical Emergencies?

Medical Call Center
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How well the customer call center company that you plan to appoint handle medical emergencies is a thing to watch out for. A point to mention here- many call center companies off late have expanded their scope of functions and have specialized in different fields. Medical answering service is one amongst these specializations.

Usually a medical answering service provider is responsible for answering each and every patient call. It has been made mandatory by the US Supreme Court that the people handling the calls are HIPAA and JACHO certified. These certifications ensure that the agents have a fair enough knowledge of the medical terminologies and other essential features of the medical practice.

Besides attending the patient calls, the call center services provider are also responsible to collect and maintain relevant patient data. This data procurement and maintenance does have a role in the smooth conduction of the treatment procedure as well as for future references. The doctors or other medical professionals can access these in the future with a mere click on the mouse.

Again these service providers are also responsible for scheduling appointments. These customer care representatives are like personal secretaries to the doctors in this case. They have a detailed chart of the doctor’s schedule and keep a track of his/her whereabouts that is essential for fixing an appointment.

One of the most critical components of the healthcare BPO is the handling of the emergency situations. Most service providers offer the provision of a hotline for emergency purpose. Here again it is necessary for the customer call center companies to have a complete schedule of the doctors and other medical personnel along with their contact numbers to get hold of them in times of emergency.

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