How Can Call Centers Help The BFSI Industry Deliver A Superior Customer Experience?

Superior Customer Experience
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Customer experience is the buzzword of the modern business world. No business can succeed without meeting customer expectations and delivering an excellent customer experience at different touchpoints of a customer’s journey. The BFSI industry is no exception. With the right call center for banking and financial industry, banking, financial services, and insurance companies can cater to the changing customer needs and deliver a better customer experience even amid this current crisis situation.

Customers today do not tolerate poor customer service, and they voice their disappointment on social media. A single incident of poor customer service can make a customer take their business elsewhere. Therefore, the BFSI industry needs to start paying attention to changing customer expectations. Customers today expect banks to:

  • Deliver customer service across all touchpoints continuously without having the customers restart a conversation or repeat information.
  • Perform fast, intelligent, and personalized service interactions when a customer reached out to the banks for human assistance.
  • High level of expertise in the contact center as the customers use it for more complex inquiries and advice.

If banks, financial services, and insurance companies can meet these basic customer expectations, it will positively affect customer experience and eventually earn the companies long-term customer loyalty.

Unlike e-commerce and retail businesses, the BFSI industry has been a late adopter of the concept of customer experience. Therefore, to date, the customer service strategies of some banking, finance, and insurance companies are still missing the mark. Some of the areas where they need drastic improvement are:

Gathering and Systematically Reviewing Customer Feedback

Banks today must know the changing customer needs to provide better customer service. And the best way to keep a tab of the changing customer need is to review the customer feedback as quickly as possible. However, most BFSI companies do not have a system to gather and review customer feedback in real-time, which leads to a lost opportunity to improve customer service and customer experience.

Customer-centric Approach

While most BFSI companies say that they have a customer-centric culture, very few of them have the right culture practices, like measuring customer satisfaction via agent input, a voice-of-customer program to assess customer sentiment, and continuous empathy training of the agents. Without these practices, customer-centricity becomes mere words without any substantial value attached to it.

Resources for the Contact Center

BFSI companies do not run a state-of-the-art call center with all the modern tools and technology required to deliver an excellent customer experience. When the agents have to perform with limited resources, their output can often fall short of creating the wow effect.

BFSI companies need to work on overcoming these shortfalls to improve the customer experience as a whole. Hiring a Call Center for Banking and Financial Industry or an insurance call center services will also improve.

How Call Center for Banking and Financial Industry can help improve customer experience

With the right call center for banking and financial industry an insurance call center services, it is possible to deliver high-quality customer experience to the BFSI customers. These call centers can be used for everything from telesales financial services to regular inquiry handling and customer service. Some of the key reasons for hiring these call centers are:

Experience – These call centers have a vast experience working with the BFSI industry, which allows them to handle every aspect of all center services such as inquiry handling, customer service, and telesales very well.

Knowledgeable agents – These call centers have a team of knowledgeable agents who can quickly resolve any service related query or issue quickly and efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 

Seamless experience – The call center for banking and financial industry work as an extension of their client organization. As a result, the customers can enjoy a seamless experience at every touchpoint.

Personalized service – The call centers are known to deliver a highly personalized service to the customers that they have come to expect from a reputed brand.

Technology benefits – These call centers are equipped with the latest tools and technology to help the agents cater to various customer needs promptly and more efficiently.

Multichannel advantage – A multichannel call center for the BFSI industry can deliver customer experience across all customer communication channels such as voice, chat, email, social media, and even text seamlessly.

Multilingual advantage – It is not mandatory for all customers of the BFSI industry to speak English fluently. A multichannel call center can answer customer queries, including the complex ones in the native language of a customer, leading to a better customer experience.

Thorough reporting – An experienced call center can deliver detailed reports of all customer interactions at regular intervals and on-demand, helping BFSI companies make important customer-centric decisions that cater to customer needs.

Greater customer satisfaction – With the tools, technology, strategy, customer-oriented personalized service by a call center for banking and financial industry can deliver a more significant customer satisfaction and ultimately better customer experience at every touchpoint.

These are some of the reasons why more and more companies from the BFSI industries outsource their call center services to call for banking and financial industry. Being an experienced call center outsourcing services provider, Fusion can offer banks, financial services, and insurance companies the perfect outsourcing solution that can boost their customer experience and improve their bottom line. For more information regarding our call center services for the BFSI industry, contact us today.

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