Are Insurance Call Center Services Still Effective?

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Are Insurance Call Center Services Still Effective?

If you are an established health and life insurance provider, you might not have the best of experience in the last 18 months or so. The insurance sector is reported to have faced losses of around USD 80 billion during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

However, the industry is molding itself into a digital presence. As per the Friss Digital Transformation Survey, around 69% insurers have some form of online distribution for their products and packages. This shifts the long and tedious paperwork process to a more secure, seamless and quick digital channels. So, despite the setback from the pandemic, the industry is on the course of a fast recovery.

Read on to know about the effectiveness of insurance call center services in the digital era.

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What Inbound and Outbound Call Centers Bring to the Insurance Sector

Call center services for the insurance industry has been in operation since a long time, though the approach has shifted from endless cold calling to more purpose-driven outbound calls. And once the process is implemented with a well thought-off strategy, the results could be lucrative.

Take a look at a few reasons why BFSI call center services continues to be effective.

  • For a majority of the businesses in the BFSI sector as a whole, human interaction is still imperative. Especially pertaining to the insurance companies, selling people-centric services need a human host to be more effective. People don’t really appreciate interacting with a bot during the claim settlement process.
  • Persuading for up-sale and cross-sale require trained agents, who can be empathetic towards the customer, something that a bot or IVR lacks.
  • Troubleshooting for inbound customer service in the BFSI sector includes claim settlement and query management. Most customers calling in for support are sceptic if they are put on IVR, while supportive and positively inquisitive human agents are welcomed.
  • With various training, quality sessions, and automated call recording, the skills and knowledge base of an insurance call center services agent is often more than a chatbot.

Role of Call Center Outsourcing in Reviving the Insurance Sector

When it comes to setting up telemarketing and customer support for your insurance company, outsourcing could be the best option. Insurance call center outsourcing could add various advantages to your business, including better ROI and increased customer satisfaction.

Take a look at some ways how outsourcing insurance call center services can benefit you.

  1. Cost-effective: Setting up a call center process, be it inbound or outbound, incurs high costs for the infrastructure. However, a BPO company can ease off this cost as the infrastructure is already established, and so are the agent hirings.
  2. to the field: Outsourcing BFSI call center services is a quick process. This results in little or no loss of time, leads, and customer satisfaction opportunities.
  3. Well-trained: Hiring and training agents can be time-consuming and require a lot of resources. On the other hand, if you outsource your insurance call center services, you don’t have to worry about training the workforce.
  4. 24×7 availability: Having an inhouse team that manages 24×7 customer support, while marketing new products, might be difficult. However, BPO companies can extend 24×7 support to your customers on your behalf, which could go a long way in building a reputation, goodwill, and trust.

Insurance Call Center Services You Will Ever Need

If you are looking to outsource your insurance call center process, it’s best to contact a service provider that has a comprehensive approach, from customer support to telemarketing. Fusion BPO Services is one such name that provides expert call center services for insurance industry. We employ experienced agents to connect with your customers on your behalf to ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness.

The three major insurance call center services you will need are:

  • Customer Service

    Fusion promises to offer amazing customer support on your behalf. The agents are trained as per your requirement and possess the skills to resolve insurance-related customer queries. Plus, with over 40 language support, targeting audience from different geographic locations is convenient.

  • Claim Support

    Managing the claim support take a chunk of the workforce for any insurance company. However, outsourcing the claim support process to a market leader in BPO sector can ensure that the claims of your customers are dealt with absolute expertise. Starting from processing to finalizing the claim, our agents can deliver faster turnaround and accuracy.

  • Up-selling & Cross-selling

    Up-selling and cross-selling are two very important parts of marketing and sales. Our agents have the skills and technique to up-sell higher schemes or cross-sell add-ons to your existing customers. This can help you get a higher retention rate and well as boost your ROI.

Boost Your ROI with Insurance Call Center Outsourcing

Contrary to popular belief, insurance call centers, especially outbound telemarketing, is not a dying industry. Customer retention is a vital part of any business, and an outsourced customer support and sales team can help you achieve that.

So, wait no more, get in touch with Fusion BPO services to outsource insurance call center services and watch your business claim new heights.